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Clearwater, FL Crime Rate

Clearwater FL Crime Rate 🚓 | Is Clearwater Florida Safe?

Last Updated on: 6th March 2023, 11:47 pm

Clearwater, FL, is a city in Pinellas County and is part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan area. Clearwater is best known for its beautiful beaches, places to explore, and being home to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. We will go over the Clearwater crime rate more in-depth later, but we want to note that while the violent crime rate might be slightly higher than the national average, there are plenty of safe places to call home in Clearwater, FL. Clearwater is a family-friendly, safe and affordable place to call home!

Understanding the Clearwater Crime Rate | How Crime Rates Are Calculated

In most instances, the crime rates and data come from the FBI after they collect and analyze the crime data they receive from the local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. The data ends up getting categorized into violent crime rate, property crime rate, and total crime rate. It’s essential to note that these rates change each year based on different reasons and causes. The most common reasons include:

  • Crime stats need more context than just percentages to help determine if an area is safe
  • When it comes to the FBI, they don’t count shootings as an offense because while most local law enforcement agencies include them in their report, there are still ones that don’t
  • There are no uniform definitions for crimes throughout the entire country
  • When it comes to domestic crimes and sexual assaults, they don’t always get reported to the local police department
  • Since not all of the crime rates don’t get included (only the index crimes will get included) the crime rates can be confusing

CNN talks about how the overall use of crime stats can be confusing and misleading and how we can better understand them. Even the FBI discourages the sole use of crime rates and statistics to compare different cities and areas to live in because it will never give the entire story.

While these can be helpful, to an extent, it’s not the only way to determine if a place is safe to live. To help give a more accurate report, back in 2021, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report System was phased out and later got replaced with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

The NIBRS now helps to collect additional crime data on 20+ more indexed crime categories, requiring the low law enforcement agencies to submit a more detailed report. This increase in detailed reporting can make the crime rate seem higher, even with no changes.

What Is the Clearwater Crime Rate?

Regardless if you’re a current resident of the beautiful state of Florida or moving to Clearwater for the first time, it’s essential to take time to understand the crime rate. Here’s the breakdown of the crime rate in Clearwater, FL.

  • Clearwater total crime rate: 2,284 per 100k people
  • Clearwater property crime rate: 390 per 100k people
  • Clearwater violent crime rate: 1,894 per 100k people

Here’s a breakdown of Clearwater’s crime rate that compares the state and the national crime rate:

  • Total crime rate compared to national average: 2.6% lower than the country
  • Property crime rate compared to national average: 3.3% lower than the country
  • Violent crime rate compared to national average: 0.6% higher than the country
  • Total crime rate compared to Florida: 6.1% higher than the rest of Florida
  • Property crime rate compared to Florida: 1.7% higher than the rest of Florida
  • Violent crime rate compared to Florida: 7.0% higher than the rest of Florida

While Clearwater might have a higher crime rate in Florida, Clearwater is still a safe and family-friendly community with a total crime rate lower than the national average. If you’re trying to find a great place to move to and settle down, look no further because Clearwater, FL, is the best place to live.

Clearwater Crime Map & Crime Report

When you utilize a Clearwater crime map, it can help you get a better sense of the total crime rate for the area you’re considering living in before you move. Plus, it allows you to know the best place to live and the areas you should consider staying away. To learn more about the crime rates in Clearwater, the police department has Clearwater crime reports on its website.

Violent Crime in Clearwater

Clearwater’s violent crime rate is only 0.6% higher than the national average. There have been 0 homicides or murders over the last year, which makes this 100% lower than the national average and a safe place to call home.

  • Clearwater murder rate per 100k people: 0 per 100k people, which is 100% lower than the state and the national average
  • Clearwater homicides for the year: 0
  • Clearwater violent crime rate per 100k people: 390
  • Chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Clearwater: 1 in 256 residents

Consider the crime rate compared to other United States cities. For example, Aurora, Colorado, has a violent crime rate of 900 per 100k people, which is 132.1% higher than the national average. And Culver City, California, has a violent crime rate of 500 per 100k people, which is 28.9% higher than the national average.

Property Crime in Clearwater

While the Clearwater property crime rate is higher than the national and state average, this beautiful Florida city is still a safe place to call home. Throughout the area, the property crime rate has decreased over the years, and the Clearwater Police Department continues to work hard to lower property crime rates and ensure the safety of Clearwater residents.

