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Haile Plantation, FL

Haile Plantation, FL Guide | [2024] Living in Haile Plantation, FL

Last Updated on: 3rd April 2024, 02:03 pm

The unincorporated Gainesville neighborhood of Haile Plantation has become one of the most popular communities in the area since first being established in the late 1970s. Known for being the largest planned development within its borders, Haile Plantation is often recognized among the best places to live in Gainesville.

People interested in moving to Haile Plantation will quickly understand why so many of its local residents love what the suburb has to offer. From fun local attractions to a great culture, there are many things to enjoy about the area.

Learn everything you’ll want to know about living in Haile Plantation below and determine whether this top-rated Gainesville neighborhood is the right place for you!

History of Haile Plantation

The past of this unique plantation, as well as the Haile family name, dates back to the early 1800s. Thomas Evans Haile originally lived in South Carolina as a cotton farmer, where he learned much of what it took to run a plantation and the land it rests on. In 1854, he relocated to the area a few miles southwest of what is now Gainesville, FL.

Here he purchased a space of land and built his family’s new home, which still stands today as the Historic Haile Homestead. Descendants of Haile would hold parties at the plantation where numerous visitors and family members were invited to sign their names and write notes on walls in the structure. These rooms are now known as “The Talking Walls” and have nearly 13,000 words written within them.


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The current owners of the 6,200 square foot homestead hold tours that take visitors around the plantation as well as within the pine and cypress wood building.

Back in the 1970s, much of the land was purchased and designated for a new housing development which quickly led to many people moving to Haile Plantation. The area is split between three distinct communities but the area still maintains its original name.

Haile Plantation Location & Transportation

The Haile Plantation community is located within Alachua County about 11 miles southwest of Gainesville. Covering a small area of only about 2.5 square miles, it is adjacent to a few other nearby cities such as Tioga to the northwest, West Hills to the northeast, and Arredondo on the eastern border of the neighborhood.

The 1,700 acres of land make it a highly walkable neighborhood with paths, trails, and only about 9 total miles worth of driving roads. But most locals still need personal transportation since many of them commute to Gainesville for work. The quickest way into town is by heading south to the Florida State Road 24 and taking it northeast until you reach 13th Street.

Located within the 32608 zip code, Haile Plantation residents and businesses still use the city of Gainesville for their mailing addresses.

People & Culture of Haile Plantation

Home to a population of about 8,591 people, Haile Plantation residents have a median age of about 54 years old. The demographics of the neighborhood continue to become more diverse with each passing year along with its slightly lopsided gender split of 47.6% male and 52.4% female.

Known for its affluent nature, the area is a common place for individuals who are prosperous. About 80% of people living in Haile Plantation are college-educated and boast a $96,344 median household income.

Since it is a wealthy community with a higher than average income compared to nearby Gainesville residents, many living outside its borders consider the area of Haile Plantation to be an exclusive, private neighborhood. But in reality, it is very welcoming to newcomers and visitors alike. People relocating to Haile Plantation will be joining a close-knit community that frequently holds holiday events and other local gatherings.

And while Gainesville doesn’t rank among the safest cities in Florida, the area of Haile Plantation is far enough away from the bigger city to avoid much of the local crime. It is seen as a safe place to live that provides a feeling of comfort and security for people living there.

Places to Eat, Things to Do, & Shopping in Haile Plantation

Even though it has close access to the city of Gainesville nearby, people moving to Haile Plantation will find plenty of great amenities right in their own community.

If you want to make yourself a part of any of these communities, you should check out the latest listings for homes for sale in Largo, FL.

Great Haile Plantation Restaurants

Local residents enjoy great Haile Plantation places to eat right down the street. Among the most popular is Patticakes in the Village, a delicious bakery serving coffee and cupcakes as well as breakfast and lunch entrees. You’ll find a menu filled with scones, bagels, paninis, chocolate cake, and much more.


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Looking for a great restaurant in Haile Plantation with food that is made from scratch? The Limerock Road Neighborhood Grill offers scrumptious dishes that include soups, salads, dips, sandwiches, burgers, salmon, chicken, and many others. Enjoy their comfortable dining room or sit outside on a nice Florida day as you watch their TVs or listen to live music.

Fun Local Activities in Haile Plantation

When you’re searching for fun things to do in Haile Plantation, one of the best attractions nearby is the Florida Museum of Natural History. This unique museum features historical information about the local area as well as the general heritage of Florida and the Caribbean. Learn about science, nature, wildlife, and much more as you wander through their rotating exhibits.


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Also nearby are local Haile Plantation attractions at the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens and the Kanapaha Veterans Memorial Park. Both destinations provide visitors with gorgeous views of nature and additional activities you can enjoy in the area.

Convenient Haile Plantation Shopping Destinations

At either end of the Haile Plantation community, you’ll find the Haile Village Center to the south and the Publix Super Market Square. Between these two destinations, you’ll find most of the local places to shop in Haile Plantation. You can also visit the weekly Haile Farmers Market every weekend for fresh produce and other local goods.

List of Amenities

Haile Plantation Real Estate – 250 words

The Haile Plantation neighborhood has been fully developed for years now so you likely won’t find many brand new homes anymore. But with 2,600 households within this comfortable Gainesville suburb, you’re sure to find a place to live that is right for you.

About 84% of people living in Haile Plantation are homeowners, making it much more common for residents to purchase their house or apartment than rent. As you look through homes for sale in Haile Plantation, you’ll find locations ranging from condos around $120,000 up to large houses costing over $2 million.

Home in Haile Plantation, FL

Haile Plantation is split into three separate communities that include Haile Village, Haile Plantation West, and the Haile Plantation Association. You’ll find very few gated communities within the area but also only a handful of major roads.

If you do plan to lease in the area, you’ll see that the average price of rent in Haile Plantation is between $995 per month for a one-bedroom apartment up to a few thousand dollars per month to rent larger single-family locations.

Will you be relocating to Haile Plantation with children? They will be part of the local Alachua County Public School District. The main school campuses that are zoned for Haile Plantation include:

  • Kimball Wiles Elementary School
  • Lawton Chiles Elementary
  • Kanapaha Middle School
  • Buchholz High School

Moving to Haile Plantation?

If you’re planning to enjoy the benefits that come with living in Haile Plantation, our team would love to help you! Contact 2 College Brothers today at (352) 448-9095 and let our friendly Haile Plantation movers handle the transition! Or complete the Request a Quote form on this page for a free moving estimate!


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