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Is Living in Pebble Creek Florida Right for You? 👪 | What to Know Before Moving to Pebble Creek

Last Updated on: 3rd April 2024, 02:19 pm

Are you looking for the perfect piece of paradise near Tampa to call your forever home? Living in Pebble Creek Florida is your ideal destination, as this tranquil census-designated place offers a quiet suburban feel that’s within arms reach of the major city but with an enticingly slower, neighborhood-oriented pace.

Pebble Creek FL is attracting young professionals who enjoy the incredible schools for their children, proximity to beautiful beaches, and a diverse job scene that contribute to the growing allure of this community centric place. From the best neighborhoods to favorite local restaurants and all the fun things to do, here’s everything there is to know about Pebble Creek.

Where Is Pebble Creek FL?

And what county is Pebble Creek Florida in? Pebble Creek Florida is located near Central Florida’s west coast in the unincorporated area of Hillsborough County. Many define this area as ‘New Tampa’, a community annexed from Tampa in 1988, but that’s now defining itself as a top place to live with gorgeous new construction homes and attractive shopping.

Pebble Creek New Tampa is a suburb in the Tampa–St. Petersburg–Clearwater Metropolitan area, about 22 miles northeast of Tampa’s bustling downtown, and driving from Tampa FL to Pebble Creek FL takes about 30-35 minutes, depending on traffic. With Wesley Chapel FL just 5 miles north of Pebble Creek and the sand and sunsets of Florida’s west coast less than an hour away, it’s easy to see why so many young families are rushing to move to Pebble Creek!

Pebble Creek Population & Demographics

The population of Pebble creek is young, very diverse, and highly inclusive! Although a smaller community of 9,624 residents as of the 2020 Census, it’s one that’s seen impressive growth, as the population has risen over 26% from the 7,622 population count in 2010, highlighting Pebble Creek’s allure.

The total land area of Pebble Creek is a smaller 2.92 square miles, and with 3,406.7 residents per square mile, you can expect a close knit community of primarily owner-occupied homes. Notable to the Pebble Creek Fl population is the median household income of $108,307, making it the 6th wealthiest community in Hillsborough County and the 88th in all of Florida!

What are the Demographics of Pebble Creek Florida?

  • Sex ratio: 49.9% women & 50.1% men
  • Median age: 37.8 years
  • Racial & ethnic composition: 50.7% White alone (40.3% White, non-Hispanic), 14.2% Black/African American, 0.1% American Indian/Alaska Native, 13.3% Asian, 26.9% Hispanic/Latino
  • Pebble Creek FL median household income: $108,307/year, an impressive 38.32% higher than Tampa’s median household income.
  • Education: 94.2% of Pebble Creek residents 25+ years old have a high school diploma, while 49.2% have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Foreign-born population: 26.9%

How safe is Pebble Creek Florida? It’s very safe, as the Pebble Creek FL crime rate is an estimated 1,124 crimes per every 100,000 residents, 51% lower than the national average, and most of these crimes are not violent. Residents living in Pebble Creek are proudly served by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office located at 2008 E. 8th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605.

Cost of Living in Pebble Creek FL

Because Pebble Creek New Tampa is a small CDP, it doesn’t have its own cost of living, so we’ll use the Tampa cost of living to give you a general idea while providing insights into Pebble Creek specifics such as housing cost. The cost of living index in Tampa is 94.6/100, making it one of the more affordable cities in Florida, and only groceries cost more than the national average.

With this in mind, the average home value in Tampa as of November 2023 is $399,900 whereas Pebble Creek homes for sale average $541,000, considerably higher. Pebble Creek Fl real estate is competitive, as prices of homes for sale in Pebble Creek have increased 15.4% over the year, while Tampa’s home prices have only risen 2.5%, showcasing the desire to live in this Tampa suburb.

The average rent in Tampa is $1,920/month compared to Pebble Creek apartments, averaging $1,877/month, and although rent is subtly cheaper, there are not as many available rentals versus the major city. That said, The Links at Pebble Creek Tampa Fl is a highly sought-after apartment complex, so keep your eyes peeled for openings.

Overall, we can summarize that the cost of living in Pebble Creek is slightly higher than living in Tampa FL, due to the housing cost but often negated by the higher-than-average household incomes!

The Economic Policy Institute Family Budget Calculator suggests a monthly income of $6,941 for a family of four to live comfortably in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater metro area, so we can expect living in Pebble Creek Tampa FL to cost around the same.

