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Orlando Senior Movers

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Senior Relocation Services in Orlando with 2 College Brothers Moving & Storage

Moving is a challenge. As we age, it becomes even more challenging. While elderly people may be young at heart and able to do many things, lifting and hauling boxes full of personal belongings is challenging for any age. Aging adults tend to need a little extra support during relocations, and it takes an experienced and properly trained team to provide that support — and that team is 2 College Brothers Moving & Storage!

At 2 College Brothers, our team has handled over 15,000 relocations, many of which were for seniors. We have the equipment and skillset to assist and accommodate all possible relocation needs for even the eldest adults, and we take great pride in that. We don’t just offer Orlando senior moving help – we also offer our senior moving services throughout the Greater Orlando Metro area, and all of Lake Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties.

2 College Brothers will provide you with Orlando senior moving help that’s efficient and enjoyable, so your loved ones can take it easy as they transition into their new space.

Orlando Senior Move Management

Our senior moving services include:

Why Are Seniors Using Orlando Senior Moving Companies?

Surprisingly, Orlando moves for seniors are very common. Most often, older adults choose to relocate to be closer to their families or to move in with family during times of need. Health reasons are also a factor for senior relocation, as are downsizing to smaller and more manageable homes, retiring to a condo by the beach, and entering into a nursing home or 55+ communities for a better sense of community.

The end goal for all aging adults is the same: To gain or maintain a better quality of life as they continue to age. This looks different for each elderly person, as it could mean receiving continuing care in an assisted living home or simply finding a space with better floor planning so they can move around easier.

Considerations for Using Orlando Senior Movers

Everything involved in a change in homes from packing to unpacking is hard enough for young and middle-aged adults. The elderly, on the other hand, require a lot more special care and consideration when relocating. Ultimately, it’s a sensitive process that depends on a reliable senior moving company that knows what they’re doing.

There are several factors to consider when relocating an elderly person. For starters, many elderly people are often moving out of the home they raised their family in. Not only is there an emotional attachment, but at a certain point, it becomes difficult to maintain the space that you’ve aged in, especially if it’s considerably large. This means those tasked with the relocation have to think about things like clutter, structural damage, and other issues. 

What’s more, most senior moves involve downsizing to a smaller space which means picking and choosing the items they’ll take with them and saying goodbye to what’s no longer useful or beneficial to them. This is usually a sensitive process. While families typically come together at this point to help, busy schedules and other obligations may leave the elder person in question alone to handle their relocation preparations. Additionally, many aging adults have significant health problems that can keep them from fulfilling these tasks in time. 

With senior moving services, your aging loved one won’t have to be alone during the relocation process. They also won’t have to worry about expelling energy on things like packing and unpacking.

Top Reasons to Hire an Orlando Senior Relocation Company

Hiring a professional Orlando senior moving company comes with a ton of benefits, many of which are obvious. When it comes to relocations with so many important considerations, there’s no better choice than to hire a team of skilled professionals.

Let’s talk reasons to hire Orlando senior moving services for your loved one:
Orlando senior moving help can disassembe and reassemble furniture, take care of the heavy lifting, and make sure everything arrives safely and on time to the final destination. Lastly, there’s the option to work with a senior move manager through your senior moving company of choice. You or your loved one can coordinate every last detail of the relocation plans with them directly, and they’ll ensure everything from the organizing down to the unpacking goes according to plan.

The Cost of Hiring an Orlando Senior Moving Company

There’s one area where senior moving is the same as other types of relocations – and that’s the cost. With any type of relocation assistance, there are a number of factors that affect how much the service will ultimately cost.

This includes factors such as:
To get a better idea of what your final cost will be, it’s best to speak with our Orlando moving company directly. Only then can we give you an accurate and reliable estimate based on the above factors. 2 College Brothers Moving & Storage Orlando moving specialists will always give you a competitive and fair quote for senior moving services!

How to Choose the Best Orlando Senior Mover

The best senior moving company will make your elderly loved one’s relocation a breeze. However, the wrong company can easily make the entire experience miserable. When it comes to finding the best possible senior movers in Orlando, you’ll want to do the following:
Even with all your questions answered, it’s hard to trust a company with something as important and sensitive as the relocation of an elderly loved one. However, the team at 2 Brothers College Moving & Storage are the expert Orlando senior moving specialists. We’ve been relocating individuals and families since our college years, and we have the specialized skills to assist all older adults within the Greater Orlando Metro area and all of Lake Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties.

Ready for Your Orlando Senior Move?

When you’re ready to begin the next chapter of your life as an aging adult or need to arrange senior moving services for a loved one, you’ll be in good hands with 2 College Brothers. Get in touch with us today at 813-922-1529 to discuss the details of your relocation. Or, fill out the form on our website for a free quote!

Meet Your Orlando Senior Moving Managers

Faith Larkin

Director of Senior Moving Management

Jason Ayan

Senior Moving Manager