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Orlando Local Moving Services with 2 College Brothers

Relocating to a new residence is often a stressful process even if you’re staying local. A local move is typically defined as one that takes place within a 50 to 100 mile radius. At 2 College Brothers, we consider local to mean that the origin and final destination are within a 90-minute drive. 

Even if you’re only traveling a short distance, that doesn’t mean the process isn’t stressful. You still have to pack, secure reliable transportation, and find a way to transport everything safely. Attempting to do so all on your own can be stressful and time consuming. Instead, enlist the services of a professional Orlando local moving company to make your transition simple and efficient. At 2 College Brothers, we serve all of Orlando, all of Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties, and the Greater Orlando Metro area.

Hiring Orlando Local Movers – Top Reasons 

Reliable Orlando local movers can simplify your life in a variety of ways. A professional crew can provide peace of mind by handling the entire process from start to finish, allowing you to focus on more pressing matters. They will also have the training and equipment needed to complete the job in an organized fashion and avoid damaging your property on the way in or out. They can also save you from relying on friends and family, who may or may not be reliable or know how to handle your possessions safely. 

When it comes to short distance relocations, far too many people make the mistake of thinking they can do it all alone. But experienced Orlando local movers can provide value in so many different ways by supplying necessary packing material, equipment and proven organizational systems that will make the process so much simpler. 

Plus, a seasoned crew will have the proper training to assemble and disassemble large furniture, rearrange bulky items, and place boxes in the appropriate rooms wherever necessary. Why take on the additional stress when you can hire a team of experienced professionals to make your journey simple and easy?

Orlando Local Moving Specialized Equipment and Training 

While in theory, it may seem easier to relocate all on your own, in reality, special training and equipment is often required to do the job the right way. Even if you’re only traveling a short distance, you must pack up all your worldly possessions, organize and carefully load them into a vehicle and repeat the process at your final destination. Doing so is often easier said than done and may require more elbow grease and professional tools than you realize. 

Qualified Orlando short-distance movers will supply all the tools and equipment needed to ensure everything is transported safely. They will show up with all the standard equipment needed to take on a local relocation including a toolbox, straps, furniture blankets, dollies, wardrobe boxes, shrink wrap, tape and anything else. They will also show up with professional trucks designed for the job that are fully equipped with boxes, furniture straps and other specialty tools that can come in handy on the job. Why leave things up to chance when you can trust an experienced team of Orlando local movers to make your journey simple and stress free.

How Much Does an Orlando Local Move Cost

Many factors can impact the total cost of a local move. There are so many different variables involved in any relocation that it’s tough to know exactly how much it will cost unless you request an estimate. Moving down the street will cost less than relocating to the next town, and a one-bedroom home will be less expensive to accommodate than a six bedroom mansion. The best way to get an accurate assessment of the costs is to reach out to the companies you plan on hiring and request Orlando local moving quotes.

Professionals typically set their rates based on the following:
If you are planning on transitioning to a new residence soon, reach out to 2 College Brothers to request an affordable quote. We will take down some basic information about the job and provide you with a reasonable estimate based on the complexity of the project. No matter how challenging the job, we are up to the task and will provide you with an affordable quote. We offer both flat and hourly rates for local moves, with no additional fees. So reach out today to get started.

How Much Does an Orlando Local Move Cost

It’s essential to do your research before deciding to work with a particular company. This is true in most scenarios but is even more crucial when it comes to a relocation. You can’t trust just anyone to handle your belongings or you may regret it. A team of qualified Orlando local movers will make your life much easier, while an unprofessional crew will only create more headaches. We recommend doing preliminary research before you make a decision.
Hiring a moving company is a major undertaking, and you want to trust something other than amateurs. If you do not feel confident in the credentials of a particular candidate, continue searching until you find the right crew for the job.

At 2CollegeBrothers, we’ve been in business for more than 11 years, and in that time, we’ve served more than 15,000 customers. We maintain a 4.8/5 star customer satisfaction rate and stellar reviews on all major sites. Our crew is 100% background checked and trained in all the essential techniques. Plus, we are fully licensed and insured with auto, cargo, workman’s comp, general liability, warehouse, and umbrella policies. When you choose 2 College Brothers, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. 

Ready to plan your relocation? Trust the best team of Orlando local movers to make your journey a walk in the park. We service all of Orlando, all of Lake, Orange, Osceola, and