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Best neighborhoods in Sarasota for Families

Neighborhoods in Sarasota 🏡 | 9 Best Sarasota Florida Neighborhoods [Families, Millennials & More]

Last Updated on: 27th March 2023, 09:50 am

Sarasota is a picturesque city just south of Tampa that is known for its sandy beaches, warm weather, and variety of entertainment options. It’s a great place for young professionals, retirees, and families alike because it offers low crime, good schools, and high quality of life. Residents will find a variety of amazing Sarasota neighborhoods, from family-friendly suburban enclaves to stunning beachfront estate communities.

Sarasota County provides a great public transportation system that includes fixed bus routes, paratransit services, and OnDemand zones, making it easy to navigate from place to place. Due to its pleasant climate and abundance of opportunity, Sarasota consistently ranks among the best places to live in Florida. So if you’re considering moving to this beachfront paradise, here is a look at the best neighborhoods in Sarasota.

Arlington Park – An Affordable Sarasota Neighborhood in a Central Location

  • Population: 3,460
  • Average Rent: $1188
  • Median Home Price: $486,250
  • Arlington Park Crime: 2040 per 100,000 residents

Arlington Park is a quiet neighborhood adjacent to downtown Sarasota, along route 41. Its name derives from the city park at the center of the community, which features two swimming pools, outdoor athletic courts, a picnic area, a gym, a playground, and walking trails. Its central location and affordable real estate make it one of the best neighborhoods in Sarasota for families and young professionals.

Residents will find a variety of shopping and dining options within walking distance, and the beach is less than 10 minutes away by car. It’s also one of the safest Sarasota neighborhoods, and homeowners will find a variety of architectural styles, ranging from bungalows to ranches. So if you’re looking for an affordable neighborhood with easy access to the best of what Sarasota has to offer, Arlington Park is the place to be.

Indian Beach/Sapphire Shores – The Cultural Hub of Sarasota

  • Population: 2,190
  • Average Rent: $$1,739
  • Median Home Price: $1.47 M
  • Indian Beach/Sapphire Shores Crime: 9,259 per 100,000 people

Indian Beach/Sapphire Shores is a gorgeous neighborhood located directly on Sarasota Bay that offers stunning views and the city’s most important cultural attractions. The neighborhood is home to the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, the official art museum of Florida, which was founded by the most famous Ringling Brother of Barnum and Bailey Circus fame and features a Renaissance-style estate with 31 art galleries. Across the street is the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, which features exhibits on vintage muscle cars. Along the shore, residents will find Sapphire Shores Park, Indian Beach, and Charles Hegener Memorial Park. The walkable neighborhood features gorgeous homes, from historic estates to contemporary mansions. It isn’t the most affordable neighborhood in the city, but if you have the budget, it’s one of the best places to live in Sarasota.

Gillespie Park – A Trendy Sarasota Neighborhood Full of Life

  • Population: 1,340
  • Average Rent: $3295
  • Median Home Price: $515,500
  • Gillespie Park Crime: 11,324 per 100,000 people

Gillespie Park is a trendy neighborhood in central Sarasota that covers seven blocks between US Route 301 and Osprey Ave. Gillespie Park was one of Sarasota’s early suburbs, and many of the cottage-style homes in the neighborhood date back to the 1920s and 30s. The area underwent a period of decline before becoming revitalized into a hip arts district full of life and culture. The neighborhood is anchored by Gillespie Park, which features green space, basketball courts, and a dog park.

It’s a very walkable neighborhood with plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and service businesses in the area. It’s also very affordable for its central location and walking distance from the beach, making it perfect for millennials and growing families. So if you’re looking for an up-and-coming Sarasota neighborhood with friendly neighbors and a funky vibe, check out Gillespie Park.


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Southside Village – The Perfect Sarasota Neighborhood

  • Population: 200
  • Average Rent: $1,188
  • Median Home Price: $1.5 M
  • Southside Village Crime: 1,336 per 100,000 people

Southside Village is a small yet lively neighborhood in the heart of Sarasota that features some of the best shopping in the area. It features a residential area full of historic and modern homes and a busy shopping district full of local businesses. The neighborhood is anchored by Sarasota Memorial Hospital, offering easy access to employment opportunities and world-class healthcare. 

Southside Elementary School is also in the neighborhood, which ranks among the best schools in Sarasota. With its stunning architecture, low crime, and serene tree-lined streets, Southside Village was named the “Perfect Sarasota Neighborhood” by Sarasota Magazine. So Southside Village is the place to be if you’re looking for a great balance between serenity and convenience.

Rosemary District – A Sarasota Neighborhood Full of Art and Entertainment

  • Population: 1,460
  • Average Rent: $3,295
  • Median Home Price: $635,000
  • Rosemary District Crime: 12712 per 100,000 people

Situated along North Tamiami Trail near the beach is the Rosemary District, a hip Sarasota neighborhood full of art and culture. Residents will find a variety of cafes, microbreweries, antique shops, and venues playing live music. The Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center is a cultural hub in the neighborhood and hosts frequent musical events, educational programs, and other community-oriented gatherings.

