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Know Your Neighborhood: Downtown Tampa

Moving to Tampa or Gainesville?

Moving can be a stressful. On top of all the packing and planning, you probably have felt a little anxious moving to a new area. It takes time to get a adjusted to a new home and a new neighborhood.

We want to make moving easier for you. That’s why we’re making lists of all the neighborhoods in Tampa and Gainesville that make them great cities to live in. We’ll be keying you in on the hot restaurants, attractions and all the things that make these neighborhoods awesome.

Know Your Neighborhood: Downtown Tampa

Downtown Tampa is undergoing a renaissance. Revitalization efforts have led to a renewed interest among businesses and professionals. It is quickly emerging as one of the best areas for urban living and recreation. If you’re looking for a mix of live-work-play, then you’re going to love downtown Tampa.

Living in Downtown Tampa

There’s tons of great places to live in and around downtown Tampa. From the downtown core, over to Channelside and Harbour Island, the area is well connected and very walkable. While their are some single family options, most downtown residences are condos and apartments, making it a popular neighborhood for young professionals.

Working in Downtown Tampa

Downtown serves as one of Tampa’s main commercial business districts, next to Westshore, and is Tampa’s financial center. You can see Tampa’s skyline populated by banking and financial institutions. Another emerging part of downtown Tampa’s live-work-play lifestyle is its shift toward non-traditional workplaces.

You’ve probably heard the term “coworking” before. The concept has grown in popularity over recent years and the downtown core has been embracing it. One such space, Suites@Madison, offers a collaborative work space and hourly meeting rooms as well as other a la carte office services, like virtual office and mail-receiving.

With coworking, you have access to flexible, professional office solutions hat allow you more freedom and accessibility than a traditional office space.

Playing in Downtown Tampa

There’s tons to see and do downtown. It’s got a vibrant nightlife and is Tampa’s cultural events center. You’ll find year round events, from theater, to film and music. Here’s where you can find them:

things to do in downtown TampaStraz Center

The Straz hosts live live events year-round. From mainstage plays, to opera and musicals, and even live speakers, you’ll find tons of great entertaiment.

Check out their events calendar for more info on what’s coming up!


living in downtown TampaTampa Theatre

The Tampa Theater is one of the most recognizable figures downtown. Built in the 1920s, its historic architecture and grand marquis reflect Tampa’s history and will bring you back to the golden age of film. You can get a dose of both classic and modern films at this historic theater, with weekly showtimes.

You can even rent it out for private events!

downtown Tampa eventsCurtis Hixon Waterfront Park

This popular park really jump-started the whole revitalization of downtown Tampa. What was once an eyesore with a lot of potential has since become Tampa’s outdoor events hub. Nestled against the popular River Walk, Curtis Hixon offers breathtaking views of the Hillsborough River and University of Tampa’s iconic minarets.

You’ll find that Curtis Hixon is a year-round favorite among locals. Any given day, you can see people lounging in the grass, walking dogs, or taking their children to the playground. Plus the park hosts a series of popular, annual events:

  • Gasparilla Music Festival
  • Margarita Festival
  • The Mayor’s River o’ Green Festival (St. Patrick’s Day)
  • Oktoberfest

Welcome Home!

We hope this gives you a small taste of what’s waiting for you in your new neighborhood! Living in downtown Tampa is awesome. There’s tons to do, it’s family-friendly and you’re close to pretty much everything. If you need help with your move, call us for a quote or fill out out this online form for a free estimate.





Know Your Neighborhood: Seminole Heights

Moving to Tampa or Gainesville?

Moving can be a stressful. On top of all the packing and planning, you probably have felt a little anxious moving to a new area. It takes time to get a adjusted to a new home and a new neighborhood.

We want to make moving easier for you. That’s why we’re making lists of all the neighborhoods in Tampa and Gainesville that make them great cities to live in. We’ll be keying you in on the hot restaurants, attractions and all the things that make these neighborhoods awesome.

Know Your Neighborhood: Seminole Heights

Seminole Heights is one of Tampa’s hottest neighborhoods on the rise. The neighborhood has undergone extensive revitalization and a community has formed of residents and business owners to make Seminole Heights at once hip, charming, and inviting. It’s a great place to live and attracts a diverse crowd of young professionals and families.

There’s a few things you should know about the neighborhood if you’re planning a move to Seminole Heights. It’s Tampa’s unofficial culinary epicenter, there’s tons of great things to see and do, and historic homes and tree-lined streets give Seminole Heights a unique charm.

Here’s just a few reasons why this neighborhood makes Tampa an awesome place to live!

The Neighborhood

Seminole Heights neighborhoodThe first thing to know about Seminole Heights is one that it is actually comprised of three distinct neighborhoods: Old Seminole Heights, South Seminole Heights and Southeast Seminole Heights. It is one of Tampa’s oldest neighborhoods and features an abundance of 20th century bungalows and historic architecture.

Neighborhoods feature tree-lined streets, and the Hillsborough River serves as a border to the west.


Seminole Heights is known for its culinary scene. Not only is it one the hottest foodie spots in Tampa, but many of the restaurants in the area have achieved national recognition for their innovation and flavor. There’s tons of great restaurants in Seminole Heights, featuring an ecclectic array of fresh flavors. Here are just a couple of our favorites:

Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe

restaurants in seminole heightsCall it beatnik nouveau, call it ramshackle chic, call it what you will, but Ella’s is one of Seminole Heights finest for food and drinks of any variety. Set against a colorful backdrop of authentic American folk art, Ella’s runs the gamut from comfort food staples to fresh and modern and everything in between.

Their killer menu is matched by a formidable selection of brews and libations, making it a perfect stop for both food and drinks. Plus, they’ve got brunch!

Ella’s is a Tampa favorite and it’s bound to become one of your regular spots if you’re moving to Seminole Heights

Chop Chop Shop

seminole heights neighborhoodOne of Seminole Heights’ hidden gems, Chop Chop Shop takes Asian Fusion to another level. Serving modern takes on traditional Japanese ingredients and flavors in an intimate setting, Chop Chop Shop is foodie favorite.

Focusing on a “quick craft food” concept, Chop Chop Shop offers up a customizable menu of rice or noodle bowls choc full with chicken, pork, or pork belly with greens and other add-ons. They also offer “hand-foods” like burgers and sandwiches.

This is one of Seminole Heights’ hottest restaurants on the rise and it’s one not to miss if you’re moving to the neighborhood.


Seminole Heights also enjoys a happening bar and nightlife scene. With everything from casual bars, to biergartens, to video-game barcades, there’s a little something for everyone.

Independent Bar & Cafe

bars in TampaA neighborhood mainstay, the Independent is popular night or day. Part bar-part cafe,-part music venue, locals love the atmosphere, drink selection and great food of the Independent.

