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Donating Furniture in Tampa | Who Will Pick Up and How to Donate

Donating Furniture in Tampa (2024) | Who Will Pick Up and How to Donate

Last Updated on: 25th April 2024, 01:38 am

When you move to a new home, you may decide to get rid of some of your old items along the way. This often means donating them to local charities, thrift stores, or other retail companies. Unfortunately, some thrift stores don’t accept furniture or require you to drop it off by yourself.

Finding a place that does Tampa furniture donation pick up can make your moving process much easier. These free furniture pickup options mean you can schedule the job without having to do any extra work. You can instantly donate your unwanted items without lifting a finger.

In addition to helping you donate furniture, these options allow you to give back to the Tampa community, potentially helping those in need. If you are moving to a Tampa neighborhood and want an easy way to dispose of your old things, these pick up options are a quick and easy way.

Things to Remember Before You Donate in Tampa

Always remember to check with the charity, thrift store, or non-profit organization before you donate your items. Some locations have different rules, so you need to see if your donation items and pickup times are accepted.

Most of the time, whether you go to Habitat for Humanity in Tampa or get Goodwill pickup in Tampa, you can expect fairly similar requirements. In general, furniture donation locations want gently used items. If your items are too damaged or broken, the company is unlikely to accept them.

Get tax credits for donating furniture in Tampa

When you schedule your Tampa furniture donation pick up, you should also ask for a tax receipt. Charities offer documents when you donate furniture in Tampa which can be used as a tax write-off. After your move, you can use the receipt for a tax credit for the fair value of your donated furniture. You should also deduct the donation on your taxes and can use this IRS Form 8283 for this.

Keep in mind, no matter how much you donate, you can only deduct up to half of your adjusted gross income (AGI) for the current tax year. For your Tampa furniture donation to count for the credit, it must be in good condition and be given to a licensed non-profit or charitable organization.

If you’ve already started your move, don’t panic. You can donate furniture in Tampa before, during, and after your relocation. Since some of these organizations are booked for weeks in advance, it is still a good idea to schedule your free furniture pickup in advance whenever possible.

Who Will Pick up Donated Furniture in Tampa?

If you are looking for where to donate furniture, there are a few options available you can use. Reach out to these donation places in person, on the phone, or through the organization’s website. Once you have scheduled your pick up, you can simply relax as the movers handle your furniture donation in Tampa.

1. Habitat for Humanity Restore – Tampa

If you care about helping those in need, the Habitat for Humanity in Tampa is the place to donate your furniture. When you donate furniture, the proceeds help build houses for community members who can’t afford typical housing options.

You can schedule donations and find out more about their process online. Habitat’s ReStore even accepts donated cars and building materials. The organization accepts upholstered, wood, metal, and leather furniture.

You can also donate items like dining sets, lamps, framed mirrors, game tables, chandeliers and dressers. While it is possible to drop off items from Monday to Saturday, you can also schedule a free pick up for larger items.

3738 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33610, (813) 540-7540

2. The Salvation Army

Another option for where to donate furniture in Tampa is at the Salvation Army. Your donations go toward supporting adult rehabilitation centers for people who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse. Through your donations, you can help people in the community achieve a second chance in life.

To use this option for furniture donation in Tampa, you can go to one of the Salvation Army’s drop-off locations. If the item is too large for you to easily move it on your own, you can also call the Salvation Army and schedule a pickup.


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One of the nice things about the Salvation Army is how easy they make it for people who want a charity credit on their taxes. They include a huge list of the different items you can donate with the low and high estimated values placed next to each one. If you plan on taking advantage of this tax credit, this donation center really makes it simple.

2815 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33609, (813) 839-3730

3. Goodwill

Another great way to get rid of your unwanted, old items is through Goodwill pickup in Tampa. Goodwill operates branches across the country, which are responsible for collecting used items and selling them back to the local community. In Tampa, Goodwill works to provide affordable housing, work opportunities, and training programs for local residents.

The majority of Goodwill’s operating budget goes to providing opportunities for people to work or train for future jobs. In addition to helping people through job options, they also offer pickup options for all of your typical household items and pieces of furniture. It is one of the easiest places if you’re deciding where to donate furniture and getting free pickup options.

Smaller items can be dropped off at local 24-hour bins. If you want to make furniture donations, you can check out Goodwill’s donation partner and ask about pickup options. For estate donations, you can call Goodwill at (727) 308-0799 ext. 1902 or feel free to email them.

4102 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33614, (813) 874-7077

4. Spring Thrift Store and Donation Center Tampa

A final option for Tampa furniture donation pick up can be found at the Spring Thrift Store. Donations to this thrift shop help domestic violence survivors in the community. The organization works to promote change, protect victims, and support them through their difficult times.

Originally started in 1977, this organization has spent the last four decades working to give domestic violence survivors a safe haven. They offer survivors a range of comprehensive, supportive services. To raise money for their cause, they also hold events including the Annual Gift of Peace Lunch.

Other than contributing cash, you can also help their cause by donating your gently used items. Net proceeds from your donations go to help these children and spouses who have suffered from domestic abuse.

The easiest way to donate your furniture is to go to their drop-off center. Because of the thrift store’s popularity, free pickups are often scheduled for several weeks in advance. You can always call them for more information and details.

Right now, the non-profit organization is also accepting appliances in good working order. They don’t accept televisions, entertainment centers, desks, or china cabinets. In addition, they can’t take any broken, non-functioning appliances or damaged items.

209 N Willow Ave, Tampa, FL 33606, (813) 258-1185

Map of Charities in Tampa That Pickup Donated Furniture

Enjoy the Convenience of Furniture Donation Pickup Services in Tampa

When you plan your next move, Tampa furniture donation pickup can be a lifesaver. There are plenty of locations willing to come and get your items at no charge. With furniture donation in Tampa, you can give your belongings to a good cause while enjoying a tax break.

Rather than waste money and harm the environment by throwing your things away at the dump, schedule a free furniture pickup instead. With a little help, you can have a relaxed, enjoyable move and give some of your things to a local charity.  Please keep in mind that 2 College Brothers does not do the free pickup, it is done by the organizations listed above.

And if you need assistance with your upcoming relocation, call 2 College Brothers at (813) 922-1528 for the top Tampa movers in town!  We can include the donation of your items in the move but we have a 2-hour minimum for any local move.


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