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Moving a Piano in Gainesville with 2 College Brothers

There aren’t many possessions people own that hold on to value these days. Pianos are one of the rare exceptions to that rule though. Pianos, inherently expensive, can actually gain value as they age, so long as they’re well taken care of. Since 2 College Brothers Moving and Storage serves Gainesville, all of Alachua County, and the Gainesville Metropolitan area, we’ve seen and successfully relocated our fair share of beautiful pianos. From Baby Grands to Grands to Digitals and even Spinets, these generational heirlooms can be moved with proper care and finesse so their purity remains intact – so long as you know what you’re doing. Hiring the right piano moving company for the job is key because not everyone knows you can’t just pick them up and move them as if they were a piece of everyday furniture. The professionals at 2 College Brothers know the intricacies of a piano move cannot be rushed or overlooked as the amazing sound integrity could be compromised, devaluing the previous treasure.

Why Hire a Professional Gainesville Piano Mover

Believe it or not, it requires a specific skill set and knowledge base to move a piano. Should you try to move a piano yourself, you’re going to be risking injury or even death to yourself or others around you. Most pianos weigh well over 700 pounds and have literally no “give” to them. Moving one of the heavy, expensive, and sensitive musical instruments can be a dangerous nightmare if you’re ill equipped and don’t have any experience or formal training.

Mitigating danger and optimizing the safety of our customers and their belongings is our number one priority so our movers have specialized training in Gainesville piano relocation. Safety isn’t the only reason you should call 2 College Brothers Moving to transport your piano though! There are four other major reasons you should hire Gainesville piano moving companies to take care of your piano.

Allowing movers to take care of the piano will let you focus on other parts of your move, saving you time and money which leads to a less stressful experience.
Trained professionals will literally be able to move the piano more quickly and efficiently than you will. They are cautious and understand how precious and valuable your piano is.
You won’t need to rely on the help of friends and family – nobody likes to bother people that are close to them with annoying work!
Movers are licensed and insured so if something DOES happen, you’re covered.

Gainesville Piano Movers Have Specialized Equipment & Training

Special equipment is required to properly and safely move a piano without damage to the instrument. The equipment necessary and the methods used to move the device can be different depending on the piano type. For example, there is such a thing as a piano dolly that is utilized when transporting baby grand and grand pianos. There are upright dollies specifically for upright pianos. Some are equipped with locking mechanisms, some have strapping mechanisms, and some even use balancing joists. Not all of these devices operate the same way so training and practice is necessary before working with a customer’s prized possession. Apart from the dollies, certified professional piano movers will use shrinkwrap, tie down straps, and moving blankets to ensure the expensive heirlooms aren’t going to be damaged when migrating through doorways and down ramps or even stairs!

Getting the pianos outside and on to a truck is a completely different animal. Piano movers often bring in special vehicles to make the job fit the task rather than trying to make the task fit the job. Trucks with lift gates will allow for safe and easy loading so no human is put in harm’s way and the integrity of the instrument isn’t risked. For lighter pianos, it’s possible a simple ramp is used to haul the instrument into a truck. Regardless of method, once the piano is in the truck, professional movers have little tips and tricks to secure pianos down for the ride. Unloading is no different!

Gainesville Piano Moving Cost

The cost to move a piano in Gainesville is affordable and always lower than people think it is. Getting an estimate is pretty simple. When you call for a quote, you just let the team know what kind of piano you have, when you want to move, and where you’re moving to. They’ll work up an estimate quickly and efficiently and get you on the schedule as soon as possible.

There are other factors that can alter the rate of a piano move in Gainesville. What floor is the piano on? How much manpower is necessary to safely move the piano? What kind of material will be used to make the relocation a successful one? Will special equipment be necessary to get the job done? What time of day and what day of the week are you going to need our services? Will there be any temporary storage necessary for the piano?

Other services you decide to use can also affect your overall moving estimate. Generally, the more services you utilize from a licensed and insured Gainesville piano moving company, the lower the cost of each of those services. We’re here to help you, not take advantage of you.

Gainesville Moving Companies

How to Choose the Best Gainesville Piano Mover

We know it can feel like it’s not easy to find a good moving company that has your best interest in mind but selecting the best Gainesville piano moving company doesn’t have to be a difficult or intimidating experience. We always recommend to our customers to shop around and make sure they are going to get the best service they can. We let our reputation and history speak for us as our Facebook reviews are nearly flawless and our Google reviews are even better.

Make sure you ask all of the companies you’re considering to prove that they’re licensed and insured because the last thing you want to do is have somebody damage your piano and not have to be held accountable. Since this is your prized possession, it’s not unreasonable to ask a company about the piano moving processes, what’s involved, and if they could go over their usual plan for moving your particular type of piano. If at any point in the process, you feel uncomfortable, do not settle! Awesome customer service is a key piece to giving you a stress free, comfortable, and trustworthy experience. You should be treated with respect and leave every discussion feeling as though one of your most expensive items is in the best of hands.

We’re confident in our ability to move your piano, no matter the type and no matter the location. As the premier piano moving company in Gainesville, all of Alachua County, and the Gainesville Metropolitan area, we recommend to all of our customers that they have your piano serviced and tuned after the move is completed. The slightest vibrations inside of a moving truck can alter string sound, which shouldn’t be confused with damage. Give us a call at 352-448-9095 to start your 2 College Brothers Moving and Storage piano relocation quote today!

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