Their draft selection features a revolving list of local, seasonal, and independent beers and ciders. Plus, they’ve got a huge selection of cans and bottles.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat as well, you can’t go wrong with the menu. From traditional German fare, to daily soups and snacks, Independent’s kitchen pushes out some great food.

If you’re looking for craft brews of the packaged variety, make sure you stop at the Independent’s sister store, Jug & Bottle for a fine selection of import and craft beers.


Seminole Heights is also known for its bevvy of breweries. If you’re into great craft brews, be sure to check out:

Welcome Home!

We hope this gives you a small taste of what’s waiting for you in your new neighborhood. Seminole Heights is a great community with lots to offer. We think you’re going to love living here!





Know Your Neighborhood: Northwest Gainesville

Moving to Gainesville or Tampa?

Moving can be a stressful. On top of all the packing and planning, you probably have felt a little anxious moving to a new area. It takes time to get a adjusted to a new home and a new neighborhood.

We want to make moving easier for you. That’s why we’re making lists of all the neighborhoods in Tampa and Gainesville that make them great cities to live in. We’ll be keying you in on the hot restaurants, attractions and all the things that make these neighborhoods awesome.

Know Your Neighborhood: Northwest Gainesville

Northwest Gainesville is a great place to live. It has the perfect balance of natural beauty and urban connectivity. If you’re moving to Northwest Gainesville, you’re going to find Old Florida charm within convenient distance to downtown Gainesville’s cultural and culinary scene.

Your going to love living in Northwest Gainesville. Here’s just a few things to help you get to know your neighborhood.

The Neighborhood

This because of its balance of aesthetics and convenience, Northwest Gainesville attracts a diverse, blended group of residents. You’ll find historic and modern homes and a mix of families, young professionals, students and workers.

living in Northwest GainesvilleConvenience

Northwest Gainesville is conveniently located near most major centers. It’s an easy, 15 min. drive to UF campus, shopping centers and I-75.



The Oaks Mall

Gainesville’s primary shopping center, Oak Mall is just a short drive from just about anywhere in Northwest Gainesville.

Northwest GainesvilleRecreation

If you love the outdoors and exploring Florida’s great natural bounty, Northwest Gainesville is the right place for you. There’s tons of great parks and walking trails in the area, with several featuring scenic water views.



Welcome Home!

We hope this gives you a small taste of what’s waiting for you in your new neighborhood! Living in Hyde Park is awesome. There’s tons to do, its family-friendly and the location is tough to beat. If you need help with your move, call us for a quote or fill out out this online form for a free estimate.



Know Your Neighborhood: Hyde Park

Moving to Tampa or Gainesville?

Moving can be a stressful. On top of all the packing and planning, you probably have felt a little anxious moving to a new area. It takes time to get a adjusted to a new home and a new neighborhood.

We want to make moving easier for you. That’s why we’re making lists of all the neighborhoods in Tampa and Gainesville that make them great cities to live in. We’ll be keying you in on the hot restaurants, attractions and all the things that make these neighborhoods awesome.

Know Your Neighborhood: Hyde Park

Tampa’s Hyde Park neighborhood is a great place to live. Hyde Park is classic Tampa all the way; downtown adjacent, where the river empties into old Hillsborough Bay. There’s tons of great things to see and do in Hyde Park. It’s known for it’s casual atmosphere, historic homes, shopping and food scene.

If you’re moving to Tampa’s Hyde Park neighborhood, here’s just a few of the things that makes the neighborhood a great place to live.


Hyde Park is in an enviable area of Tampa. Not only is it conveniently situated near major attractions, but the neighborhood is steeped in history and charm. From brick-lined streets to Victorian-style homes and water views, Hyde Park.

Homes along Bayshore Blvd. have an unobstructed view of Hillsborough Bay, while homes behind are only a short walk form scenic views along the bay or Hillsborough River.


things to do in Hyde Park TampaAnother attraction to Hyde Park is its designation as a shopping district, known for it’s couture and boutique shops.

Hyde Park Village, offering an upscale retail experience with food and drink options a-plenty.

An easy stroll along Swann Ave. will bring you past a number of boutiques and…


Some of Tampa’s hottest restaurants are found in Hyde Park. From casual to upscale, it’s all here and it’s all good. Here’s some of our favorites.

restaurants in Hyde Park TampaGoody Goody Burgers

A Tampa institution, redefined. If you lived in Tampa back in the day (1925-2005 to be exact), you probably remember Goody Goody. The classic burger joint was a hot spot for locals day or night.

After closing in 2005, many thought the fresh, unique taste of a Goody Goody Burger would be gone forever. However, Good Sir Knight Gonzmart (that’s Richard Gonzmart, of Colombia Restaurant & Ulele) felt it was time to bring it back. Goody Goody was officially reopened in 2016, to much fanfare.

Now, you can get your taste of Tampa history anytime you want!

Hyde Park Tampa restaurantsOn Swann

Looking for a more upscale dining experience? On Swann offers diners a refined, casual atmosphere while serving up refreshing takes on American cooking.

Serving fresh, local ingredients and signature cocktails, there’s little you can go wrong with here.

The open kitchen allows diners to see how food is prepared and served and the menu encourages sharing. But don’t worry, you can also get your own meals if you don’t want to share!

Welcome Home!

We hope this gives you a small taste of what’s waiting for you in your new neighborhood! Living in Hyde Park is awesome. There’s tons to do, its family-friendly and the location is tough to beat. If you need help with your move, call us for a quote or fill out out this online form for a free estimate.


Know Your Neighborhood: Gainesville’s Innovation District

Moving to Gainesville or Tampa?

Moving can be a stressful. On top of all the packing and planning, you probably have felt a little anxious moving to a new area. It takes time to get a adjusted to a new home and a new neighborhood.

We want to make moving easier for you. That’s why we’re making lists of all the neighborhoods in Tampa and Gainesville that make them great cities to live in. We’ll be keying you in on the hot restaurants, attractions and all the things that make these neighborhoods awesome.

Know Your Neighborhood: Innovation District

Founded on the principle of bringing the innovative studies at UF to practical application in the community, Innovation District was born. A place that exists in between academic and professional pursuits, Innovation District serves to establish a creative, communal space for students, professors, businesses and residents.

Expanding on the existing Innovation Square, the neighborhood is now a bustling hub in Gainesville’s midtown area.

There’s lots to offer if you’re moving to Gaineville’s Innovation District from walkability and convenience, to community events and cutting edge research, here’s some of the great things that Innovation District has to offer!


Straddling UF’s campus to the east and University Dr. to the north, the neighborhood is incredibly convenient in terms of accessibility. It’s location is very walkable, whether you’re heading to campus or checking out the nightlife in midtown.