It’s a diverse neighborhood that is very LGBTQ-friendly and hosts an annual Pride, Be Fabulous Arts & Music Festival celebrating gay rights. It’s relatively affordable for all it offers, but the crime rate is slightly higher than in other areas, making it better for young adults and millennials than families and retirees. But the Rosemary District is one of the best Sarasota neighborhoods for those looking for a progressive community that embraces the arts.



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Laurel Park – A Family-Friendly Sarasota Neighborhood

  • Population: 720
  • Average Rent: $3,295
  • Median Home Price: $878,750
  • Laurel Park Crime: 2896 per 100,000 people

Laurel Park is a quiet neighborhood situated between downtown Sarasota and the beach that offers a laid-back lifestyle with easy access to convenience. The neighborhood is home to the Downtown Sarasota Historic District, a 19-acre area full of buildings that are listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. Residents will find various architectural styles, from Spanish bungalows to modern condo buildings. The neighborhood derives its name from the literal park along Laurel Street, which features plenty of playground equipment, walking trails, and green space. 

It’s a neighborhood consisting of families searching for low crime, good schools, and a welcoming atmosphere. It isn’t the cheapest neighborhood in Sarasota, but it isn’t the most expensive either, and residents will find various options to suit their budget. Plus, it’s within walking distance from downtown Sarasota, offering all the amenities and cultural centers that attract residents from all over. Laurel Park offers the perfect balance of tranquility and excitement, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Sarasota for families.

McClellan Park – A Safe Sarasota Neighborhood with a Pleasant Ambiance

  • Population: 300
  • Average Rent: $1,188
  • Median Home Price: 1.5 M
  • McClellan Park Crime: 1336 per 100,000 people

McClellan Park is one of Sarasota’s most sought-after neighborhoods due to its desirable real estate and beautiful foliage. It’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Sarasota, with a crime rate of 43% lower than the national average. It’s also one of the wealthier areas in Sarasota and attracts plenty of affluent professionals and families. It’s a very walkable neighborhood, and the well-maintained sidewalks of McClellan Park even lead directly to the pathway near Southside Village, making it easy to access nearby shops and restaurants.

You can also relax in the actual McClellan Park, a grassy area covered with trees that is ideal for picnics or playing with furry friends. Residents will find a mixture of luxury homes and older architecture with Spanish influences. It certainly isn’t the most affordable neighborhood, and most homes sell for well over $1 million. But it also offers a ton of value for your money, and for those who have the budget, McClellan Park is one of the best places to live in Sarasota.

Harbor Acres – An Oasis on Sarasota Bay

  • Population: 350 
  • Average Rent: $1,188
  • Median Home Price: $15.5 M
  • Harbor Acres Crime: 1079 per 100,000 people

Harbor Acres is one of Sarasota’s most coveted neighborhoods due to its impressive beachfront properties and high quality of life. The community is within walking distance from many of Sarasota’s top attractions, including Sarasota Memorial Hospital and Selby Botanical Gardens. Located directly on the water, Harbor Acres is a haven for boaters and fishermen, and many of the waterfront estates feature private docks. It also has the lowest crime rate in all of Sarasota, with 54% less crime than the national average.

The neighborhood ranks highly in all categories, including amenities, crime, employment opportunities, and schools, except for the cost of living due to the expensive housing prices. Most homes in the small yet highly desirable neighborhood are listed for several million dollars, with some in the eight-figure range. Home shoppers will find a mix of classic Florida architecture and new construction, offering the best of both worlds. So if you’re looking for neighborhoods in Sarasota with good schools, low crime, and luxury real estate, check out Harbor Acres.

Cherokee Park – The Perfect Sarasota Neighborhood for Young Professionals

  • Population: 200
  • Average Rent: $1,188
  • Median Home Price: $2 M
  • Cherokee Park Crime: 1,213 per 100,000 residents

Right beside Harbor Acres is Cherokee Park, a safe neighborhood that offers many of the same benefits with a lower price tag. Cherokee Park is also on the water and features excellent schools, great employment opportunities, and stunning views of Sarasota Bay. It’s one of Sarasota’s oldest neighborhoods and features a unique ambiance and easy access to downtown. It’s a favorite among doctors who work at Sarasota Hospital, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Sarasota for young professionals.

It’s well known for its lush vegetation, beautiful oak trees, and picturesque setting that attracts residents of all different backgrounds. Home shoppers will find a wide variety of architectural styles ranging from Mediterranean to Art deco-style homes. Cherokee Park has a bit more character than other luxury neighborhoods and offers a peaceful oasis with easy access to convenience.

Sarasota Neighborhood Maps

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