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San Antonio Senior Movers

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Planning a relocation for an elderly relative can be a complicated and emotional undertaking. You need to make sure the transition is smooth so that your loved one isn’t disoriented or confused. But you also need to handle all the logistics of packing and transporting their belongings, which can be a difficult task in and of itself.


Eliminate that stress by hiring an experienced San Antonio senior moving company and leave the job up to trained professionals. Senior moves typically involve helping a senior citizen or elderly resident move into a new home, retirement community, or assisted living facility. While the exact age that qualifies as a senior citizen can vary, it generally refers to someone who is of retirement age or at least 62 (the age at which you can begin collective social security benefits).


At 2 College Brothers, we have years of experience and thousands of five-star reviews. We’ve performed countless moves for seniors in San Antonio, TX. We’ll make sure the project is as simple and stress-free as possible so you feel confident that your family members are in good hands. We serve all of San Antonio and the Greater San Antonio area.

Why Do Seniors Need a Reliable San Antonio Senior Moving Service?

Elderly residents may require a San Antonio senior moving service for several reasons. As you age, you may want to relocate or be closer to your family in case of an emergency or to spend your golden years with the people you love.


You may be moving for health reasons if you require additional care and need to relocate to a facility that can take care of you. You may be downsizing if your children have all left the house and you’re tired of keeping up with the maintenance. Maybe you’re moving to San Antonio in search of a lower cost of living.


You may also be moving into a retirement home or assisted living facility that offers services and amenities specifically designed for seniors. You may even relocate to a new area for senior sector employment if you want to stay busy and keep working.


These are all excellent reasons to work with a San Antonio senior moving specialist who can ensure the transition is easy and comfortable. We typically help seniors move into smaller homes or senior apartments.


You may also need help moving in with a family member or relocating to a senior facility, whether it’s a 55+ community, assisted living, or a nursing home. But no matter where you’re headed, you can count on 2 College Brothers for quality service and dependable San Antonio senior moving assistance.

Things to Consider When Hiring San Antonio Senior Movers

No matter how much you prepare, moving a senior is never easy. It can be an emotional moving process that requires sensitivity and care. Elderly residents often have unique needs, especially if they are relocating because their health is declining or they can no longer live independently.


During a senior move, residents may be leaving a home they’ve lived in for a very long time, perhaps the majority of their adult life. They’re typically relocating to a smaller home, which may present issues when it comes to determining what to keep and what furniture you should donate.


Some seniors also don’t have family members who are immediately available to help. So, they may need a dependable San Antonio senior relocation service to ensure they get where they need to go. You should consider all these issues before the moving day if you want the transition to be as easy as possible.


If you need any additional help, the National Association of Senior Moving Managers is a great place to start. They help people find reliable moving help for senior citizens from qualified professionals with a background in fields such as social work, health care, project management, and more.

The Top Reasons to Hire a San Antonio Area Senior Relocation Company

You may need help from a San Antonio senior moving company for a variety of reasons. Local movers save time and reduce stress by handling the entire relocation process. Older adults may be limited in what they can handle on their own and may need professionals to handle tasks such as packing and organization and do all the heavy lifting.


Family members may be ill-equipped to assist and ensure that the project is safe and comfortable for elderly persons. It’s usually unwise to let a senior citizen move all on their own, but family members may not have the tools or time to handle things properly.


Full service moving companies offer additional senior relocation services that can come in handy such as storage solutions or junk removal. Downsizing assistance is also available for those who need it. Plus our crew can help with tasks such as disassembling and reassembling furniture, which may be challenging for older residents. So in most scenarios, hiring a qualified San Antonio senior mover is often the best course of action.

Cost of Hiring a San Antonio Senior Moving Company

The advantages of using San Antonio senior moving services might seem obvious. But you may be wondering how much it will cost. The exact cost of the project will vary depending on a few different factors. The final price of our senior moving services will depend on:
  • The distance from the starting point and destination
  • How many boxes, pieces of furniture, and other belongings require transportation
  • How many movers are required to complete the job
  • Do you require additional services such as packing or furniture assembly?
  • Are there any access issues with either location?
  • When and what time of year do you need to move?
  • Do you require storage as well?
Each of these variables will impact the total cost of using a San Antonio senior moving service. But, in general, local moves are typically priced at an hourly rate, while long distance moves are priced at a flat rate. Rates will vary depending on the San Antonio senior moving company, but often range from about $25 to $50 per hour. The cost of any packing materials is usually separate.

We are always happy to discuss rates and estimates with you to find a solution that works for everyone. The best way to get started is to reach out to our customer service team and request a free quote on senior relocation services.

Choosing the Best San Antonio Senior Mover

Before hiring any particular San Antonio senior moving service, it helps to know if they are professional and reliable. You don’t want to trust the safety and well-being of an elderly loved one to any unqualified moving company. So here are a few ways you can find seasoned professionals offering senior moving help in San Antonio:


  • Carefully read any reviews on Google and Yelp (especially any negative reviews)
  • Look on their website to find out how long they’ve been in business and how many senior moves they’ve performed
  • Confirm they have the proper licensing and insurance
  • Find out how much experience they have with senior moving
  • Speak with their customer service team to find out if they are friendly and responsive
  • Make sure all your needs are met and they offer excellent service

2 College Brothers is an award-winning San Antonio senior moving company with over 14 years of senior moving experience. We have a crew of over 40 moving specialists who are 100% background-checked and possess the skills and training needed to handle delicate senior moves. Our commitment to quality and care has earned us thousands of positive reviews on Google and a 4.9/5 star customer satisfaction rating.

So when you need the top senior moving company in San Antonio, TX, you can trust 2 College Brothers to get the job done right. We serve all of San Antonio and the Greater San Antonio area. Call our moving team today at (210) 874-7010 for a free, custom moving quote.