Typical Pebble Creek Living Expenses:

The following breakdown is for Tampa, FL, again reasoning that Pebble Creek is very similar:

  1. Loaf of bread (1 lb): $3.48
  2. A gallon of milk: $4.38
  3. Meal at inexpensive restaurant: $20.00
  4. Monthly Pebble Creek energy bill (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft apartment: $243.42
  5. Mobile phone plan: $62.08
  6. Gasoline (1 gallon): $3.56
  7. Gym membership: $33.33
  8. Local transportation (1-way bus ticket): $3.50
  9. Preschool (or Kindergarten), full day, private, monthly for 1 child: $1,900.00
  10. One pair of jeans (Levis 501 or similar): $52.67

Data sourced from

Pebble Creek Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Pebble Creek Florida

Pebble Creek Florida isn’t a massive place, and with this, there’s only a handful of neighborhoods/HOAs to choose from, which include the Pebble Creek Homeowners Association of Hillsborough County (PCHOA) and Pebble Creek Village HOA. In fact, many consider Pebble Creek to be a Tampa neighborhood in itself!

If you plan on moving to Pebble Creek Florida, here’s a breakdown of the best places to live within and just outside this sunny CDP.

Pebble Creek Village

As the first of two primary neighborhoods located within Pebble Creek, Pebble Creek Village HOA stands out for its intimate size and peaceful style of living. Home to just over 300 residences, this Pebble Creek neighborhood doesn’t have the same level of communal amenities as PCHOA but caters to those who enjoy simplicity and more affordable HOA dues. With a lower median sale price of $379,000, the Pebble Creek HOA is a top choice for families who value discretion and a more personal living space.

Pebble Creek Homeowners Association of Hillsborough County (PCHOA)

PCHOA offers ideal living in Pebble Creek, curating a suburban experience and community-centric atmosphere with over 1,100 elegant Florida homes. This Pebble Creek neighborhood is the largest of the two and is a hub of activity, boasting a community center, pool, sports courts, and other excellent amenities.

Live Oak Preserve

Just a stone’s throw from the heart of Pebble Creek Tampa, Live Oak Preserve is a Tampa neighborhood that offers comfort and convenience close to the major metro. This gated community features a family-friendly atmosphere with a variety of modern amenities, perfect for those seeking the tranquility of a planned community with the added benefit of proximity to Pebble Creek and Tampa!

Pebble Creek Weather & Climate

The weather in Pebble Creek FL shares its patterns with Tampa and is characterized by a humid subtropical climate, as classified by the Köppen system. This means living in Pebble Creek Florida will bring you long, hot, and humid summers but mild winters that offer an enticing break from the heat. The area basks in the sunshine with an average of 246 sunny days per year, and the best times to visit are during the spring and fall when the Pebble Creek weather is pleasantly warm and less than peak summer temperatures, which can reach the mid-90s in July and August. Winters here are mild, with temperatures seldom dropping below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and an average January low of around 52 degrees.

Pebble Creek’s annual rainfall averages 51 inches, significantly higher than the national average, contributing to its lush, green landscapes, and it basically never snows! Rainfall often manifests as afternoon thunderstorms and occasional tropical storms, with the area being susceptible to hurricane impacts.

Overall, the Pebble Creek weather is a major reason people rush to move here, as flip-flops and beach days all year are rather alluring!

Things to Do in Pebble Creek Florida

Looking for the best things to do in Pebble Creek to keep you busy all year long? Aside from all the great shopping choices at the Pebble Creek Collection or nearby New Tampa Center, here are a few local favorites in Pebble Creek and surrounding areas!

Hunter’s Green Country Club (and other Pebble Creek Golf!)

Situated in Tampa, Hunter’s Green Country Club is a world-class private country club offering a gorgeous Florida aesthetic met with top-tier Pebble Creek golf and tennis. Enjoy the fitness center and social activities, or host the next Pebble Creek community event at Hunter’s Green Country Club! For those in search of another Pebble Creek golf club, a few include:

  • Huntington Hills Golf & Country Club
  • Wentworth Golf Club (Semi-Private)
  • Lansbrook Golf Club (Semi-Private)
  • Tarpon Woods Golf Club (Public)
  • Lone Palms Golf Course (Private)

18101 Longwater Run Dr, Tampa, FL 33647 (813-973-1000)

The USF Botanical Gardens

Located a short 12 miles from Pebble Creek, the USF Botanical Gardens is bustling with beauty as visitors enjoy meandering through Florida’s finest botanical treasures. These gardens offer unique educational and recreational things to do in Pebble Creek and guaranteed fun for visitors of all ages.