Food and Drink

Being in such a great location means there’s plenty of great food and drink options! From student haunts to casual and upscale options, there’s a little something for everybody. Here are some of our favorites:

Bistro 1245/Leonardo’s 706

These two restaurants make up some of the best of the Innovation District’s food scene and they both have the same owners!

moving to gainesville

Dining area of Bistro 1245

innovation district gainesville

Bar area at Leonardo’s 706

Bistro 1245 is serving up gourmet sandwiches and modern takes on classic American dishes.

Leonardo’s 706 brings you tastes of Italy and the Mediterranean with fresh, modern flavors.




Mothers Pub & Grill


innovation district barsMothers is not your average sports dive. It may seem dingy from the outside, but Mothers is a Gainesville mainstay for a reason.

For starters, they’ve got a great selection of beers – for the craft connossieurs as well as the college students on a budget. Plus, a full liquor bar.

They’ve also got a killer menu of all your favorite pub food favorites. And they’re famous for their signature hamburgers.


The Innovation District was founded on the concept of collaboration in order to stir innovation.

Innovation Hub

Centered around that concept is Innovation Hub at UF. Innovation Hub is a tech-startup incubator. It exists to provide start-up businesses and professionals in the technology industry a communal resource to learn, collaborate and grow.

The Innovation Hub provides work spaces, mentoring, and educational resources for tech-startups to grow their business.

Starter Space

Sharing the same values as the Innovation Hub, Starter Space serves to provide creative professionals and entrepreneurs with a collaborative business incubator.

Welcome Home!

We hope this gives you a small taste of what’s waiting for you in your new neighborhood! Living in Gainesville’s Innovation District is awesome. If you need help with your move, call us for a quote or fill out out this online form for a free estimate.



Know Your Neighborhood: Brandon

Moving to Tampa or Gainesville?

Moving can be a stressful. On top of all the packing and planning, you probably have felt a little anxious moving to a new area. It takes time to get a adjusted to a new home and a new neighborhood.

We want to make moving easier for you. That’s why we’re making lists of all the neighborhoods in Tampa and Gainesville that make them great cities to live in. We’ll be keying you in on the hot restaurants, attractions and all the things that make these neighborhoods awesome.

Know Your Neighborhood: Brandon

Long known as Tampa’s bedroom community, Brandon has been cultivating an identity of its own. It’s increasingly becoming a desirable location in its own right for families and young professionals.

With an emerging food and drink culture and a dose of country charm, Brandon is a great place to move. Living in Brandon has the convenience of being near all the amenities of Tampa, while keeping a small-town feel.

Here are some things to know about the neighborhood if you’re planning on moving to Brandon.

Food and Drinks

Brandon has a burgeoning food-and-drink scene. Here are some of our favorites:

moving to Brandon, FLStein & Vine

This is one gastropub you won’t want to miss. They’ve got an extensive drink list of taps and bottles and a killer menu that changes daily (that’s right… daily). It’s not just your typical pub fare either. The kitchen whips up fresh takes on comfort food classics (buffalo-tossed duck gizzards, anyone?). It’s endlessly innovative, sometimes absurd and always delicious.

Stein & Vein is a favorite local spot, for good reason. You’ll feel right at home with the friendly staff, good beer and great food.

living in BrandonWindmill Taphouse/Chuck’s Natural Fields Market

Chuck’s Natural Market has been a name in organic and health-wise groceries in the Tampa area since 1992, but the Brandon location is unique. Complementing the regular market is a special kind of taphouse.

In it you’ll find what you’d expect: a good selection of local, craft brews but you’ll also find something else. Taking notes from a growing west-coast trend, the Windmill Taphouse also features select kombucha brews on-tap, for the health-conscious. If you’ve never tried kombucha, the Windmill Taphouse is probably a good place to start.

Recipe Box Family Diner

Nothing beats a good diner: homey atmosphere, good food and friendly service. And you better believe Recipe Box has all three. Whether its breakfast or lunch you’re in the mood for, Recipe Box has it all. You can get your fill of all the comfort food classics.

It’s a perfect go-to place for families and a popular spot for locals. You’ll find it bustling most any time of the week with patrons who keep coming back for the great food and great service.


Living in Brandon offers a lot in terms of outdoor activities. From golfing to canoeing and hiking, Brandon provides a scenic backdrop for outside recreation.

things to do in Brandon, FLLithia Springs Park

Did you know that living in Brandon, you’re only a short distance from one of the area’s only public, natural springs? Lithia Springs is a 2nd magnitude spring, with crystal clear water flowing year-round at 72 degrees.

Lithia Springs Park is only a 10-20 min. drive from most anywhere in Brandon and offers all-day entertainment. From the spring, to hiking trails, to picnic areas, families love spending the day at this beautiful slice of old-Florida.

recreational activities Brandon, FLAlafia River

Want more of old-Florida? Then get out on the Alafia River, which winds its way through Brandon.

The river meanders along through old-growth cypress and oak hammocks, offering plenty of scenic beauty and opportunity for wildlife sightings.

There are public boat ramps available, or you can launch from the Alafia River State Park, not to for away.

Welcome Home!

We hope this gives you a small taste of what’s waiting for you in your new neighborhood! You can check out the Brandon Chamber of Commerce website for more info on community events or to learn how you can get more involved.


Know Your Neighborhood: Historic Duckpond

Moving to Gainesville or Tampa?

Moving can be a stressful. On top of all the packing and planning, you probably feel a little anxious about moving to a new area. After all, It takes time to get a adjusted to a new home and a new neighborhood.

We want to make moving easier for you. That’s why we’re making lists of all the neighborhoods in Gainesville and Tampa that make them great cities to live in. We’ll be keying you in on the hot restaurants, attractions and all the things that make these neighborhoods awesome.

Know Your Neighborhood: Historic Duckpond

Gainesville’s Historic Duckpond neighborhood is beloved by its residents for its history and Old Florida charm.

Duckpond’s old, Colonial style homes, scenic beauty and proximity to downtown make it a favorite neighborhood for many. It’s worlds away from university life – making it a favorite among professors – and it has a unique and warm atmosphere, making it a great neighborhood to live in.

Here are some things to know about the neighborhood if you’re planning to move to Gainesville’s Historic Duckpond.


moving to gainesvilleThe Thomas Center

Nestled in the heart of Duckpond is the Thomas Center. Built in 1928 as a Mediterranean-Revival style hotel, the Thomas Center now reflects Gainesville’s history and culture through permanent galleries, period rooms, and other historical exhibits.

Make sure you take time to enjoy the serene beauty of the Thomas Center Gardens, which make up the Center’s grounds.

