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Best Neighborhoods in Brandon FL Guide [2024] | 🏘️ Best Places to Live in Brandon

Last Updated on: 8th June 2024, 10:23 am

Founded in 1858 and named for its founder, John Brandon, Brandon is an unincorporated place and census designated place (CDP)  of over 100,000 people near Tampa. Generally known as one of Tampa’s finest suburbs, Brandon really took off during the 1980s, with vast swathes of development occurring during that period, bringing in thousands of new residents and many new job opportunities. Within the community of Brandon, there are many distinctive and wonderful neighborhoods, suiting all sorts of tastes and communities. What’s the best neighborhood in Brandon for you? Find out in this blog!

Providence Townhomes – Wonderful Schooling Opportunities

Providence Townhomes is a charming area located on the south-western wing of Brandon’s residential areas. Most homes here are medium-sized housing units, typically with two to four rooms, and will generally go for a reasonable price. This neighborhood is the typical suburb, with a typical suburb arrangement, but is mostly known for an excellent array of schools being located in the area, leading many with children to settle down here.

The schools located here include Riverview and Brandon High. Providence Townhomes bucks tradition by not being an 80s development – this community was actually developed on the cusp of the new millennium.

According to Redfin, most homes in Providence Townhomes typically range from a low end of $200,000 to a high end of over $500,000. Acreage varies, but remains around a half acre or so. For those interested in developing their own properties, many empty lots are up for sale in the area, but these are typically far more expensive than most of the developed properties, due to their high acreage.

  • Great for:
  • Families with kids
  • The typical suburb experience
  • Schools in close distance

Sterling Ranch – Great Properties in Walking Distance of Shopping

Sterling Ranch is a community of seven hundred single-family homes in the south-west of Brandon. The area is deed-restricted, and is widely considered to be in one of Brandon’s most desirable positions, with quick access to a nearby highway for an easy trip to Tampa, and a short drive and walk away from a major shopping center.

Properties in Sterling Ranch can be seen here.

Arbor Oaks – Large Homes for a Large Life

Located not far from the aforementioned Providence Townhomes, Arbor Oaks is a more luxurious area than their neighbor. Situated in the spread out suburbia around Brandon, Arbor Oaks boasts much larger properties than usual, although not on the mansion level. The typical home here is large, with four to six bedrooms being the typical number. Families with lots of vehicles that need storing will often purchase property here, due to many large garages and driveways.

Arbor Oaks is a much newer development than much of the rest of the city – construction was begun here less than a decade ago, and the first constructions began to be completed in 2015. That means one can expect a generally higher quality of build with less technical and structural problems for quite some time, a luxury not usually afforded to older properties.

  • Great for:
  • Storing lots of vehicles
  • Spaciousness in every aspect
  • Large families


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Bloomingdale Village – Great Homes at a Reasonable Price

While not as large as some of the properties up for sale in Arbor Oaks, Bloomingdale Village provides an excellent array of decently sized homes – including those with spacious amenities like three car garages – at very reasonable prices. Homes in general will be ever-so-slightly smaller than their Arbor Oaks counterparts, but are nonetheless plenty for the typical single family.

Bloomingdale Village was developed more or less simultaneously alongside Providence Townhomes, in 1997. Therefore, properties here are on the older side, but not too old. Prices here have more variance than other neighborhoods nearby, according to Redfin. Homes can cost anywhere from $150,000 to $900,000 for some of the larger properties. The variance in pricing also reflects a variance in acreage and size. Generally speaking, you’ll be able to find any sort of property you like here!

  • Great for:
  • A compromise on space between Arbor Oaks and Providence Townhomes
  • Great pricing for real estate

Hidden Reserve – A Gated Community for Maximum Comfort and Safety

Hidden Reserve is a very new development that offers an affluent, gated community for maximum safety and exclusivity – perfect for those who have the money to spare to get in! Located in the southern wing of Brandon’s suburbs, as most of these communities are, the development was built from the ground up in only the last few years, meaning many of the designs are very contemporary.

As a gated community, the area is enclosed off to the rest of Brandon by design. However, you’ll quickly find that most of Brandon’s amenities and attractions are still well within reach. Homes here are as large, if not larger, than those that can be found in Arbor Oaks, and prices can reach upwards of $900,000. That being said, the price is well worth it for the chance to live in this insular and safe community.

  • Great for:
  • Safety and exclusivity
  • Big properties with lots of space
  • Contemporary designs and new homes

Brandon Pointe – Luxury Apartments & Townhomes in a Luxury Neighborhood

Brandon Pointe is a cluster of upscale apartments and townhouses, located near the 75. The community is a very recent development, with construction beginning in 2011, and most units within it being done by 2015, new developments notwithstanding. Attached townhomes are common here, but single-family condominiums and apartments are available as well, with a good mix of rentable and purchasable properties.

According to, the renting units here can range in price from approximately $1,500 to above $3,000. The usual considerations of size and amenities no doubt play a part here, so expect to see units within Brandon Pointe that serve different needs, all contained within one nice community.

As previously stated, there are also many purchasable condos in Brandon Pointe as well. shows that you can expect averages of around $300,000 when taking a gander at the available selection here, although, as you might expect, there is some variability.

  • Great for:
  • Quick access to Florida’s network of highways
  • Decent rates for great apartments and condos
  • Amenities only a short distance away

Heather Lakes – The Happy Middle

Heather Lakes is a mid-priced neighborhood in Brandon’s western portion, having homes that are more or less around the average cost for the community, as can be seen on The village is situated right by the Player’s Club Soccer Park and Mintz Elementary School. It is also just north of PRovidence Townhomes.

Dominion – Close to Brandon’s Amenities

The name sounds a bit intimidating, but this upper-middle class neighborhood is anything but. Homes here are a little bit larger than the usual suburban family homes you’d encounter in the southern areas of Brandon. Up north, Dominion can enjoy easy access to most of Brandon’s shopping centers and attractions, particularly Westfield Brandon, as well as less of a drive to Tampa’s urban areas.

Being somewhat bigger, properties in Dominion are a little more pricey than their equivalents, usually sticking to the range of $300,000 to $400,000. According to, the most common form of house in the area is three beds, two baths, although units with four beds are not uncommon either. According to Redfin, the housing market here is much more competitive than it was in 2019, with a coinciding increase in the average price of homes since then.

Dominion is an excellent microcosm of the appeal of the suburb – far away enough from the city proper, but just close enough to take advantage of its goods and services. Brandon provides that experience all over its limits, but no neighborhoods provide it quite as well as Dominion.

  • Great for:
  • The typical suburban lifestyle
  • Great community
  • Easy access to amenities

Brandon is a city that has been designed to be focused around the idea of providing the ultimate suburb experience, and it excels in that goal in every way. With Tampa only eleven miles away, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore and expand your horizons, in terms of entertainment and employment. But those opportunities will only come after you move there – and more likely than not, you’re going to need the help of a professional Brandon movers!  At 2 College Brothers, we can make your relocation a breeze, guaranteed! Give us a call at 813-922-1528 or complete the cost-free quote form for a price estimate. No matter which neighborhood you choose to make your home in, you’ll have a great time living in Brandon!


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