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aerial view of Schertz Texas houses

Top Reasons For Living in Schertz TX 🏫 | Guide to Moving to The City of Schertz Texas!

Last Updated on: 27th May 2024, 04:06 pm

Living in Schertz Texas offers a delightful blend of suburban tranquility and vibrant community, known for its strategic location, thriving business scene, and high quality of life.

Originally named for the Schertz family who were among its first settlers, this city has grown significantly from its humble beginnings. The City of Schertz Texas was incorporated in 1958, marking a pivotal moment in its development from a small farming town to a dynamic suburb connecting diverse cultures and economies.

Residents of Schertz enjoy a variety of amenities and attractions, from the top-rated schools and parks to the close-knit community events that embody the city’s charm. Its history, combined with the availability of affordable housing and a low cost of living, makes Schertz a highly desirable place to live. Whether you’re considering moving to the City of Schertz Texas or simply exploring life in the area, you’ll find a welcoming community eager to greet you.

Where Is Schertz TX?

You know San Antonio, but where is Schertz Texas, and what county is Schertz TX in? Located in Guadalupe County, with parts in Bexar County and Comal Counties, Schertz Texas is a vibrant suburb within the San Antonio metro area. The location of Schertz offers easy access to major cities surrounding San Antonio while maintaining a more small town vibe.

Schertz TX is ideally positioned just 20 miles northeast of downtown San Antonio, making it a perfect spot for those commuting to the city or seeking suburban peace close to urban amenities. The city also lies about 50 miles from Austin, providing residents with ample opportunities to explore these bustling Texan cities. Directions for these journeys can be easily followed via Google Maps:

Bordering Schertz are several other noteworthy San Antonio suburbs, including Selma and Garden Ridge to the north, Universal City and Live Oak to its west, popular Cibolo to the east, and the Randolph Air Force base to the south.

For those interested in getting around, Schertz public transportation via the Alamo Transportation Service offers access to various services that connect it with the greater San Antonio area. This connectivity is bolstered by proximity to major highways and thoroughfares, like the Texas 1604 Loop Interstate-35, facilitating smooth travel to and from the city.

Schertz TX Population & Demographics

What is the Population of Schertz TX? As recorded in the 2020 Census, Schertz Texas boasts a population of 42,002 proud residents, growing rapidly from the 31,465 counted in 2010 and highlighting the cities desirability. It’s now the third largest city in Guadalupe County!

Schertz TX, with its population density of 1,309.5 people per square mile, offers a more laid-back atmosphere compared to the bustling cityscape of San Antonio’s 2,875 per square mile. With a substantial homeownership rate of 78.2%, the residents of Schertz often treat this a long term home.

Diving into the age demographics, the city presents a diverse age range, with 24.3% of its population under 18 and 14.0% aged 65 and over. The median age sits comfortably at 36.2 years, suggesting a balanced mix of youthfulness and experience within the community. Gender distribution is nearly even, with 51.0% of the population being female.


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Reflecting on the racial and ethnic makeup, Schertz’s community is 63.1% White (47.1% White alone non-Hispanic), 10.8% Black or African American, 2.1% Asian, and a significant portion of Hispanic or Latino residents at 34.8%, all contributing to the rich tapestry of the city’s cultural fabric.

Households enjoy a substantial median household income of $94,173, standing above the state average, indicative of the community’s economic well-being. Educational attainment is high, with 94.4% having at least a high school diploma and 38.4% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. The city’s draw is further emphasized by the presence of a notable 6.1% foreign-born population

As for quality of life, many inquire, is Schertz Texas a safe place to live? Schertz TX FBI crime rate discussions reflect the community’s commitment to security. With the total crime rate in Schertz TX an enticing 55.3% less than the state and 48.7% less than the county, violent crime 100% lower than both, it’s an extremely secure place to call home, and women report feeling safe here.

The Schertz Fire Department and Schertz Police Department TX, with its dedicated officers, plays a pivotal role in writing this story of safety

Cost of Living in Schertz Texas

The cost of living in Schertz Texas offers a picture of affordability and comfort that’s as attractive as the homes dotting this family-friendly suburb. While Schertz does not have its own cost of living index, it mirrors the affordability of the greater San Antonio-New Braunfels TX Metro area. Here, the cost of living in San Antonio stands at a moderate 89.9, which is significantly below the national average.

