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Orlando Moving Costs [2024] | 🚚💰 How Much Do Movers Cost in Orlando FL? [Tips, Data, Estimates]

Last Updated on: 1st January 2024, 01:42 pm

Orlando is one of the most visited cities in the country, mainly due to two world-renowned theme parks in the area, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. But Orlando offers much more than just being a theme park destination. It’s also a major convention center. The Orange County Convention Center is the second-largest convention facility in the United States. 

The city has excellent cultural sites as well, such as the Orlando Museum of Art and Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. In addition, you’ll find a vibrant nightlife, a historic district, a thriving technology industry, and two major league professional sports teams: the NBA’s Orlando Magic and the MLS’s Orlando City SC. The University of Central Florida is the largest university campus in the United States in terms of enrollment. 

Moving is a big step for anyone. It can be stressful, and there is a lot to consider, including the cost of movers in Orlando. Hiring an Orlando moving company can help you calculate the cost, save you money, ease your stress, and take care of the heavy lifting for you. This article will help you understand primarily what you’ll need to know about Orlando movers rates.  

Factors That Affect Your Moving Costs in Orlando

Unlike long-distance moves, which use a flat rate, local Orlando moving costs are charged using an hourly moving rate. In other words, you pay the movers by the hour. The hourly moving rate multiplied by the number of hours it takes to move will be the final cost of your relocation. That said, there are a number of factors that will affect the time it takes to move and can add to the cost.      

Below are several factors that can affect your move.

  • Volume of your move: How much you have to move to your new home will affect how long it will take and how much it will cost. The more you have, the longer it will take to move it.
  • Packing: Movers give you several packing options, including full packing and partial packing. This can significantly increase the time it takes for your move. Movers can also unpack for you at your new location.
  • Packing supplies: Any packing supplies provided by the mover, such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap, will be added to the final moving cost.
  • Access: Accessibility to your old and new destinations can add to costs. The farther away the movers have to park the truck, the more time they’ll need to load and unload your belongings, increasing your final cost.
  • Stairs/elevators: Navigating up and down stairs adds time and cost to your move. Elevators can also increase the time it takes to move depending on how long and how often the movers have to wait for the elevator.
  • Furniture assembly/disassembly: It takes movers extra time to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, which will increase your final moving cost. 
  • Distance of the move: Typically, the farther the movers have to drive, the more time it will take, but traffic can also be a factor in how long it takes to drive from the old to the new location.
  • Special items/requests: Moving specialty items, such as a piano, a grandfather clock, or antique furniture, must be done with extra care, thus adding time to the move.

Full-Service Movers vs. DIY Moving in Orlando

orlando moving costs

You might be thinking that you can save a lot of money by moving yourself and skipping the movers. But the truth is the average moving costs in Orlando when DIYing everything isn’t much different than hiring a mover. 

A DIY move means you have to rent a truck, pay for gas, buy all the boxes, tape, and packing materials you need, rent moving equipment, convince friends and family to help you, and do all the heavy lifting yourself. Hopefully, you won’t break anything, and no one will get injured in the process. When you hire a licensed and insured hard working moving company, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Here are some reasons why a DIY move might not be a better choice than hiring a full-service mover for your move:

  • DIY moves don’t always save you money. 
  • You have to rent a truck. Renting a smaller truck can save money but could mean you have to take more trips. 
  • You’ll want to purchase truck rental insurance, just in case. 
  • You have to pay for gas. 
  • You’ll probably have to pay your helpers. Even if friends and family help you for free, you’ll want to supply food and drinks at the very least to thank them. 
  • You might need to hire independent movers for labor only. 
  • DIY moves are more stressful because you have to do all the planning, buy all the materials, rent the truck, convince your friends and family to help, and do a lot of hard work.   
  • DIY moves will take you more time. Professionals can work much faster than you can. They know how to pack and load your belongings quickly and efficiently because they do it every day.
  • Efficient movers have specialized trucks, tools, ramps, and moving equipment with them. They have the muscle and know-how to handle your heavy furniture and bulky items. 
  • Professional movers have moving blankets and shrink wrap to protect your furniture, walls, doorways, floors, and staircases from damage.
  • Movers can pack for you if you’d like and save you the headache. They know how to pack your items safely and efficiently.
  • If you break or damage fragile items, doors, walls, etc, during a DIY move, that’s on you. Trained movers are insured.
  • Moving typically involves some heavy items, and the risk of injury is always present. The last thing you want is your friend or family member getting hurt while helping you move. Hiring a professional mover means you don’t have to lift a finger or put friends and family in harm’s way. 
  • If you need to store items on a short-term or long-term basis, you have to do the work to arrange it. The best movers in Orlando movers offer short and long-term storage for you without the hassle.

