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Tampa Palms FL | 🎯 ULTIMATE Living in Tampa Palms Guide

Last Updated on: 3rd April 2024, 01:47 pm

Taking up 4,100 acres of beautiful Floridian natural landscape within Tampa’s northern limits, Tampa Palms is located in the wider “New Tampa” district, and is home to around 15,000 happy residents. A mixed-use planned community on the Hillsborough River, packed full of 28 separate villages that include everything from townhomes to estates, Tampa Palms is chief among New Tampa’s master planned communities, and is a popular stop for many from all over the city for its wonderful Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club, which includes a championship 18-hole Arthur Hills designed golf course and amazing facilities. If you’re looking for a place to settle down and enjoy all the utilities, convenience, and beauty one can handle, you should consider living in Tampa Palms!

Tampa Palms, FL History

Tampa Palms’ history is tied with the New Tampa district, and the history of Tampa itself. The area of New Tampa, and by extension Tampa Palms, had been settled in the mid-19th century, quite a feat at the time due to how hostile Florida’s environment was. The area remained largely rural and undeveloped for almost a hundred and fifty years, up until the area was annexed by Tampa in the late ‘80s.

At this point, the PBS&J development corporation sought to build a planned residential community along the Hillsborough River, which would provide an area to live for the people in this new bustling commercial sector. Their development succeeded, and the community of Tampa Palms was born. Since it’s construction, Tampa Palms was named the “top master planned community in the US for 1987” and was also a recipient of the Aurora Award by the Southeast Homebuilders Association.

Tampa Palms, FL Location & Transportation

Tampa Palms is located north of the USF along the Bruce B Downs corridor, also known as the I-75 corridor. This corridor serves as the primary route for intrastate travel, interstate travel, and evacuation measures. In terms of roads, Tampa Palms is also home to lots of wide spine roads, which ensure easy driving and access to the wide variety of shops and establishments in the neighborhood.

Tampa Palms is a very exclusive mixed-use development complete with homes, golf facilities, schools, churches, etc. In fact there are now 28 separate villages with every conceivable type of dwelling from apartments to luxury custom homes.  There is even a dedicated Tampa Palms Owners Association whose mission it is to maintain the entire district.

Tampa Palms borders Lutz to its west, the University of South Florida and the Hillsborough River to its south, and the I-75 to its north and east. The drive from Tampa Palms to Tampa’s downtown isn’t very long at all, clocking in at around twenty minutes, and aided by the robust local road networks.

Tampa Palms zip codes include 33559, 33592, 33613, 33617, 33637, and 33647.

People, Lifestyle, and Culture of Tampa Palms, FL

Tampa Palms is home to 14,923 people. Of those people, 83% are White, 8% are African American, and 4% are Asian. There is also a miniscule Native American population. 44% of the households in the area are host to married couples, while there are about 102 males for every 100 females.

Tampa Palms is a big community that hosts all different kinds of housing, so naturally the average wealth varies substantially for each zip code and sub community of the area, which also means a variety of different cultures. If you’re looking for something more for the upper crust, try one of the estately neighborhoods. If you’re looking for something more down to earth, one of Tampa Palms’ townhouse neighborhoods might be more your style. Tampa Palms has a community for everybody!

However, those looking into moving to Tampa Palms will be glad to know that Tampa Palms has an A+ rating on AreaVibes for crime, with crime overall being 84% lower than the national average.

If you want to make yourself a part of any of these communities, you should check out the latest listings for homes for sale in Largo, FL.

What to Eat, Do, and Shop in Tampa Palms, FL

The planned community of Tampa Palms also includes a large variety of fun attractions, great restaurants, and wonderful shopping opportunities alongside its excellent suite of housing options, making living in Tampa Palms highly desirable to many. Those looking to shop, whether it be stocking up on groceries or a hunt for the latest in fashion or tech, should take a look at the local Market Square and Pointe shopping centers.

Looking to experience the very best of Tampa Palms attractions? With the Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club, there’s no contest for the spot. Containing a massive golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools for sport and for play, a fitness gym, and a great bar and restaurant, it should be obvious as to why the Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club draws in so many visitors from so far away. If you haven’t decided on whether you want to live in the area yet, the club also includes around 25 luxury guest suites that provide the perfect place to start exploring the area from, with complimentary breakfast and access to all the amenities previously mentioned.

Meanwhile, those looking for a family friendly thing to do while living it up in Tampa Palms would surely be recommended the Lettuce Lake Park by locals, a 240-acre conservation park which displays some of the very best of the Tampa area’s natural beauty with its nearby hardwood swamp forest. The park also contains facilities for grilling, picnics, as well as trails to hike on, a 3,500-foot boardwalk which provides scenic views of the Hillsborough River, and playgrounds for your children.

Looking for some good eats while living in Tampa Palms? If you’re one who prefers to play while you eat, Peabody’s Billiards and Games provides a full-feature tavern with drinks and dishes galore, while also providing the eponymous billiards and games, a perfect place for a guy’s (or girl’s) night out. If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, Koizi has you covered with excellent Japanese dishes of all types.

Tampa Palms Map

Tampa Palms, FL Real Estate

As previously stated, Tampa Palms’ real estate market is very diverse, especially when it comes to housing costs. The average home price here is $314,599, according to Zillow, but that doesn’t quite tell the whole story. In truth, prices can range from affordable condos of around $150,000 dollars to large estates worth several million — all contained in this little community! According to Redfin, the median amount of time for a house to be on the market in this area is 30 days, with 22% of homes being sold above list price.

You’ll find living in Tampa Palms fairly affordable, with the average monthly rent for all apartments being $1,368. To those with the right attitude, Tampa Palms confers all the advantages of higher class communities, like its incredibly low crime rate, at costs that compete with some of the most affordable areas in Tampa.

If you’re interested in looking at listings for Tampa Palms’ homes, take a look at some Tampa Palms, FL real estate options here.

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