To live comfortably in Guadalupe County, a family of four would need an estimated $96,685 annually, according to the Economic Policy Institute’s Family Budget Calculator. The budget includes housing, food, childcare, transportation, healthcare, other necessities, and taxes. For a closer look, typical expenses might include:

  • Loaf of bread: $3.45
  • Gallon of milk: $2.16
  • Hamburger: $4.56
  • Doctor’s visit: $113.04
  • Gas: $2.86/gallon
  • Schertz TX utilities: $166.74 utility bill, similar to utilities in San Antonio.
  • Vet visit: $53.76

Data sourced from Payscale.

On the housing front, houses for sale in Schertz TX are quite inviting, with the median sale price of a home standing at $340,000. This is accompanied by an appreciation in the real estate market, as the median sale price per square foot in Schertz is $170, up 5.6% since last year, reflecting the city’s steady growth and desirability.

For those not looking to buy, apartments in Schertz TX present an equally affordable housing option. The average rent for Schertz TX apartments is $1,327 per month, on par with the average rent of $1,278 in the San Antonio area, offering a range of living spaces to suit diverse preferences and budgets.

The blend of lower living expenses and a variety of homes for sale in Schertz TX makes it an excellent option for families, professionals, and retirees alike.

Schertz TX Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Schertz

Schertz, Texas, is home to inviting San Antonio neighborhoods that not only boast of Texan charm and community spirit but also offer the convenience of being close to Randolph Air Force Base. This proximity provides an excellent advantage for military families and those who work at the base or in related industries.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the best places to live in Schertz, TX:

The Crossvine in Schertz TX

The Crossvine is one of the best new neighborhoods in Schertz TX where residents find a mix of modern living and old-world charm. With new homes starting from the high $300,000s, this locale offers a range of amenities such as a resort-style pool, walking trails, and community gardens. Its strategic location not only puts you next to Randolph AFB but also near top-rated schools and shopping centers, and its also home to Heritage Oaks Park!

Estates of Kensington Ranch

Estates of Kensington Ranch presents a delightful suburban living experience with median listing prices around $327,000. The neighborhood averages $154.98 per square foot, with homes designed to offer comfort and space. Situated by Kensington Ranch Park and Norma J. Paschal Elementary School, the Estates of Kensington Ranch is ideal for those seeking a peaceful yet connected lifestyle in Schertz.

Belmont Park in Schertz Texas

Belmont Park features homes that provide residents with affordability and a sense of community, with median home values of approximately $327,450. The neighborhood’s average price per square foot stands at $152.80, offering a range of housing options to fit diverse needs in a small town neighborhood setting featuring the Belmont Park Community Pool!

Schertz TX Weather & Climate

The climate in Schertz TX is characteristic of the humid subtropical zone, meaning residents enjoy a variety of weather conditions throughout the year. The summers can be quite warm, with temperatures often soaring into the mid to upper 90s, perfect weather for the Schertz Aquatic Center. During the cooler months, temperatures in Schertz TX average in the mid to low 50s. The winter season is generally mild, with little to no snowfall, making Schertz an ideal location for those who prefer to skip snow shovels.

Rainfall is abundant, averaging 34 inches per year, with thunderstorms being a common occurrence during the summer.

With approximately 225 sunny days per year, Schertz outshines many other places in terms of sunshine, allowing for plenty of opportunities to explore outdoor activities, whether it’s a stroll in one of the many parks or a family barbecue in the backyard.

The weather in Schertz Texas, and its lovely climate contribute to the city’s charm, providing residents with the chance to experience a full range of weather without the extremes of more northern climates.

Things to Do in Schertz TX

The many fun things to do in Schertz Texas make for a haven of entertainment, shopping, and outdoor activities, catering to a variety of interests and age groups. When not enjoying the local parks, you can fulfill your shopping desires at popular destinations like Bussey’s Flea Market or Four Oaks Plaza. For more adventure and fun, explore these top attractions in Schertz:

Schertz TX Skatepark

The Schertz TX Skatepark is a local hot spot and suited to all ages and abilities. Whether you’re just starting out or a die-hard skater moving to Schertz, you’re going to love the concrete manual pads and rails ideal for a sunny summer evening.

820 Community Cir Dr, Schertz, TX 78154 (210-619-1850)

Pickrell Park Schertz Texas

A gem within Schertz itself, Pickrell Park is the quintessential spot for outdoor relaxation and activities. With playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports facilities, it’s a favorite for families and individuals looking to enjoy the beautiful Texan weather.

