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Gearing Up for Summer Moving Season

While Students are In Classes

We often get asked, “How’s the moving business in Gainesville andTallahassee during the semesters when students are in school?”, to which we reply, “busy as ever!” The truth is, there is always something going on, even if it is not necessarily moving students! The moving business runs in cycles. Sure, we continue to move Gainesville and Tallahassee local residents and businesses year round, and sure have our CRAZY moving season from May through September in which everybody and their mother (literally) is moving, but there is so much more involved. We like to consider what we do similar to farming.

Coming off of moving season, we collect ourselves,and look at the numbers, much as a farmer would analyze his harvest. Now is the time to make investments in the company, fix anything that may have been put off, get new dollies, blankets, tools, and other moving supplies . Similarly, a farmer would repair his tractors, inspect his grain elevators, fix that broken fence where bessie the pig keeps escaping, etc. Perhaps we did well enough to expand, in which case we could reinvest some of our profits – maybe open a new location, or buy another moving truck. A farmer may buy some more land, or buy another tractor.

Preparing for Moving Season

Then winter comes along. Winter is crucial to planning for moving season. We need to develop a marketing strategy, make any new hires that are necessary, and fine tune the system so that everything will run smoothly in the coming months. A farmer might be busy deciding what he is going to plant, where he will plant it, and fixing up his tractors.

Spring is where we are now. Spring is when the real fun starts! Much like a farmer preparing his fields for the crop, we are busy actively putting that marketing plan to use! What we do now will directly effect how well our “harvest” is in the summer, when we are doing the most business! This is hitting the pavement on a daily basis, meeting with property managers, realtors, and local business to find out how we can help them with their moving needs. We talk to students, and pass out flyers. Attend events and charities. Workout traditional campaigns such as radio or television. Plus, we have to hire and train some top notch student movers in Gainesville and Tallahassee! It becomes a full time job and a team effort this time of the year as it will ultimately make or break the summer!

Once the end of the spring semester comes around, it’s go time! We put all of our hard work and preparation to the test. At 2 College Brothers, we believe luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and from April 24th until August 25th is our moving opportunity! Though we continue to move Gainesville and Tallahassee residents throughout the year, the absolute craziness that begins in the summer makes it look like a mere moving quiz amongst the true test that it is!

Offering High-Quality Service

We are counting down the days until summer moving season, and plan to be more prepared than any other Gainesville moving company or Tallahassee moving company, so that you can have the ultimate stress free move that you have come to rely on with the 2 College Brothers name! We look forward to meeting you, and helping you make the smartest move you’ve ever made this year with the help of some “Professional Student Movers, with a Master’s Degree in Moving!”

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