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Student Moving


Student Moving in Gainesville & Tampa

When fifty thousand University of Florida students need to move out at once, you can bet you will see our Gainesville movers helping thousands of students get into their new dorms and apartments.

Our Gainesville movers have first-hand experience with moving on a budget! Avoid multiple trips in small four-door cars by using our trusty trucks. Avoid damaging your personal belongings by allowing us provide safety equipment suitable for all furniture sizes.

2 College Brothers is Gainesville’s most recognized student moving company in the area! Let us make this day hassle-free!

Tips to Follow Before Moving Out of Your Dorm

  1. Sign out with your Residential Assistant – After a semester or two with your beloved RA, it is only fair that you double check with them that you have returned all important keys and passes before your last day.
  2. Confirm your move-in time – Apartments near USF and Gainesville Apartments and dorms have various move-in times to avoid a back-up in their process. Show up at your designated time, if applicable, and have your necessary documents ready.
  3. Do not take on too many responsibilities – Do not wait for this day to do all of your errands as well. Lines will be long at the supermarkets, utility offices, and gas stations. Plan ahead and focus only on moving in your stuff!

Student Moving Packages

We offer unique moving services for all of our lucky students. From our in-state rates to our exclusive partnership with Student Maid Cleaning Service, 2 College Brothers will offer you the most beneficial package.

If the entire University of Florida student government trusts us to move their possessions,  then you can certainly expect 2 College Brothers to offer you the same quality experience!

Even when you are dreading the process of leaving your summer dorm and going across campus to next semester’s room, we are here to make it a less daunting task. If you are moving off-campus to check into your first apartment, let 2 College Brothers give you a carefree moving day.

Our clean-cut movers have been through it all; from a cozy loft to a crammed fraternity house, they can attest to the mayhem that most students do not anticipate.

Whether you are only moving out of one room or have teamed up with your new roomies to move out of state, 2 College Brothers offers moving services of all sizes!

Do not wait until the day before to pack your belongings! For more essential reminders, read our tips on how to best prepare for your big day.

Have you asked for a moving quote yet?

We will give you a free moving quote to help you calculate your moving costs faster. No move is too big for us, so give us a call at 352-448-9095.

2 College Brothers will quote the best moving package for your needs. We will assign up to five clean-cut, professional movers in uniform to assist you.

Still have more questions?

We have answered some FAQ’s about our student moving services here.