12210 USF Pine Drive, Tampa, FL 33612 (813-974-2329)

New Tampa Performing Arts Center

The New Tampa Performing Arts Center, a short drive from Pebble Creek, is Hillsborough County’s latest cultural gem. This stunning Tampa theater, featuring a 354-seat multipurpose theater and multiple studios, offers diverse performing arts experiences that make for a lovely way to spend a weekend or evening in Pebble Creek.

8550 Hunters Village Rd, Tampa, FL 33647 (813-829-2760)

Restaurants Near Pebble Creek

Although there are not a ton of restaurants directly in Pebble Creek FL, bordering Wesley Chapel and the many other towns and cities near Tampa offer up drool-worthy dining options. If you’re moving to Pebble Creek, here’s a handful of the best, closest places to snag a bite.

The Living Room Restaurant

The Living Room is a cozy yet upscale Pebble Creek restaurant featuring a variety of global flavors and a friendly, knowledgeable staff! Known for its warm, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and complemented by live music and an eclectic menu, The Living Room Restaurant promises an inviting ‘home away from home’ experience for every patron.

2001 Piazza Ave Suite 100, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 (813-934-7911)

Lima Rotisserie Chicken & Peruvian Cuisine

Lima, a stone’s throw across Pebble Creek’s west border, is a vibrant Tampa Peruvian restaurant specializing in authentic Peruvian cuisine, especially known for their mouthwatering rotisserie chicken. This lively Pebble Creek restaurant prides itself on using the freshest ingredients and handcrafting each dish with love, so give it a shot after you’ve settled into your new home!

19062 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647 (813-934-7911)

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Cooper’s Hawk in Wesley Chapel, Florida, curates an upscale winery experience met with contemporary American meals. Patrons will relish the unique blend of handcrafted wines and a diverse menu of creative dishes, all while dining in a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere.

28963 State Rd 56, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 (813-755-4445)

Jobs in Pebble Creek Fl

The jobs in Pebble Creek Florida are varied and typically lucrative, as the median household income is $108,307/year, a whopping 44.12% higher than the U.S. median household income of $75,149. While the primary industries in Pebble Creek include finance, insurance, healthcare, personal assistance, and retail, most of the people living in Pebble Creek commute to nearby economic epicenters like Tampa or Wesley Chapel for work.

Browse Indeed and apply to the many jobs in Pebble Creek now hiring or visit the Hilsbouruohg County City Jobs job to discover government positions with excellent pay and benefits.

Schools in Pebble Creek Florida

The schools in Pebble Creek Tampa fall under the Hillsborough County School District, which boasts some of the top-rated schools in all of Florida, featuring incredible programs such as Wharton High School’s Health Science Program and other accelerated education options. Moving to Pebble Creek will present your family with a variety of education options, including the seven Hillsborough County District Schools that made the Top 100 Schools in Florida list, as highlighted by the Tampa Beacon.

The Pasco County School District also serves the area, and Pebble Creek is home to esteemed private schools such as Saddlebrook Preparatory School and Seffner Christian Academy.

Pebble Creek’s proximity to Tampa allows for easy access to higher education institutions like the University of South Florida. For those in search of education outside the classroom, the New Tampa Regional Library is the closest library to Pebble Creek!

Pebble Creek Florida Statistics & Information

  • County: Hilsborough
  • Total area: 2.92 square miles
  • Pebble Creek zip code: 33647
  • Pebble Creek area code: 813
  • Elevation: 49 ft
  • Time zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • Closest airport to Pebble Creek Fl: The closest major airport to Pebble Creek Florida is the Tampa International Airport (TPA), about 30 miles (or a 30-40-minute drive) away.

Pebble Creek Map

Explore this interactive map of Pebble Creek to discover all the best restaurants and places to shop or golf in Pebble Creek!

If you’re planning on moving to or from this sunny CDP, our experienced Pebble Creek movers are eager to make your transition effortless and easy. Call us today at 813-922-1528 to discuss your unique moving needs and receive a no-hassle, free estimate!


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