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Gainesville White Glove Delivery

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If you’re in the business of manufacturing, selling, or coordinating furniture and other items to meet your clients’ needs, there comes a time in your business’s growth when you need white glove delivery services to succeed. 

While all relocations require care and diligence, white glove delivery is a premium service that refers to projects that require an extra attention to details. Clients may request white glove service if they’re planning on transporting high value items such as expensive artwork or priceless family heirlooms. White glove delivery is also utilized by businesses that need to transport designer furniture and luxury goods requiring extra care.

The experienced team at 2 College Brothers regularly help furniture manufacturers, retailers, architects, interior designers, real estate staging companies, and import/export companies with the logistics side of your business. You can trust our Gainesville white glove delivery services to exceed your expectations and maintain your reputation. 2 College Brothers provides white glove furniture delivery to Gainesville, all of Alachua County, and the entire Gainesville Metropolitan area.

White Glove & Designer Delivery Services in Gainesville

Retailers, furniture stores, antique stores, real estate staging, and interior designers need reliable white glove delivery services to succeed with their businesses. Our team and trucks carefully unpack and relocate your customer’s furniture and items in their homes or offices, or relocate inventory from one warehouse to another. Our white glove services include:

  • Pickup: Our trained professionals will travel to your warehouse or showroom and pick up your items for white glove delivery.
  • Receiving: Our white glove delivery service includes receiving items at our warehouse and storing them until the time comes.
  • Storage and consolidation: Holding and consolidating orders that come in at different times to ensure the customer receives the complete order prior to final white glove delivery.
  • Quality control: Inspection of furniture or items prior to the white glove delivery to ensure only items in perfect condition are delivered to the customer.
  • Warehousing: White glove shipping includes warehousing, logistics, and storage of items until it’s time to deliver.
  • Inventory management: Prior to the final white glove delivery, we will inventory all items and report on what’s been delivered and what is still outstanding.
  • Specialized care and handling: Blanket wrap, protected delivery by highly-trained and careful equipment movers.
  • Junk removal: Removal and disposal of old items to ensure customer satisfaction with the white glove delivery experience.
  • Loading and unloading: We will carefully load and unload all items at the white glove delivery destination up and down stairs, even if the access is difficult.
  • Installation: Setup, assembly, and installation while protecting the customer’s property from damage.
  • Disposal of packaging materials: Removal and disposal of packing materials and boxes
  • Repairs and returns: If any items arrive broken or damaged during the white glove delivery process, we will facilitate any repairs or returns by sending defective items back to the manufacturer or a third party.

Common Industries Served with White Glove Delivery Services

We strive to become your delivery partner to help you safely and reliably deliver your furniture and items to your clients. 2 College Brothers regularly provides white glove delivery service for Gainesville area businesses in the following industries:

Interior Designers and Real Estate Staging

Giving your client their dream home or business design or staging a home for a quick sale requires dependable shipping and delivery of the accessories and furnishings you’ve selected for the home. You can’t fulfill your vision if your valuable items aren’t on-site in time for the big reveal! From pickup of the items from your suppliers, warehouses, and showrooms to careful inspection and quality control, to the coordination of the white glove delivery schedule, 2 College Brothers provides reliable interior designer and real estate delivery services.

Furniture Showrooms and Manufacturers

Your customers expect to receive high-quality furniture and items in pristine condition. The more expensive the item, the higher the customer’s expectation for quality and service. Our Gainesville white glove delivery service ensures the customer experience is impeccable from the moment they enter your showroom. Our highly experienced and trained team uses the utmost care and attention when transporting high-end furnishings, custom items, and fragile items to prevent delays or costly returns. To meet all of your logistics needs, we also provide warehouse receiving, freight shipping, and pickup services to support your showroom or manufacturing company.

Warehousing & Inventory Management

As your items are received, they will be inspected, inventoried, and stored in our climate-controlled warehouse. Shipments are consolidated prior to arrangement delivery with the customer. 2 College Brothers can assist with short-term warehouse receiving and delivery as well as long-term storage for inventory management.

Architects, Builders, and Engineering Companies

When it’s time to install countertops, custom mantles, cabinetry, and other customized items in your customer’s homes or offices, you need a white glove delivery service to ensure timely deliveries and items are handled with the utmost care. 2 College Brothers provides white glove delivery service from pickup to receiving to shipment, and full-service delivery, assembly, and installation for builders, contractors, architects, and engineering firms.


Importers rely on shipping but many import companies don’t have receiving and warehousing solutions to manage their items prior to customer shipping. 2 College Brothers provides your outsourced storage and white glove, extra mile delivery solutions to help reduce damage to items, prevent costly customer returns, and ensure a hassle-free experience so furniture and items reach your customers in perfect, undamaged condition.

Why Choose 2 College Brothers for your Gainesville White Glove Delivery Needs?

Choosing a reputable white glove furniture delivery solution is important to the continued success of your business. At 2 College Brothers, we understand how essential it is to your reputation that you have a dependable receiving, warehouse, and white glove transportation solution – and consider ourselves an extension of your business. Let us partner with your organization and help you succeed.

2 College Brothers has over a decade of experience providing high-quality white glove delivery services in Gainesville and Tampa, Florida.

Let us support your business with warehousing, receiving, quality control, inventory management, and last mile delivery solutions so you can focus on what you do best. Our team is 100% background checked and has earned hundreds of positive customer reviews on Facebook and Google and we’ve successfully assisted over 15,000 customers with their moves and delivery service needs.

We have the proper certifications and insurance coverage to keep you protected. Our crew is highly trained and provides specialized equipment, padded vans, temperature controlled vehicles, and any other equipment required to complete the delivery. 

Our crew can provide quality materials such as packing peanuts and bubble wrap to ensure items are secure during the white glove delivery process. We also have a 4,000 square foot warehouse in Gainesville with 24/7 CCTV surveillance to ensure your expensive and delicate items are secure. Reach out today for a detailed quote on the white glove delivery cost.

Give us a call today at (352) 448-9095 to discuss your white glove delivery needs in Gainesville, all of Alachua County, and the entire Gainesville Metropolitan area. Learn how we can support your business with customized designer delivery solutions.

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