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Tampa Public Transportation [2024] | ULTIMATE Getting Around Tampa Guide

Last Updated on: 11th October 2021, 11:07 am

Whether you want to get to the beach or do some shopping, Tampa is a big city! If you’re wondering how to get around Tampa while there, look no further than Tampa public transportation. With options ranging from bus to streetcar, you’ll never be stuck in one place for too long. Looking at public transportation in Tampa can be a bit confusing with so many different providers and routes. Thankfully, you don’t have to do any more research. You’ll find everything you need from contact information to important bus routes right here!

Getting Around Tampa’s Entertainment District | TECO Streetcar

One popular way to get around Tampa is the TECO line streetcar. This is a 2.7 mile long transport that connects downtown Tampa to the Channelside District and Ybor City Historic District. This is the perfect way to get to and from popular destinations downtown, and it’s known to get pretty crowded during a Tampa Bay Lightning Game. These streetcars run every 15 minutes on Mondays through Thursdays. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the service runs every 20 minutes.

TECO Fares

The TECO Streetcar is free to ride. Because it only goes short distances, you won’t be able to make it more than the 2.7 mile route, but you can ride that route for free no matter what.

Schedule and Hours

Monday – Thursday: 7AM – 11PM (streetcars run every 15 minutes)

Friday: 7AM – 2AM (streetcars run every 20 minutes)

Saturday: 8:30AM – 2AM (streetcars run every 20 minutes)

Sunday: 8:30AM – 11PM (streetcars run every 20 minutes)

TECO Streetcar Line Contact Information

603-611 Channelside Dr, Tampa, FL 33602, (813) 254-4278

Getting Around in Tampa By Bus | HART

One of the easiest ways to go through Tampa is by using the bus systems. With over 200 buses running, you never have to wait long to catch the bus that you need. The bus public transportation in Tampa is run by HART. HART is the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority. They cover over 1,000 square miles, and they also have specific park and ride lots so that your car remains safe as you take the bus. They have a local bus service, which will get you all through Hillsborough County, and then they have a commuter’s express route and service to the airport. There are over 30 routes to choose from. You can view the Hartline bus route map here to try and plan your route, or going online here will plan your route for you. All of the HART buses are equipped with free wifi, making it easy to work on schoolwork or regular work on your commute to and from work. Routes are the same each week day, but they do change on the weekends, so be aware of that. Each route has a bus that runs every 30 minutes during non-peak hours and every 15 minutes during peak hours.

HART Bus Fares

Tampa locals will get a discount of 50% on all advertised fares. The fares for Tampa’s public transportation using HART buses are as follows:

One Day Unlimited Pass

  • Local: $4.00
  • Express: $6.00

One-Way Cash Price

  • Local: $2.00
  • Express: $3.00

10-Ride Farecard

  • Local: $40.00

31-Day Unlimited

  • Local: $65.00
  • Express: $95.00

Schedule and Hours

The schedules vary by day, but most HART bus routes begin around 4AM and end at 1AM on the weekdays and 6AM to 11PM on weekends.

HART Contact Information

1201 E. Seventh Ave., Tampa, FL 33605, (813-254-4278)

Carpooling Around Tampa | TBARTA


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Tampa has its own carpooling service to help you to get with commuters with similar routes to your own. All you have to do is go to their website, plug in your route that you take to work, and then it will do the job of matching you up with potential carpooling buddies. However, the caveat to using this public transportation in Tampa is that you will have to call the potential matches and arrange everything yourself. You’ll also have to work out pricing, schedule, and more with the person. Some people might like having a partner to ride into work with every day, but if you’re just trying to get around Tampa while on vacation, pass on this form of public transport.


You’ll discuss this with the driver and passenger. A price will have to be agreed upon, but no one else gives you the cost, so you’ll have to figure it out with your carpooling person.

Schedule and Hours

There are many people signed up on here, so your schedule could take you wherever you need to go. There aren’t any set hours, but you’ll put this all in the online program so that you get matched to your potential carpool buddy.