  • Clearwater property crime rate per 100k people: 1,894
  • Clearwater total property crimes: Total property crime is 2,232: 249 for burglary, 1,850 for larceny (theft), 133 for motor vehicle theft, and 5 for arson
  • Chance of becoming a victim of property crime in Clearwater: 1 in 53 residents

Bad Areas In Clearwater

Clearwater doesn’t have a neighborhood to stay away from, but certain areas have higher crime areas than any other city in America. The places to consider exercising extra caution in include the Northern part of downtown Clearwater, Lakeview Rd, and Greenwood.

There’s a total of 237 sworn officers in the Clearwater Police Department, which is 2 officers for every 1,000 residents.

Safest Neighborhoods In Clearwater

Clearwater, FL, has some of the top-rated neighborhoods in Florida. The safest neighborhoods in Clearwater include:

Clearwater Beach

Known for having the best beaches in the United States and being a great place to live, Clearwater Beach is a family-friendly neighborhood. The median home sale price is $810,000, and a few of the best restaurants in the area include Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill, Clear Sky Cafe, and Sea-Guini.

Island Estates

With waterfront properties, Island Estate is a safe neighborhood that is a great place to live as a family and retire. The median home sale price in Island Estate is $614,500. Some top-rated attractions near Island Estate include Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Sand Key Park, and Pier 60 Park.


Seville is an affordable place to settle down and call home. With the median home sale price being $180,000, Seville is a quiet neighborhood with a mixture of single-family homes and apartments. Some of the best places to dine near the neighborhood of Seville are Frenchy’s Saltwater Cafe, Columbia Restaurant Sand Key, Badfins Food + Brew, and Marina Cantina.

When you choose to move to one of the top-rated, low-crime neighborhoods in Clearwater, FL, it can help give you peace of mind knowing that you and your family will be safe.

Clearwater Safety Tips | How To Avoid Crime In Clearwater

Regardless if you’re a current resident or planning on moving to Clearwater, FL, it’s essential to take the proper steps to ensure you stay safe. To help keep you safe as you get to know a new area, here are some of the top things to help you avoid becoming a victim of a crime:

  • Consider increasing the lighting for both the inside and outside of your home
  • Make sure to travel in groups and don’t go out after dark
  • Always carry pepper spray
  • Keep your windows locked during the day and nighttime
  • Set up a security system

To help ensure your safety, we highly recommend implementing these tips into your lifestyle, regardless of the neighborhood. Always feel free to customize this list of recommendations because you deserve to feel safe and confident in your home.

Clearwater Police Department

The Clearwater Police Department was founded back in 1924 and works hard to protect and serve the community. A variety of divisions and departments handle the needs of the community of Clearwater:

  • Patrol: There are 3 districts within the patrol geographical area of Clearwater, FL.
  • Support: The support division has different units, such as personnel, training, recruitment, records, property and/or evidence, and fiscal services.
  • Criminal Investigation: The different divisions within the criminal investigation division include the burglary unit, crimes against children & families, intelligence, crime analysis, homicide unit, cold case homicide unit, robbery unit, economics crime unit, vice and narcotics, and forfeiture unit.

Below is a map of the patrol district:

There’s a total of 237 sworn officers and 99 civilian employees in the Clearwater Police Department, and a total of 2 officers per 1,000 people. The Chief of Police is Daniel W. Slaughter. If you need to see a Clearwater police report, you can check out their website.

Clearwater Police Department Address & Contact

Clearwater Crime Rate FAQ

Is Clearwater, FL Safe?

The short answer is yes, Clearwater is a safe place to live. With a lower crime rate than the national average, Clearwater, FL, is a great place to settle down. While there are areas to avoid, that’s common in every city.

Where Are The Safest Clearwater, FL Neighborhoods?

The safest neighborhoods in Clearwater, FL, include Clearwater Beach, Island Estates, and Del Oro Groves.

Where Can I Find The Clearwater, FL Police Reports?

You can find the Clearwater Police reports here.

Are you thinking about moving to Clearwater, FL? Clearwater, FL, is an affordable place to live and one of the best cities in Florida. If you’re ready to make this beautiful city your home, 2 College Brothers are here to help make your relocation seamless. Our team of professional and hardworking Clearwater movers is here to help support you during this transition. Call our award-winning movers at (813) 922-1528 for a free estimate!


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