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Purpose, Vision, Core Values, & Principles

The Beliefs Our Gainesville Movers and Tampa Moving Company

It has been said that companies that define and write out their values are up to three times more successful as those who do not. At 2 College Brothers Moving and Storage, we have taken the time to sit down and determine what we want our moving company to be and how to maximize the potential our company can achieve. The process of defining each of these aspects has allowed us to organize the thoughts and directives of our moving company. We have been able to learn about ourselves and grow both as a business and as the people behind the business. As a result, we commit ourselves to these qualities everyday and look for them in every employee that we hire. These pillars are the first things that every employee, from movers to upper level management, sees in their training manual, and the very first item we discuss during their orientation upon hiring. Employees who disagree with these values or fail to abide by them do not last long in our moving company.


Our purpose at 2 College Brothers Moving and Storage is to provide the highest quality moving experience possible to our clients while instilling the values of leadership, professionalism, and impenetrable work ethic into the future leaders that we hire.

We realized our purpose as a company by answering one simple question: “Why does our moving company exist in the first place?”. Asking this question is a very important step that we feel many other moving companies fail to take.

Therefore, we have come up with the following Mission:

To Alleviate the burden of moving by hiring and training professionals families can trust to provide a stress free and comfortable relocation experience.

After seeing a trend in the moving industry in which people were unsatisfied with their experiences during such a stressful time, we set out to revamp the image people had of moving companies and soar past our competitors by providing moving experiences of the highest possible quality accompanied by award winning customer service. In doing this, we knew we had to hire sharp and considerate individuals to work in every area of the company.

Our search for great people for the company led us to college students. We discovered that college students fulfilled the role of mover perfectly. College students are strong, quick, intelligent, and friendly, and given the fact they have their entire careers ahead of them, they have so much more to live up to than a traditional mover. Therefore, with our newfound knowledge of the merits of college student movers, we have structured our company in such a way that everyone on our management team has attended college and is devoted full-time to building and improving our moving company. We also know that happy employees make happy customers, so we want to offer our movers more opportunities to grow.

Therefore, we implemented the “Master’s in Moving Leadership Development Program” that focuses on self-development, entrepreneurship, and leadership building and gives our movers and interns increased chances to advance in the company.

At 2 College Brothers Moving and Storage we can guarantee that if people pursue something for a bigger purpose – whether that purpose is personal faith, conviction, or the desire to make a difference in the community or the world – monetary rewards will follow that pursuit. When people live for something bigger than themselves, they will often find that making a difference in the lives of others to be more rewarding than financial gain.


To become one of the biggest and most respected moving franchises in the country and be known as a great place to work.

2 College Brothers Moving and Storage does not want to just be a small-time, mom and pop moving company in Gainesville, FL. Instead, we believe that the benefits of having a huge, national company will allow us to access the resources that will make residential and commercial moves even easier for our clients, as well as allow us to alleviate the burden of moving for even more people! Therefore, we want to grow and expand to different cities across the country and have both corporately owned and franchised locations. The only way to accomplish that goal is to provide an amazing customer moving experience every time and thereby construct a brand that people recognize and trust. We feel that the values we have set in place will serve as the blueprints for building upon this dream.

Core Values

2 College Brothers is more than just the moving services we provide. Our values define who we are both as people and as a company. As a company of committed individuals, these five core values direct the way we do business each and every day.

  1. Integrity: We are transparent in everything we do. Our company revolves around doing business right.  We are always honest and ethical in our dealings with clients and each other. We hold ourselves to a higher standard because without trust, we cannot succeed.
  2. Professionalism: We are a professional moving company and we hire professional. Moving can be stressful and personal for many people. For this reason, we focus on behaving in a way that will make the client feel the most comfortable and at ease. This means we act with maturity, show respect, and create maximum value for our clients. We take pride in our behavior and our appearance.
  3. Accountability: We stick to our commitments. We also hold each other accountable because if the team fails, you fail.  Be a problem solver, not a problem finder.
  4. People Focus: We are the most important thing in a client’s life at the time we are serving them and we don’t take this lightly. We take pride in treating every client with the same level of service and respect and we deliver a consistent and positive customer experience. The customer is only one half of our focus though. We know that a happy client starts with a happy employee. That’s why our team members know that when they bend over backwards for our clients, we in turn will bend over backwards for them. If the customer isn’t “WOWED”, then we have not done our job.
  5. Move to Improve: The “best” way has yet to be found and we want to be on the forefront when it is. We believe that each day offers a chance to learn and get better. We care about the growth of our company as well as our people. We know there is always room to be better and push to achieve our maximum potential and it’s important to us to keep moving towards the highest level of excellence.
  6. Brand of Brothers: Everybody in our organization is a brand ambassador and always looks for opportunities to perpetuate our brand. Everyone we meet is a potential client and we realize we represent the face of our company. We know that if we all row in the same direction and work to grow the business, 2 College Brothers will be an unstoppable force for growth

Our company has fostered a culture that revolves around doing business right. The only way to execute this as a company is to embrace certain key beliefs and hold ourselves responsible for carrying them out. Our deep commitment to these values and beliefs is what differentiates 2 College Brothers Moving and Storage from other moving companies.

These are the overall guidelines our Gainesville movers and Tampa Movers stand by on a daily basis. They help us to stay focused on what we are trying to accomplish and provide a mentality that allows us to thrive as a moving company. We expect our movers, management, and shareholders to abide by these principles and values while keeping our purpose and vision at the forefront of their actions!