TBARTA Contact Information

5100 Lemon Street, Suite 209, Tampa, FL 33609, (800) 998-RIDE

Getting Around Tampa Without A Car | Coast Bike Share

Sometimes, the best way to get around Tampa is not to mess with cars or public transportation at all! That’s where bike sharing comes in. The great thing about bike sharing is that you can pick the bike up at one station and then drop it off at another. It’s a one-way trip, and you can always walk the rest of the way to your destination if you want. There is a ton of flexibility to bike sharing, and it’s affordable. Plus, with all the beachside walkways, biking just makes sense! The bike sharing in Tampa is run by Coast Bike Share. These bikes are designed for trips between one and three miles in length.

Coast Bike Share Fees

There are a few different ways to pay with Coast Bike Share. The first is pay as you go. It’s $15 per hour of ride time. Or, you can purchase a monthly pass with 60 minutes of daily ride time for $25 a month. They also have an annual plan with 60 minutes of daily ride time for $99 a year.

Coast Bike Share also offers student pricing. For students, you get 60 minutes of daily ride time for $15 a month. Or, you can do the monthly plus plan of $35 a month for 90 minutes of daily ride time. The student annual pass is $75.

Schedule and Hours

You can ride the bike whenever you need to throughout the city, but your pass will expire at midnight if you don’t have a monthly pass.

Coast Bike Share Contact

Various locations throughout Tampa that you can see in the app. 813-999-3300.

Sail Through Tampa By Water Taxi | Pirate Water Taxi


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For a fun way to go around Tampa, check out the pirate-themed water taxis. This is perfect for visitors or those who want to see downtown. There are 15 different stops around Tampa’s Riverwalk, Channel District, and Davis Island. Each taxi can have up to 46 passengers, and there are hosts that will narrate the entire ride, making for a unique experience.

Water Taxi Fares and Fees

All Day Pass Adult: $20.00

All Day Pass Child: $10.00

Two Day Pass Adult: $25.00

Two Day Pass Child: $12.00

Annual Pass: $89.95

Schedule and Hours

Weekdays: 11:30AM – 10:30PM

Weekends: 11:30AM – 11:30PM

Pirate Water Taxi Contact

603 CHANNELSIDE DR, TAMPA, FL 33602, (813) 390-3711

Zip Around Tampa By Scooter | Lime, Bird, Jump, & Spin

The city of Tampa has partnered with four different scooter companies to help introduce motorized scooter rentals to the city. If you’re getting around downtown Tampa, this is a great way to do it. Not only is this great for tourists, but it’s also good for students or those looking to have a little fun. There are a few different rules set up around the scooters. You can’t take them to the Tampa Riverwalk, Bayshore Boulevard, or 7th Avenue, which are areas with a lot of shopping centers. However, this combined with a bus service or commuter rail will get you where you need to be.

Scooter Fares and Fees

Electric scooter sharing is noticeably more expensive than bike sharing. Each company charges a different price based on where you pick your scooter up, where you’re taking it, and how long you have it. There is usually a small base charge of a few dollars and then a charge per minute of $0.15-$0.50.

Schedule and Hours

The scooters in Tampa don’t ever shut off. However, at around 9PM, some of the scooters will be picked up by chargers, therefore rendering them unable to be ridden.

Tampa Scooter Contact Info

City of Tampa, 306 E. Jackson Street, 1-877-SCTR-HLP

Bird, 1 (866) 205-2442

Jump, 1 (844) 505 9155

Lime, 1 (888)-LIME-345

Spin, 1 (888) 249-9698

FAQs About Getting Around Tampa

Do you need a car to get around Tampa, FL?

Most of the city of Tampa is not walkable, so if you’re planning to be downtown, you either need a car or you can use Tampa’s public transportation.

How do I get from Tampa Airport to downtown Tampa?

The public transportation in Tampa by bus services the airport to downtown Tampa. You’ll take the HART Route 35.

What public transportation is in Tampa?

You have the choice between HART buses, TECO streetcar, electric scooters, carpool rides, or bike share. You can also walk much of the touristy areas of Tampa.

There’s no shortage of great options for getting around Tampa. If you’re looking at public transportation in Tampa because you’re about to relocate to the city, give us a call or fill out the form for a free quote. At 2 College Brothers, we’re the best Tampa moving company in the area!


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