The Thomas Center also serves as an events hall and venue.


homes in historic duckpondArchitecture

Throughout Duckpond you’ll find the neighborhood’s most iconic features (and maybe the reason you’re moving here): historic, Colonial-style homes. Residents lovingly care for their homes and take great pride in them.

They represent Gainesville’s rich and vibrant history as a city – even before it was known as a college town.


Outdoor Activities

Duckpond is a great neighborhood for recreation. Duckpond’s bounty of majestic, Live Oaks and historic homes provide a scenic backdrop for most any outdoor activity.

Sweetwater Branch Creek, which flows through Duckpond, provides an idyllic setting for a walk, jog, or bike ride. And yes, there are ducks in the pond…

You’ll also quickly find that residents of Historic Duckpond are incredibly friendly! If you’re out and about, don’t be surprised if you’re greeted with smiles and waves. You should probably be ready for be ready to make some friendly conversation too.


Another plus for living in Duckpond is its closeness to downtown Gainesville. You’re just a short walk away from most great downtown shops, restaurants, and bars.

Welcome Home!

We hope this gives you a small taste of what’s waiting for you in your new neighborhood! You can check out the Duckpond Neighborhood Association for more info on living in Historic Duckpond and other community events.


Hottest Attractions in Tampa Bay

hottest attractions in Tampa Bay

Moving to Tampa Bay?

Tampa is a great city to be in. Every year Tampa sees continued growth as industries, families and young professionals move to the bay area. In addition to great weather year-round, Tampa and the bay area feature some of the biggest area attractions in Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Here’s a list of some of the top area attractions that make Tampa Bay bay one of the coolest places to live in Florida.


Tampa has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR professional sports teams!

  • Baseball:
    • The Tampa Bay Rays play their home games just across the bay, in St. Petersburg
  • Soccer:
    • Tampa Bay’s own USL team, The Rowdies, have their stadium in downtown St. Petersburg


Tampa is home to a fantastic and evolving food, drink and entertainment culture. With tons of great breweries, bars and restaurants on either side of the bay, Tampa Bay enjoys a well-known reputation as a cultural hub.


There’s lots of great things to do in Tampa and the bay area:

  • Florida State Fairgrounds
    • Concerts and events happen here year-round, and, of course, the State Fair!
  • Busch Gardens/Adventure Islands
    • One of Florida’s biggest attractions, Busch Gardens and Adventure Islands offer up a hefty dose of roller coasters, water slides and close encounters with wildlife.
  • Seminole Hard Rock Casino
    • You can get your gambling fix or enjoy a world-class show at this popular resort and casino located in east Tampa.
  • Swimming/Boating
    • The bay area boasts some of the best swimming and boating spots in Florida. With miles of beautiful coastline in St. Pete Beach, stunning vistas on Tampa Bay or serene intimacy of the Hillsborough River, Tampa Bay is a great spot for water activities.

10 Life-Hacks to Make Moving Easier

moving life-hacks

Moving… It’s something no one likes to think about, let alone do.

Whether you’re leaving home for the first time or a life-long renter, moving is never fun… and it never seems to get any easier. First, there’s going through the house and taking inventory of what we need and don’t need – if you’re like me, then the need pile always seems to get bigger. Then there’s the packing and loading, and inevitable house cleaning that follows – and let’s not forget having to schedule a move or organize truck pick-up…

As professional movers, we’ve seen the stress that moving can cause on people. In an effort to save people some of the aggravation associated with moving, we’ve put together this list of 10 life-hacks to make your next move easier.

Moving Life-Hacks

  • Create a Schedule or Timeline
    • Make it as strict or loose as you like, but having a written plan in place really really helps to cut down on the amount of stuff to keep track of.
  • Get Your Supplies Together
    • A week or two before your move, start getting together the packing supplies you will need. Make sure you have enough boxes, tape, plastic wrap, moving blankets, etc. before your moving day.
  • Take Pictures of Your Electronics
    • This will save you the headache of trying to remember how your stereo, cable box and television were all plugged-in.
  • Use Your Drawers as Moving Boxes
    • Instead of emptying all the clothes out of your drawer or bureau and putting them in a box, you can save time and space by keeping everything in them and wrapping them completely in plastic wrap.
  • Keep Your Packing Organized
    • Don’t start throwing things from your bedroom into boxes for the living room. You’ll go insane unpacking after the move trying to find where you put everything. It may help to label, or list the contents of your box
  • Put Screws and Bolts in Bags
    • If you need to dismantle anything, make sure to keep screws and bolts organized in clearly labeled bags so you don’t lose them.
  • Use Soft Padding Around the House for Packing
    • Instead of buying bubble wrap or saving up newspaper, you can use soft items around the house for packing, like towels, jackets, blankets and pillows.
  • Use Paper Towel Rolls to Prevent Tangling
    • You can string electronics cords and wires through paper towel rolls to keep them from tangling during moving. Toilet paper rolls can also be used for necklaces and jewelry to prevent tangling.
  • Update Utilities and Addresses
    • Switch over your internet and turn on utilities for your residence before moving. Make sure any mail subscriptions or online accounts are updated with your new address.
  • Pack a 1st Day Box
    • Pack a dedicated box of items you will need immediately after moving: clothes for the week, toiletries, quick meals.

An easier move.

While moving is never totally stress-free, these tips will definitely make your next move a lot easier. Don’t forget, professional movers are here to help. We take the utmost care in moving our clients, whether it’s a residential or commercial move. Let us handle the stress, contact us before your next move.


Watch Out for This Scam When Hiring Gainesville Movers

The Truth Behind Moving Employees

Most Gainesville moving companies that have been around for a while provide a great service. Otherwise, they wouldn’t still be in business! However, every summer, the local Gainesville moving industry sees companies pop up, only to fizzle out once the high demand of the busy season winds down around September. Most of these movers are well-intentioned, and simply have the desire to make a little extra money. However, often they lack experience, protection, and other business practices that can ultimately be a liability.

Established moving companies have a track record of satisfied clients, and generally, their reputation speaks for itself. But there is one business practice that even some established Gainesville Moving companies don’t always perform, and it is important for you as the consumer to know and understand this one thing, before you pay them your hard earned money.

Watch Out For Independent Contractors

Before hiring your Gainesville mover, make sure to ask if their workers are employees or independent contractors! The difference here could could have ramifications on what you as the consumer are liable for when the movers are inside your home.

Why Moving Companies Hire Independent Contractors

Many moving companies utilize independent contractors instead of employees for one reason, to save money! Employees can add up to an additional 30% or more of a company’s payroll over independent contractors who may receive cash under the table (perhaps another tax short-cut local movers may take). Even though you may feel like you are paying a premium for moving services, the local mover may be cutting corners to increase their bottom line. Independent contractors by law are not required to uphold company standards, not required to follow consistency procedures, and perhaps most importantly, are usually not covered by the company’s worker’s compensation insurance. You see, it is very difficult and expensive for moving companies to obtain worker’s compensation because of the inherent risk involved in the moving industry. Technically, independent contractors are supposed to have their own insurance, however, if the actual company does not, it is unlikely the contractors do either.

