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Student Moving In Gainesville


Gainesville Student Moving

When 50,000 University of Florida students need to move out at once, you can bet you’ll see our professional movers helping thousands of students get to their new dorms and apartments.

Our Gainesville movers have been there first-hand when it comes to moving on a budget! Avoid multiple trips in small 4-door cars by using our reliable moving trucks. Avoid damaging your personal belongings by letting us provide safety equipment suitable for all furniture sizes.

2 College Brothers is Gainesville’s most recognized student moving company in the area! Let’s make this day hassle-free!

Tips Before you Move out of Your Dorm

    1. Sign out with your Residential Assistant
      After a semester or two with your beloved RA, it’s only fair you double check with them that you’ve returned all important keys and passes before your last day.
    2. Confirm your move-in time
      Apartments and dorms have various move in times to avoid a back-up in their process. Show up at your designated time, if applicable, and have your necessary documents ready.
    3. Don’t take on too many responsibilities
      Don’t leave this day for all of your errands. Lines will be long at the supermarkets, utility offices and gas stations. Plan ahead and focus on moving in your belongings only!

Student Moving Packages

We offer unique moving services for all of our lucky students. From rates in-state rates to our exclusive partnership with Student Maid Cleaning Service, 2 College Brothers will offer you the most beneficial package.

Ask us for a free quote and we will help you budget your moving day! Call us now 352-448-9095.


Tips on Storage Units in Gainesville


Storage Units Near You

We are partnered with storage unit facilities across all of Central Florida! From climate-controlled units to public storage units, we will help you find what’s right for your needs.

Typically, storage units near your old residence may not be the most convenient when you decide to move across town. Consider storage units near interstates or highways for easier access if you need to move something out of state.

The Right Storage Units for Your Needs

We’ve compared different units for you to better understand which type is right for you. If you’re unsure about which unit will give you the most bang for your buck, give us a call!

Depending on the size of your furniture, typical storage unit businesses will recommend larger or smaller storage units. If you have personal belongings that required a temperature-controlled system, we can also recommend the best options in town.

Tips on Where to Store Your Belongings

  1. Don’t leave things at your old residence
    Even if there is an extra storage room or shack in the backyard of your last place, it isn’t wise to leave your things behind. Access may be granted to new residents leaving your belongings vulnerable to theft or damage.
  2. Don’t depend on your old roommate
    Let’s admit it, things happen when we least expect it. Your old roommate/friend may have bad news one day about where your belongings may have ended up and you have nothing to hold against them. Be responsible, take care of your belongings.
  3. Search “Storage Units Near Me”
    Calculate distance, hours of operation, and types of storage units offered. Do your homework!
  4. Be wary of monthly payments
    Forgetting to pay your monthly installments at a rental storage unit can turn ugly. Create a monthly budget and add it to your total costs.