703 Oak St, Schertz, TX 78154 (210-619-1850)

Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo

Just a short drive from Schertz, Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo offers an intimate wildlife experience with a diverse collection of animals. Ideal for families and animal lovers, this interactive zoo allows you to get up close with exotic creatures and even participate in hands-on encounters. 

5640 I-35, New Braunfels, TX 78132 (830-402-4603)

Additional Attractions in Schertz:

If these awesome activities weren’t enough, there are more attractions in Schertz and surrounding towns, like:

The Schertz Parks and Recreation Department promises other beautiful parks, such as Crescent Bend Nature Park, to keep you active and entertained. Whether you’re in the mood to cruise on some concrete, a day spent outside, or an animal adventure, the things to do in Schertz Texas provide a variety of engaging activities to create lasting memories.


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Restaurants in Schertz TX

The Schertz TX restaurants offer an array of flavorful experiences sure to delight any hungry craving. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Tex-Mex, classic American, or savory barbecue, the best restaurants in Schertz have you covered. Here are a few must-visit eateries in the area:

Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant

For those craving the zest and flavors of authentic Mexican food, Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant is a local treasure and hard-to-beat choice for Mexican restaurants in Schertz. Their extensive menu features traditional dishes, from sizzling fajitas to their famous enchiladas, made with fresh ingredients and a Texas twist.

3820 FM3009, Schertz, TX 78154 (210-566-0105)

Willie’s Grill and Icehouse

Willie’s Grill and Icehouse is where friends and families gather for a laid-back dining experience. With a menu that boasts mouth-watering burgers, fresh salads, and Willie’s famous ribs, this spot is perfect for casual dining in true Texas style.

18210 I-35 N, Schertz, TX 78154 (210-640-7000)

The Purple Pig BBQ

If you’re in the mood for some finger-licking barbecue with a side of fresh air, The Purple Pig BBQ is your go-to destination. They offer a selection of smoked meats and homemade sides that can be enjoyed at their outdoor seating area—ideal for those sunny Schertz days.

537 Main Street, Schertz, TX 78154 (210-442-8246)

Jobs in Schertz Texas

Schertz, Texas, has carved out a reputation as a burgeoning hub for industrial development within the San Antonio and Austin region. The local economy is marked by a pro-business climate and a diverse economic base. Schertz is backed by a strong and skilled workforce where 63.0% of those over 16 are employed, a significant factor in its $94,173 median household income.

The leading industries providing job opportunities in Schertz include manufacturing, retail trade, healthcare and social assistance, with a notable presence in public administration. Several large employers have established operations in the area, the leading being Vita Nonwovens, The City of Schertz jobs, Express Lube, Sysco Central Texas, and Caterpillar, among others.

For job seekers, visit City of Schertz employment and other job listing platforms such as Indeed Jobs Schertz, as well as opportunities in surrounding areas.

Schools in Schertz Texas

The Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District (SCUC ISD) is renowned for its commitment to educational excellence within the Schertz area and offers advanced academics, a gifted & talented program, and a variety of extracurricular activities to enhance the learning experience.

The district oversees a range of Schertz TX schools, including high schools like Samuel Clemens High School and Byron P. Steele II High School, known for their strong academic programs and vibrant school cultures. These schools, along with junior high and intermediate schools such as Ray D. Corbett Junior High and Laura Ingalls Wilder Intermediate, cater to the varying educational needs of the Schertz community. Students can then move on to nearby colleges like Northeast Lakeview College or The University of Texas San Antonio.

The schools in Schertz TX are designed to provide students with a comprehensive educational journey from the elementary level through high school. For opportunities outside the classroom and stories galore, visit the City of Schertz Public LIbrary.

Schertz Statistics & Information

  • Schertz TX County: Guadalupe, with parts in Bexar and Comal
  • Schertz City area: 32.27 square miles
  • Schertz TX zip code: 78154, 78108, 78134
  • Schertz Texas area code: 210, 726, 830
  • Schertz elevation: 712 feet
  • Schertz time zone: Central Time Zone (UTC -5 and -6)
  • Closest airport to Schertz Texas: The San Antonio International Airport (SAT)

Map of Schertz TX

Welcome to your interactive map of Schertz TX, where you can explore all this city has to offer!

No matter your reason for moving to Schertz Texas or away from our lovely city, our team promises nothing short of your best transition to date. Trust 2 College Brothers, the best Schertz TX Movers, to helm a move that’s free of stress by calling 210-874-7010 for a free quote today!


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