How to Protect Your Move From These Risks

So what does this mean for you? Well, if an independent contractor slips and hurts themselves while on your property, you could ultimately be held liable for their injury. This also means that the actual company may not be legally liable for any damage that could occur to your items, as technically it was not done by one of their employees. Overall, just a messy situation, but an avoidable one!

How do you tell if the Gainesville moving company you hire uses independent contractors or has its own employees? Start by asking! Even if a company says it is fully licensed and insured, you still must ask about worker’s comp. Although the labor department requires companies with more than three employees to carry worker’s compensation, the state of Florida only requires general liability and auto liability insurance to issue a mover’s license. Make sure to be specific when asking about worker’s comp, and see if they will provide a certificate. This is easy to do if the company truly has this insurance, so don’t let them give you the run-around!

Another thing to watch out for is any company that only accepts cash, or offers incentives and discounts to pay cash. Yes, it is true that credit card processing companies charge a fee to charge cards, so some companies may want to avoid paying this fee by taking cash. However, it is a legal requirement to accept at least two forms of payment. If a company offers a cash discount, they should also offer a discount for check, money order or cashier’s check. Take it as a red flag if they offer cash only incentives, as this could be a sign that they are paying workers under the table or illegally avoiding taxes.

Why 2 College Brothers Does Not Cut Corners

At 2 College Brothers, all of our movers are W-2 employees and completely covered by worker’s compensation. They are legal to work in the United States, uniformed, and extensively trained to provide the best and most consistent moving service in Gainesville. We revolve around a culture of transparency and doing business right. Yes, it is more expensive, and yes, it takes away from our bottom line, but we know that as we strive to be Gainesville’s best moving company, we cannot afford to cut corners, and neither can you.


7 Moving Tips for a Safe and Smooth Move

Moving Tips

Save Money. Be Protected. Enjoy a Smooth Move.

We know everybody’s moving situation is unique. We train our Gainesville movers and Tampa Movers to adapt to whatever special circumstances are needed, however, the more uniform the situation, the more likely the smoothest possible relocation will take place. Below are some tips to ensure that your experience with 2 College Brothers, or whichever mover you choose, is the best move you have ever had!

  1. Book your move as far in advance as you can, as early in the day as possible.

  2. Most movers can only guarantee the start time of the first job of the day. Your mover will shoot to always be on schedule, however, sometimes prior jobs take longer than expected, and inclement weather, particularly afternoon thunderstorms, can become a factor. 2 College Brothers moves close to 2,000 people per year, which means there will be multiple jobs each day, especially during peak season, so keep this in mind!

  3. Provide as many details about your move as you can.

  4. Oftentimes people think they will save money by under reporting the items needed to be moved. Because most local moving companies charge on an hourly basis, this generally results in the price going above the estimated total. By letting your mover know as many details about the move as you can, they can give you the most accurate estimate to budget for, and it ensures that we will be properly equipped with the right sized truck, amount of movers, protective materials, and special equipment or tools that will help expedite the process and protect your items. Details to look for include:

    • List of furniture and number of boxes being moved
    • Anything requiring assembly or disassembly
    • Anything particularly heavy, valuable, or fragile
      • Pianos, pool tables, armoires, artwork, electronics, etc.
    • List any special circumstances such as:
      • Gate codes
      • Long hallways
      • Difficult to find locations
      • Extra stops
      • Extra garage, attic, or storage space
  5. Notify management of any pets or potentially hazardous conditions.

    Some people are allergic to pets and nobody likes their furniture sneezed on! It’s ok if something isn’t clean, that’s part of why you are moving! Just let your mover know so they can bring gloves, masks or anything else to protect the health of their team members.

  6. Have everything packed and ready to go!

  7. Good movers are happy to provide packing services, however this may result in an additional charge. Unless you specifically request packing services, your movers may not know to bring the materials needed to do the job right. Small or awkward items are difficult to stack safely inside of a truck if they are not packed into boxes, and several small items means more trips back and forth to the truck, causing the job to take longer, costing more money!

    Pack the heaviest items like books, canned goods or files into small boxes. Boxes should never weigh more than 50 pounds, as this can jeopardize the integrity of the box. Make sure fragile items are individually wrapped in boxes, and packing paper or peanuts are used to fill in open gaps.

  8. Save money by being organized!

    • If you have all boxes in a central location, your movers can work as quickly as possible
    • If boxes are labeled, your mover will know exactly which rooms they go in
    • Break down beds, dressers, couches, desks, etc. It is no problem if you do not know how, or do not have time, a good mover has the tools to do so, but this will save them time, and save you money!
  9. Transport any small, awkward, fragile and sentimental items yourself.

  10. These items may take extra time and cost securing and protecting. If something small like a laptop, heirloom, or piece of art is extremely important to you, it just makes sense to transport it yourself. Make sure to be very clear with the movers of the item’s significance if you would still like them to transport it. Depending on the item and situation, they may have you sign a release of liability.

  11. If loading a rental truck make sure to provide blankets and tie downs.

  12. Because you will be moving out of the area, you must provide your own pads and tie downs as the local mover you hire will not be able to get their own back. They should still bring out stretch wrap, but you will want max padding for a long distance move. The mover may not be responsible for any damages that may result in transportation of a truck not driven by its team. Once you are satisfied with the load up and sign off, the mover is no longer liable, so make sure the crew has everything they need to pack the truck safely. You can rent moving pads and other equipment from the truck rental facility.


2 College Brothers is Your ‘Homeless Week’ Specialist!

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Gainesville’s ‘Homeless Week’ Specialist

It happens every year. Your roommate graduates, you find a new BFF, the next nicest apartment complex in town gets built, and you have to move. As if the sweltering hundred degree heat, 3 flights of stairs, and the “some assembly required” IKEA furniture wasn’t enough, your property management company or apartment complex kicks you out, and you can’t move into the new place for another 2 weeks… Sound familiar?

Highly Trained Gainesville Movers

But lucky for you, you know that 2 College Brothers moving and storage specializes in this exact situation! Our student and graduate movers are extensively trained in a classroom setting in customer service and moving techniques to understand the special circumstances of your situation. Furthermore, they must shadow a series of jobs before they are assigned to go out to moves on their own, so each individual mover can truly understand the needs of your move. We take into account the added stresses most students face of studying for finals and balancing a social life, let alone being without a place to live for that brief period of time.

