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Ramping Up for the Summer Moving Season

The students just got back from warm beaches, or powdery slopes, both of which they had likely had on their minds since the turn of the new year. Midterms are done, but there is a new stress that is looming over their shoulders – where to live! Move out season is upon us, and for those that failed to re-sign their leases, it is time to start home shopping for the 2015-2016 school year. But this is Gainesville, and moving is never that simple. You see in Gainesville, the apartment complexes, dorms, landlords, and Greek houses are never on the same page. There is almost always a “homeless week” (or two) towards the end of July and the beginning of August where students have nowhere to go, let alone to put their stuff.

But alas! 2 College Brothers is here to save the day! Last summer, we tried out offering storage for the first time, and it was a success! This time around we have it fine-tuned and are ready to fully integrate it into the array of moving services we offer in Gainesville!

Now, we have long been known as the student’s number one moving choice in Gainesville year after year with our 50 plus student movers on call and ready to get the job done right! And though we have been simplifying the moving experience through reliable and friendly service going on 5 years, it just wasn’t enough. We have worked out partnerships that will allow to not only move students and residents in and out of their new houses and apartments but offer storage units if the new place just isn’t quite ready when the old lease expires. We can also offer climate-controlled storage if so desired.

But we don’t just stop here. In addition to our moving company offering storage this moving season, we will also be offering packing supplies and services. We will now be selling boxes, packing paper, tape, and specialty items. And to make it even more convenient, we will be offering free delivery prior to your move, as well as post-move pickup and recycling! And if your busy schedule still leaves you looking for the most simplified move ever, we offer packing and unpacking services too! That’s right, you will be able to literally go to work or class in the morning, and come home to your new home, all ready to go if you so desire! That’s the power of a Master’s Degree in Moving!

But we won’t be just moving people this summer, as always, we will be moving lives! Throughout the summer we will be providing boxes at pickup locations like Greek houses, dorms, and our new office {link to new office blog} to put unwanted clothing and other items that you would like to donate when you are moving out! It will be a city-wide clothing drive, all summer long, in order to provide less fortunate people with your unwanted goods!

We also have a team member on the entertainment committee for The Hope Weekend, benefitting Tyler’s Hope, a philanthropy actively researching a cure for Dystonia. The Hope Weekend is an annual golf tournament that raises money for the cure.

In other preparations for our biggest moving season yet, we are currently implementing a campus ambassador scholarship program to represent different organizations on the UF and Santa Fe Campuses.

The ambassadors will be given training in professional networking, guerilla marketing, and entrepreneurship, and will compete for a grand prize scholarship of $1000 to be given at the end of the summer. Hundreds of dollars in additional scholarships will be given to those that hit certain goals.

Internally, we are wrapping up our Spring Master’s in Moving Leadership Development Program. The program was focused on bringing together employees in the company interested in obtaining a management position as our moving company grows. Many of the ideas we will be implementing are a direct result of this program, and we will be looking to implement another one for the Summer of 2015!

One of our favorite ideas to come out of the Master’s in Moving Program was the Brother Bucks bonus system. In order to encourage camaraderie, strong work ethic, fresh ideas, and a little bit of competition amongst our team, the Brother Bucks system was implemented and can be redeemed for ACTUAL CASH! Things like getting customers to leave Google reviews, or reading a business or personal development book earn Brother Bucks. If a team member does something they are not supposed to, they can lose them. Periodically, we will have Brother Buck drives to see who can earn the most in a given amount of time, for an even greater bonus!

Another addition to our team, though a little less personable, is another new moving truck, just in time for moving season! We will be doing a campaign this summer called “Spot the Brothers”. Anytime someone sees our moving trucks driving around town and post a picture to social media, they will be eligible for that week’s give away!

We also still maintain our commercial accounts with Penske and Enterprise so we can accommodate any sized move or demand! Often times people think, “hmm, 2 College Brothers, they must only move college students…”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! We love helping Gainesville families and residents move. In fact, year-round, they are our main source of business! We provide all of the training, tools, protective equipment, and MUSCLE to tackle any sized move year-round!

Photograph of Gainesville movers 2 College Brothers and a moving truck.

However, it just so happens, when the rest of business in Gainesville slows down, and the kids are out of school, the moving business picks up, for families and students alike! But that’s ok by us! We want to be the most family-friendly movers in the nation! If someone is going to be in your home handling your valuable items, let it be some clean-cut college men!

But wait a minute; most businesses slow down in the summertime in Gainesville too. Well, this just so happens to be a perfect time for commercial moves as well! We have moved insurance agencies, home restoration companies, doctor’s offices, entire law firms, and even an international music startup! We can handle anything from a fireproof safe to expensive servers, and even take apart desks and tables! Plus, summer is a great time to move a business because all of your customers are so busy moving themselves anyway!

So now you know why we put in so much time and effort to ramp up for the busy moving season this time of the year. Because everybody is on the move! Students, families, and businesses are getting ready for the best relocation possible, and we are working around the clock to make it happen! We must get ready and fine-tune our systems and marketing strategies, as we are anticipating our best moving season yet for 2015.

We are creating jobs for students and grads, and using innovative techniques in order to revolutionize and move forward an entire industry! So, ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars, because May 1st through September 1st marks moving season, and you can count on nobody but your friends at 2 College Brothers to be more prepared for it this year!


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