Average Moving Costs in Orlando | Orlando Moving Estimates

The average moving costs per hour in Orlando can vary because every move is unique. There are a lot of things that go into moving companies’ Orlando prices. The typical hourly movers in Orlando are about $80 per hour. Rates will vary depending on the number of movers you need. 

The hourly rate for a 2-man crew will be less than the rate for a 3-man crew, but the final cost could be less for a 3-man crew because they can work faster. The mover will help you decide how many movers you need to complete your move in a reasonable timeframe. Depending on all the factors involved in your move, the final cost can range from $294 to $2,638.  

Cost to Move a 1 Bedroom Apt in Orlando

Moving apartments in Orlando can be difficult. A 1-bedroom apartment move generally requires two movers and about 3-6 hours. The typical cost is around $406.

Cost to Move a 2 Bedroom Apt in Orlando

Typically, a 2-bedroom apartment move will require three movers and between 3-6 hours. The average cost is about $653. 

Cost to Move a Home in Orlando

A smaller home move usually requires three to four movers and about 4-7 hours. Movers will provide an estimate based on the size of your home and the volume of items you are moving. The average cost to move a home in Orlando ranges anywhere from $1,390 to $3,922.  

If you are moving out of the Orlando area, out of state, or across the country, that is considered a long-distance move. In that case, the mover will provide a binding moving quote.

Tips to Make Your Orlando Relocation More Affordable

There are a lot of moving costs to consider. If you’re wondering how to reduce your cost of moving in Orlando, here is a great checklist you can use: 

  • Get rid of anything you don’t need. Moving fewer items and boxes means less time and will save you money.  
  • Pack yourself and label your boxes. Unpack yourself at your destination.
  • Disassemble/assemble furniture yourself.
  • Unplug electronics and wrap cords before the movers arrive.
  • Get any approvals from the HOA or landlords ahead of time.
  • Know ahead of time in which room everything goes. Direct the movers to put them there. This will save time. 
  • Supply the movers with drinks and snacks. They will greatly appreciate it.

How To Choose an Orlando Moving Company

How much movers cost in Orlando can vary a lot. Orlando moving companies aren’t created equally. To find a good, reputable Orlando mover, follow the steps in this list:

  • Check Yelp and Google reviews.
  • Get recommendations from family, friends, and co-workers.
  • Find out how long the company has been in business, how many moves they’ve done, and how many claims they’ve had against them.
  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • Do they use the proper equipment? Are their trucks well-maintained? Can they handle expensive and fragile items? 
  • Do they have outstanding customer service?
  • Get at least three estimates before you decide on which company to go with.
  • Stay away from movers who ask for a cash deposit before your move. 
  • Check their rating with the Better Business Bureau.

2 College Brothers is licensed, insured, and offers upfront moving quotes in Orlando so you know just how much you’ll be spending! With 11 years in business and 15,000 customers served, our impressive 4.8 star rating is something we’re proud of. Whether you need full service moving in Orlando or the best affordable movers in Orlando, you’ll find it with us!

Additional Orlando Moving Tips

How Much Should You Tip Movers In Orlando? 

A general guideline is to tip movers in Orlando $25 per mover or 18-20% total of the final moving cost to be split by the crew.

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When it’s time to relocate, call our dependable movers in Orlando at 813-922-1529 for a free moving estimate in Orlando!


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