Rather than deal with a separate company to handle storage needs, we have access to our own secured and insured 2000 square foot warehouse facility so that we can offer storage just for the brief time you need it. No need for a deposit or lengthy storage contract. When you and your new home are ready, we will deliver your items on the date you request, so that you can sleep in your own bed the first night it becomes available!

Book Your Movers Online

This year, we have added our online booking platform, to make moving and storage during the dreaded “homeless week” even easier! With access to some of the sharpest minds in the state of Florida, as a result of being located next to our state’s flagship university, we are the first Florida based moving company to offer this feature! Our friendly office staff will call and email you to confirm once you make your online booking, to prevent any sort of miscommunication, or to accommodate any changes you might need to make.

This means that you will receive confirmation 2 to 4 days before your initial move, and then again 2 to 4 days before the anticipated delivery date. Again, even if you book your move dates online, we are happy to make any special moving accommodations leading up to those dates, because we know moving circumstances change, and sometimes properties aren’t available when initially anticipated. We even have a partnership with Student Maid, to bring you outstanding cleaning discounts if you need to get your apartment or house move-out or move-in ready!

Gainesville’s Licensed & Insured Moving Professionals

When you trust your ‘turn’ week to 2 College Brothers, you know that you are trusting an established, licensed, and insured moving company! Our uniformed and trained Gainesville movers come equipped to every job with a full toolset, stretch wrap, moving pads, hand trucks, dollies, and other specialized moving equipment. Unlike other moving companies, we offer full value protection from the time your items are loaded into one of our signature moving trucks, to the time they are delivered to your new home. This means that we will repair or replace the items up to their full value in the unlikely event they are damaged throughout any of the moving or storage process. We offer up to $2,000,000 in insurance; much more protection than most college students will ever need!

Unlike other moving companies, we offer full value protection from the time your items are loaded into one of our signature moving trucks, to the time they are delivered to your new home.

One thing to watch out for are moving companies that do not carry adequate worker’s compensation insurance. If someone were to get hurt and a moving company did not have adequate worker’s comp, you could be on the hook! This is not the case with our Gainesville residential and commercial moving company. All of our professional movers are covered under worker’s comp, as we believe not only your items, but our valued team members should be protected.

Gainesville Community Involvement

Aside from providing the utmost care for your move, we are also among the most involved moving companies in Gainesville, FL. In fact, we are among the utmost involved organizations in general in the Gainesville community. We take pride in our charitable involvement, be it through our level 2 Small Business Partnership with the United Way of North Central Florida, our Bronze Level monetary commitment to Gainesville based research charity Tyler’s Hope, or through our philanthropic volunteer efforts of most major Greek and University sponsored events. We believe in not only moving people, but moving lives.

We also stay ahead in local events and trends through our participation in the Gainesville Alachua County Association of Realtors, the Builder’s Association of North Central Florida, and the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and members of the American Moving and Storage Association.

So join the new Social 28 apartments, and Trimark, Collier, & Union Properties in trusting the ‘homeless week’ specialists during turn to make sure your transition into your 2015/16 school year goes as smooth as possible!


Make Your Summer Move With Gainesville’s Favorite Moving Company

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Ramping Up for the Summer Moving Season

The students just got back from warm beaches, or powdery slopes, both of which they had likely had on their minds since the turn of the new-year. Mid terms are done, but there is a new stress that is looming over their shoulders – where to live! Move out season is upon us, and for those that failed to re-sign their leases, it is time to start home shopping for the 2015-2016 school year. But this is Gainesville, and moving is never that simple. You see in Gainesville, the apartment complexes, dorms, landlords, and Greek houses are never on the same page. There is almost always a “homeless week” (or two) towards the end of July and beginning of August where students have nowhere to go, let alone to put their stuff.

But alas! 2 College Brothers is here to save the day! Last summer, we tried out offering storage for the first time, and it was a success! This time around we have it fine-tuned and are ready to fully integrate it into the array of moving services we offer in Gainesville!

Now, we have long been known as the student’s number one moving choice in Gainesville year after year with our 50 plus student movers on call and ready to get the job done right! And though we have been simplifying the moving experience through reliable and friendly service going on 5 years, it just wasn’t enough. We have worked out partnerships that will allow to not only move students and residents in and out of their new houses and apartments, but offer storage units if the new place just isn’t quite ready when the old lease expires. We can also offer climate controlled storage if so desired.

But we don’t just stop here. In addition to our moving company offering storage this moving season, we will also be offering packing supplies and services. We will now be selling boxes, packing paper, tape, and specialty items. And to make it even more convenient, we will be offering free delivery prior to your move, as well as post move pickup and recycling! And if your busy schedule still leaves you looking for the most simplified move ever, we offer packing and unpacking services too! That’s right, you will be able to literally go to work or class in the morning, and come home to your new home, all ready to go if you so desire! That’s the power of a Master’s Degree in Moving!

But we wont be just moving people this summer, as always, we will be moving lives! Throughout the summer we will be providing boxes at pickup locations like Greek houses, dorms, and our new office {link to new office blog} to put unwanted clothing and other items that you would like to donate when you are moving out! It will be a city-wide clothing drive, all summer long, in order to provide less fortunate people with your unwanted goods!

We also have a team member on the entertainment committee for The Hope Weekend, benefitting Tyler’s Hope, a philanthropy actively researching a cure for Dystonia. The Hope Weekend is an annual golf tournament that raises money for the cure.

In other preparations for our biggest moving season yet, we are currently implementing a campus ambassador scholarship program to represent different organizations on the UF and Santa Fe Campuses.

The ambassadors will be given training in professional networking, guerilla marketing, and entrepreneurship, and will compete for a grand prize scholarship of $1000 to be given at the end of the summer. Hundreds of dollars in additional scholarships will be given to those that hit certain goals.

Internally, we are wrapping up our Spring Master’s in Moving Leadership Development Program. The program was focused on bringing together employees in the company interested in obtaining a management position as our moving company grows. Many of the ideas we will be implementing are a direct result of this program, and we will be looking to implement another one for the Summer of 2015!

One of our favorite ideas to come out of the Master’s in Moving Program was the Brother Bucks bonus system. In order to encourage camaraderie, strong work ethic, fresh ideas, and a little bit of competition amongst our team, the Brother Bucks system was implemented and can be redeemed for ACTUAL CASH! Things like getting customers to leave Google Reviews, or reading a business or personal development book earn Brother Bucks. If a team member does something they are not supposed to, they can lose them. Periodically, we will have Brother Buck drives to see who can earn the most in a given amount of time, for an even greater bonus!

Another addition to our team, though a little less personable, is another new moving truck, just in time for moving season! We will be doing a campaign this summer called “Spot the Brothers”. Anytime someone sees our moving trucks driving around town and post a picture to social media, they will be eligible for that week’s give away!

