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Orlando Piano Movers

Orlando Piano Movers

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Moving a Piano in Orlando With 2 College Brothers

To ensure your precious piano is well preserved, it has to have a lot of proper care, protection against damage, and loving attention from its watchful handlers. Whether this treasure was purchased on eBay or passed down for generations from your great-great-grandparents, it deserves to be in good hands! Regardless of age, all pianos are vulnerable to damage if not handled correctly. This also includes damage to the keys, pedal, and strings. This is especially the case if you’re relocating and need to transport the piano from one location to the other. At 2 College Brothers, Orlando piano movers will ensure your fragile piano is treated carefully by trained experts. This will allow you to relax without worrying about disrupting the piano’s smooth surface and harmonious musical sound. Amid all the different types of pianos, our crew moves grand, baby grand, digital, and upright pianos.

If you’re a pianist, you’re probably familiar with the fact that pianos are primarily made up of high-quality wood, followed by molten iron, metal, and steel wire. When it comes to how much they’re worth, the price for a piano can start from $200 and go up to over $200,000 for a grand. Baby, keyboards, and upright pianos fall somewhere in between. However, these priceless string instruments often come with a hefty price tag for a good reason. For one, it can take up to a year to build a grand piano, whereas most of the production is entirely hand-crafted. In addition to this, many pianos can weigh in at over 800 pounds and consist of over 10,000 moving parts! 

In addition to all the mechanical aspects, pianos have great value as a complex musical mechanism that stands as magnificent showpieces in homes all over the world. When you consider their worth and how much goes into making them, it’s no wonder that a DIY piano move would be a hazardous and stressful event. There’s an extensive list of negative things that could happen during the process– the piano could be destroyed, your property could be damaged, or someone could get physically injured if you don’t seek help from a cautious and experienced Orlando piano moving company. Instead of taking those chances, allowing a trusted company to deal with all the arduous piano moving work is by far the best option.

2 College Brothers serve all of Orlando, all of Lake Orange, Osceola, Seminole Counties, and the Greater Orlando Metro. 

Hiring Professional Orlando Piano Movers - Top Reasons

Thinking about relocating the piano by yourself in order to save an extra buck? Before you take on that challenge, keep in mind that one wrong move could end up costing a fortune. The process is very strenuous and time-consuming and requires several strong people to lift, carry, and load. To ensure this heavy instrument doesn’t lose any of its value and charm during the transferring process, the wisest decision is to hire a professional piano relocation team.

As a pianist, just imagine all the things that could go wrong if you don’t have a reliable and attentive crew to transfer your expensive, breakable piano: it drops and tumbles down the stairs, the wood gets chipped and scratched along the walls, it falls on top of a person or pet, etc. Experienced Orlando piano movers we extensively trained for this challenging task which will ensure that no one is hurt and your piano avoids all possible disruption.

Orlando Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

Lacking the proper materials and techniques during a piano move is incredibly dangerous– for both you and your valued instrument. While fatalities from pianos are rare, injuries are far too common. Professional piano movers are experts at utilizing good teamwork, strong muscles, and bringing the special equipment necessary to get the job done right. Some of the up-to-date- equipment that is utilized includes:
It’s good to make sure your moving crew knows how to professionally prepare, disassemble, carry, transport, and reassemble pianos prior to handing them your money. It’s a pain and a major disappointment when you have to deal with paid service from an amateur crew that brought damage to your property. Regarding moving the piano, 2 College Brothers ensure the expert crew that greets you at your house knows exactly what they’re doing. You can have peace of mind knowing your delicate piano is under attentive care.

Orlando Piano Moving Cost

Now that you’re aware of how much of a burden a DIY can cause, you’re probably wondering what you can expect the cost will be for hiring piano movers in Orlando. Let’s look into that. As you’re working on the Orlando piano movers quote form, let us know information such as what type of piano you have, the distance it needs to travel, and the accessibility of its location. For instance, is it a grand, baby grand, keyboard, or upright piano? Is there an accessible elevator, or do we need to use the stairs? Once we receive all the moving-related answers to our questions, we’ll come up with an accurate rate as well as how many crew members will be needed for the job.

You can expect an affordable cost of piano movers and storage in Orlando! In addition to this, the friendly crew showing up at your home is trained, prudent, and properly equipped. This will allow you to save time knowing your priceless piano is in the watchful hands of dedicated professionals and will be waiting for you at your new home in the same condition you left it. 

Choosing the Best Orlando Piano Mover

Curious which piano movers in Orlando, Florida you can depend on? Doing plenty of research ahead of time is the best place to start. To help you find the best Orland-based moving company to care for your piano, here are a few important tips to follow:
Having served over 15,000 customers, 2 College Brothers has over a decade of professional piano moving experience and maintains over 600 near 5-star reviews on Google. Each of our 100+ dedicated crew members is fully background-checked and adequately trained.

Without any sign of damage to the internal or external components, you can expect reliable Orlando piano movers at 2 College Brother to handle the lifting, moving, loading, and transportation of your heavy piano. You can rely on a high-quality piano moving service regardless of the type, age, or condition of the piano you own.
2 College Brother significantly reduces the need for tuning a piano following a move. For all of Orlando, Lake Orange, Osceola, Seminole Counties, and the Greater Orlando Metro, we can relocate pianos of all shapes and sizes in the most convenient way possible. Thanks to our high level of care and expertise, you can look forward to an affordable and stress-free move! Get started by calling 2 College Brothers or filling out our quote form for an Orlando estimate!