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Helpful Moving Items

Need a quick guide for what to get before a move? Check to see what items you have and find some suggestions for helpful moving items.

moving items

Moving Items Checklist:

• mop• trash bags
• bucket• window cleaner
• magic erasers• bathroom cleaner
• carpet cleaner• all purpose cleaner
• broom• outdoor supplies (leaf bags, mower)


• painthole filler
• concrete mix (for patching holes in driveway)• replacement parts (outlets & light switches)
• screwdriver


• notebook• pencil / pen
• box labels


   Packing & Unpacking
• boxes• bubble wrap / insulation
• blankets• plastic bags (for screws, etc)
• wraps for expensive items• covers for carpet
• packing tape• rubber bands
• box cutter / scissors


• hand dolly• furniture sliders
• gloves with grips• slip resistant shoes


   Vehicles & Traveling
• air for tires• connector to haul vehicle
• overnight clothes• change for tolls
• drinks & food for the trip