We also still maintain our commercial accounts with Penske and Enterprise so we can accommodate any sized move or demand! Often times people think, “hmm, 2 College Brothers, they must only move college students…”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! We love helping Gainesville families and residents move. In fact, year round, they are our main source of business! We provide all of the training, tools, protective equipment, and MUSCLE to tackle any sized move year round!

Photograph of Gainesville movers 2 College Brothers and a moving truck.

However, it just so happens, when the rest of business in Gainesville slows down, and the kids are out of school, the moving business picks up, for families and students alike! But that’s ok by us! We want to be the most family friendly movers in the nation! If someone is going to be in your home handling your valuable items, let it be some clean-cut college men!

But wait a minute; most businesses slow down in the summer time in Gainesville too. Well, this just so happens to be a perfect time for commercial moves as well! We have moved insurance agencies, home restoration companies, doctor’s offices, entire law firms, and even an international music startup! We can handle anything from a fireproof safe, to expensive servers, and even take apart desks and tables! Plus, summer is a great time to move a business because all of your customers are so busy moving themselves anyway!

So now you know why we put in so much time and effort to ramp up for the busy moving season this time of the year. Because everybody is on the move! Students, families, and business are getting ready for the best relocation possible, and we are working around the clock to make it happen! We must get ready and fine-tune our systems and marketing strategies, as we are anticipating our best moving season yet for 2015.

We are creating jobs for students and grads, and using innovative techniques in order to revolutionize and move forward an entire industry! So, ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars, because May 1st through September 1st marks moving season, and you can count on nobody but your friends at 2 College Brothers to be more prepared for it this year!


How our Tampa Professionals Move a Piano

piano moving tampa

Piano Movers Tampa – How to Successfully Move a Piano

Pianos are essentially the Holy Grail for moving companies when it comes to some of the most difficult pieces they can be faced with. They can weigh in excess of 1000 pounds, and potentially be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, 2 College Brothers has a designated Tampa piano moving team, that has moved countless pianos over the years. We also have one million dollars in insurance, enough to cover just about any piano!

There are many different sizes and styles of pianos, ranging from concert grand pianos, to smaller upright spinet pianos. Each type has a specific method, and requires different equipment, skill level, and varying amounts of man power.

When selecting a moving company to move your piano, it is important to make sure they have experience, and the management is aware of the different methods to make sure your piano gets the proper attention.

This article focuses mainly on moving a grand or baby grand piano, as these are generally the trickiest (not to mention most expensive) types of pianos, and should always be left to a professional.   Fortunately, 2 College Brothers, Inc, utilizes training from the American Moving and Storage Association on how to move these types of pianos, and only our experienced piano moving team will be handling it.

Materials needed to move a grand piano

  • Piano Board
  • Arm straps
  • Screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Plastic baggies
  • Moving pads or blankets
  • Tape
  • Stretch wrap
  • Floor dolly
  • 3 experienced movers
  • Truck with a lift gate or wench (Optional but preferred)
  • Buckle straps
  • Nylon tie downs

Step 1: Inspect the environment

Look over the piano for any pre-existing damages. Note any and point them out to the customer. Survey the area around the piano. Make sure it is clear of any obstacles. You will need plenty of room for three people to move around, as well as for the piano to move freely to the front door. Because the piano will be length wise on its side, make sure there is plenty of clearance around corners.

Step 2: Protect the ancillary pieces

Use the screwdriver or Allen wrench to undo the hinges on the piano topper. You will want to prepare a spread out blanket off to the side. Remove the topper from the piano, and set it on the blanket. Wrap this up in the blanket using tape and stretch wrap. Set this out of the way. Do the same with the music rack and keyboard cover. If the keyboard cover does not come off, wedge wound up stretch wrap, or cardboard on the ends to hold it in place and keep it from flapping open. Place any screws, washers, or bolts into a labeled plastic baggie.

Step 3: Protecting the tuning pedals

This next step will focus on the bottom of the piano. We want to pay special attention to the tuning pedals, as these can be easily damaged if not properly removed and protected. Have one mover crawl under the piano, and use the screwdriver or Allen wrench to dismount the rack that supports the tuning pedals. Once these are removed, insulate each pedal with plastic wrap and moving pads. Wrap these as you did the piano topper and music rack. Make sure nothing can interfere with these as they can easily become bent, rendering them ineffective. A common mistake amongst inexperienced piano movers is to not properly protect the tuning pedals. Make sure your movers take extra care of these like 2 College Brothers does!

Step 4: Un-attaching the legs and the “piano flip”

This is where some skill and experience comes into play for a piano mover. If you were to be facing the keys, you will want to focus the front left leg. You will also be using the piano board for this segment. Place the piano board about three feet to the left of the piano. One mover should hold the front left corner of the piano, and another the back left. The third mover must un screw the front left leg, while the other two movers hold their end up. Once the leg is off, the third mover should set it on a moving pad, as he hustles around to the front right side. In a controlled movement, the front left mover lowers his end onto the piano board, while the other two moves lift their ends up, keeping as much tension off the remaining legs as possible. Once the front left end is resting safely on the board, the first mover can help to finish turning the piano onto its side, so that it rests safely on the piano board. From here, the remaining legs are to be taken off, and protected.
Grand piano

Step 5: Relocating the piano to the truck

Once the Piano is safely resting on its side on the piano board, be sure to wrap it completely in moving pads, tape, and stretch wrap. Then, buckle the protected piano to the piano board with the buckle straps. With two movers lifting, and one stabilizing, use arm straps to lift the piano onto a flat dolly. The piano may not be rolled to the entryway, with one mover in front, one mover in back, and one mover stabilizing. To get the piano over any thresholds or bumps, utilize this same lifting technique. Please note that any stairs or large steps will require at least 1 more additional mover, preferably 2. DO NOT attempt to move even a baby grand piano up stairs without the adequate manpower.

Step 6: Transporting the piano in the moving truck

Once you safely get the piano to the moving truck, use the lift gate or winch to lift the piano up into the truck. Additional manpower may be required to roll it up a ramp. Secure the piano to on of the walls of the truck using buckle straps, or heavy duty nylon rope. There is no need to remove the piano from the flat dolly as long as it is secured properly in the truck, however do put the wheel locks on the flat dolly. Once the truck reaches its destination, un fasten the piano and slowly lower the piano off the truck using the lift gate wench, or with additional manpower, the ramp.

