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Masters Degree in Moving

Off the Moving Truck – The Education Aspect of Our Company

People know us at 2 College Brothers as a moving company. However, our ultimate purpose is two fold. Sure we strive to simplify the moving experience by providing reliable and friendly service, but continuing education and promotion of lifelong learning is the internal aspect of what separates our company from all others. We want to mold future leaders, and use the moving aspect as a medium for doing so. This is why we have established a couple of programs dedicated to doing such.

Our Master’s Degree in Moving is more than a slogan. It is an 8 week long course we offer to employees interested in obtaining leadership positions within the company, and is designed to promote entrepreneurship, leadership, and new idea creation within the company. Each “semester” we select a business book to read, analyze and discuss over the course of 8 weeks. We open each class talking about the readings from the week before. Shortly thereafter, we have a lecturer going into more depth about the ideas and how they apply to our company. Then, we open up the floor for discussion. This is one of the most valuable aspects of the Master’s Degree in Moving in that new ideas and projects for the enhancement of the company are put into effect.

We not only give the aspiring leaders the opportunity to brainstorm, but we also encourage them to move forward with the ideas. We evaluate each individual on how well they can make the new ideas come to life, and ultimately use their performance as proving grounds to see who moves up in management.

Candidates are not required nor guaranteed to obtain a management position following the program, and some just complete the class to contribute to the company culture or to learn something new in personal development.

One of the programs that has come about as a result of our Master’s Degree in Moving program is our Brother Bucks point system. This system promotes a fun and competitive culture in which employees strive to be the best in the organization. We have a physical “buck board” in the office in which we track the Brother Bucks each mover collects. They collect brother bucks for things like reading personal development or business books, volunteering at charities, receiving favorable scores on customer feedback surveys and online reviews, helping out with projects around the office, and others as opportunities come up. Brother Bucks are redeemable for actual cash. When a mover cashes out, his all time running score is kept as a means of tracking his performance and can be used during quarterly reviews for raises.

Many new and exciting ideas such as this come to life. Because we hire only students and graduates as our movers and management, many of our employees have a thirst for continuous lifelong learning and personal development. We feel that implementing a program such as this greatly enhances the culture that our company creates, and helps to create an incredible working environment.

Another program we offer for students heavily involved on campus is our Campus Ambassador Scholarship Program. This program is designed for students in the summer time to leverage their campus networks for the greater good of the company to compete for scholarships. They are trained to put their entrepreneurial, marketing, and networking skills to the test in order to drive business to our organization. This position is perfect for the individual studying marketing, advertising, public relations or any other similar field and who is involved in a Greek organization, student government, sports or any other sort of club in which they have established a strong referral network.

There is no time requirement, but the individual who exhibits the strongest referral ability receives a $1000 scholarship at the end of the summer.

Any Individual can obtain a $100 scholarship for every 15 referrals that they can generate. We offer training and continuous coaching to the individuals that are hired on as ambassadors to our moving company. We feel this helps them develop skills that they will inevitably use in their chosen career paths after graduation, and offers the opportunities to maximize their education through scholarship.

Our Moving Company Difference

We feel this focus on continuous lifelong learning differentiates us from other moving companies culturally, but also helps us stay ahead of the competition by continuously innovating with some of the brightest minds in town. It is no secret that we are not a traditional moving company, and we are always looking for ways to master our moving services and become the best moving company you know. With our Master’s Degree in Moving and our Campus Ambassador Scholarship Program, we aim to provide the highest moving service in Gainesville and Tampa, the best customer service for our clients, and the best working environment for our continuously growing network of professional student movers.

We are growing at an incredible rate, and there is a reason for that. However, this presents new challenges daily, but our internal education programs present new solutions daily.

Mark Cuban tells entrepreneurs to “work like there is someone working twenty four hours a day to take it all away from you”.

We encourages the bright minds within our company to do just that, except we have the benefit of dozens of people “working like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it all away” from us! We feel that by continuously learning and staying ahead mentally, our moving team can move ahead of any and all competition that comes our way!