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Jobs for Movers in Gainesville & Tampa

With a busy summer season right around the corner, we will be looking to take on a large number of seasonal employees as movers in Gainesville, FL. and movers in Tampa, FL. What this means is that 10 to 15 outstanding students at any one time will be given the opportunity to put their strength, people skills, and work ethic on display for the myriad of Gainesville, FL customers looking to move. Read through the list of qualities below we look for in our student movers and if you think you fit the bill and are looking for a job for movers in Gainesville contact us:

  1. Appearance
    Our movers are the face of our company. Like the rest of our brand, we want them to be clean-cut, good looking, and well put together. We take pride in offering an image people trust with their belongings and in their homes. Additionally, because the job is physical by nature, our movers must appear strong enough to handle the responsibilities handed to them.
  2. Honesty
    Our movers have a lot of freedom. More so than other jobs. Because they get to go out to job sites on their own, we have to be able to trust them to not cut corners. Theft is never tolerated and has never been an issue because our movers are pre-screened to avoid it.
  3. Personality
    Our entire moving company is a team. We need our movers to get along with one another, and respond well to management. This is also very beneficial to our customers, because they often have to spend a few hours with them. It helps make the overall moving experience a little bit easier when movers and customers become friends!
  4. Work Ethic
    We expect all of our movers to work each job as if it were their own, and then some! This means doing things as carefully and efficiently as possible, without cutting corners. We expect them to be on time, have a great attittude, and sweat a little bit until the job gets done. A great way to determine this is to see how well they do in school a it often carries over into other aspects of their life. Our superior work ethic is why we are better than other moving companies in Gainesville!
  5. Intelligence
    This one is the easiest to find because we hire only students as movers! Problem solving is a part of the job and having an intelligent workforce allows things to get done as smoothly as possible. It also carries over in training once the movers get to apply what they learn.

This about sums up what we look for in our movers. Bottom line, we want exceptional students with a desire to work hard! If you think you meet these criteria, we encourage you to apply here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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