Step 6 Setting the piano back up

Wheel the piano to its desired location at the new destination. Unwrap it, putting all materials to the side. Using arm straps, lower the piano board off of the flat dolly and directly next to it. Essentially, you will be doing an exact reverse of steps 1-4. Screw the Back left and front right legs back onto the piano. Have one mover ready to receive the top (front right) end of the piano as it is tilted toward him. The other two movers should deadlift the front and back left ends of the piano, keeping as much tension off the legs as possible. Once upright, the mover on the receiving end of the front right must hustle around and re-attach the front left leg. Congratulations, the piano should now be resting safely upright at the new location! Simply re-attach the tuning pedals, music rack, and topper. Remove any insulation from the keyboard cover. If necessary per the client’s request, move the piano to the desired location of the room by having each mover lift each end, slowing carrying the piano to the assigned spot. Do not slide roll (if it has wheels) the piano as this can damage the floor or legs.

And there you have it! Moving a piano, simplified into 6 easy steps the 2 College Brothers “Master’s Degree in Moving” way! Don’t forget, we also move upright pianos, billiard tables, appliances, and gun safes! Stay tuned to hear more about how these “beasts” get moved from point A to B!


Body Mechanics for Movers: Moving Furniture With the Deadlift

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The Deadlift and Moving Furniture

The deadlift is perhaps the most used lifting technique in every day life… especially if every day life consists of moving furniture in Gainesville, FL. It engages nearly every muscle in the body and is one of the most beneficial exercises to gaining overall body strength. Many people are often concerned with hurting their backs if they are moving furniture. Insurance companies hate to insure movers for this exact reason.

However, if practiced correctly, the deadlift can actually prevent injuries, both inside and outside of the moving industry.

This article goes into detail on how 2 College Brothers, Inc, a moving company in Gainesville, FL, trains its movers on the importance of the deadlift, and utilizes tried and true techniques to ensure safety on every move. The techniques listed below are contributed with assistance from the certified personal trainers at Body By Boris, a gym in Gainesville, FL.


Starting Out

It is important to limber up. Blood should be flowing to all parts of the body (well most parts… but that’s an article for another time). Get a quick jog in, or if you want to work on coordination, try jumping rope. After you activate your muscles, get a 5 to 10 minute stretch in:

Core: Having a limber and strong core is crucial to safety when moving furniture. Take some time to strengthen your core and stretch it before and after the lift. This includes your abs, obliques, lower back, and stabilizing muscles. Here are some suggested techniques:

  • Cobra Stretch:
    • Lie face down on the floor, place both palms on the floor to your sides, and lift your head and chest up like a cobra, keeping your toes pointed away and your quads on the floor. Hold for 10 seconds, repeat 3 times.
  • Seated Trunk Rotation:
    • Sit on the floor or mat with one leg extended and the other crossed over at about 90 degrees. Place the elbow opposite of the bent leg on the outside of the bent knee. Twist. Hold for 20 seconds, and switch sides and repeat.

Legs and hips: Your legs and hips will be primary muscle groups utilized during the deadlift and when moving heavy furniture. It is important to adequately warm these up. Stretches include:

  • Lying Hamstring Stretch:
    • Lie flat on your back, with one leg extended. Grasp the other leg and slowly pull it towards the body. Rope or bands are helpful here. Pull slightly harder for 15 seconds, switch and repeat.
  • Lying Quad Stretch
    • Lie flat on your back with one leg extended, bend your other leg back with your foot extending towards your buttocks. Grab your foot with the corresponding hand and pull. Hold for 15 seconds, switch repeat.
  • Spiderman Stretch
    • Get into a lunge position with right leg in front of the left. Place left hand on the floor for stability, and right hand on the foot. Push right leg out with your right elbow. Keep your head and your chest up. You should position yourself so you feel the stretch in your outer hips. Push for 5-10 seconds, release, then push a little deeper for 5-10 seconds.

Upper Body: Your upper body will be activated in addition to the core and lower body. So you must stretch this as well. Some useful stretches include:

  • Lateral Trunk Flexion
    • Stand tall, and reach for the sky with one hand. Tilt the torso the opposite direction, keeping the body facing forward. Hold 10 seconds and repeat.
  • Bicep and Pectoralis Extension
    • Grab onto a wall or post with one hand standing upright. Slowly twist, so that you feel tension in your biceps and chest muscles. Inch farther and farther until for about 20 seconds. Switch arms.

FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (4)

The Move

Now that you are properly warmed up, you are ready to approach the heavy furniture that needs to be moved. For consistency, let’s say the item we will be moving is a couch. However, these techniques apply to moving boxes, dressers, beds, and just about any other heavy item.

  1. Approach the couch with feet shoulder width apart. Keep the spine straight, but tilt it approximately 45 degrees towards thecouch. Assume a half squat position, with the thighs bent at about a 45 degree angle, keeping your buttocks back. Grab the sides of the couch, slightly wrapping your arms around it for support (you may have to tilt the couch from side to side to get your hands in a solid gripping position).
  2. Once you are in position to move the couch, tighten every muscle in your body. Clench your glutes, abs, arms and back. Visualize you are trying to pinch a penny between your glutes and shoulder blades. This should result in a “pre-loading the couch” situation, where the couch is almost floating off of the ground, but not yet lifted. The reason for this is because maintaining muscle tension from the onset will provide more strength to the mover, as well as keep the activated muscles safe. Think of a rope, if you have pre-existing tension on it, you can pull heavier objects. But if you jerk it to pull something heavy, you are much more likely to snap it!
  3. Communicate with your partner. Count down to three before lifting the couch. Failure to do this could result in injury or damage to the couch from dropping it.
  4. After you have counted to three, simultaneously come up, keeping your back straight, and muscles locked. Move your body as one unit, thrusting your hips forward and bringing your spine to an erect position.
  5. As you walk with the couch, communicate to your partner as to any steps or obstacles that may be in the way, as they likely won’t be able to see what you can see.
  6. Once you reach the destination, set the couch down slowly, following a reverse order of the lift up. Keep back straight and in unison with the bending of the hips and knees, while still communicating with your partner and counting down.


Congratulations! You just safely moved a couch! Now don’t forget to stretch again! This is a commonly over looked practice, but so crucial to safety. Post move stretching is a must to keep your muscles from tightening up, especially if you are moving furniture everyday. Remember a flexible mover is a strong and safe mover!

Moving furniture is actually a great total body workout if you do it correctly. You can even burn 400 to 600 calories per hour!

Practice this technique in the gym with a barbell, or at home with lighter objects until the proper moving form becomes second nature. Gloves, back braces, or arm straps may be used if you prefer more stability. Moving furniture is actually a great total body workout if you do it correctly. You can even burn 400 to 600 calories per hour!

Our movers in Gainesville enjoy all the perks of being fit, especially in the Florida climate where they can show it off! And best of all, when you are a mover for 2 College Brothers, you essentially get paid to work out! What more could a college student ask for? So, what are you waiting for? Make moves!