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Moves are challenging, but moves that take place across long distances, such as state-to-state or interstate moves, are even more challenging. Many wonder how to move long distances in the first place. The reasons are numerous and of differing obscurity, but relocations like this are nigh-impossible to undertake without the help of a professional Tampa long distance moving company that can work with the unique circumstances that come up in these kinds of moves.

Allow the staff here at 2 College Brothers to break down precisely what you’ll need to ensure you have the smoothest long distance transition possible. With over a decade of experience moving people and businesses across the country, there’s nobody more qualified in the state of Florida to help you with this tough problem!

2 College Brothers serves a wide area, including Tampa, the Tampa Bay area, and the entire Tampa metro region.

What Is A Tampa Long Distance Move?

In moving industry jargon, a long distance move is a move that takes place over 100 miles away from the initial location. Lesser distances constitute what we call a local move. Types of long distance moves include intrastate, interstate, cross country, and, in rarer cases, international, and there are other factors to consider regarding long distance moves, like whether they take a single or multiple days. Usually, long distance moves will take multiple.

When it comes to reasons to do a long distance move, there are many! Many people today move state-to-state in search of better work or lower taxes. Family arrangements, like being newly married, can also spur someone to undertake a cross-country relocation. No matter what the motivation, though, those seeking to move over long distances will eventually need to employ the services of a long distance moving company, as attempting without a team of professionals and their equipment is a bad idea!

Moving Cross Country With 2 College Brothers

More than any other type of move, a Tampa out of state or cross-country move requires care, precision, and plenty of experience. It is naturally daunting to entrust all your belongings you care for to a team of movers whom you do not know, but be assured that the best way to move long distances is to hire a full service Tampa long distance moving company.  So, how does a cross-country or intrastate move like this work?

When you choose to employ 2 College Brothers’ Tampa state to state moving services, our teams will be undertaking tasks like packing, moving furniture, loading, unloading, and other processes necessary for the move. For extra convenience, the materials necessary for these tasks will be acquired by the team itself, without any additional cost to you. Additionally, a crew of top-rated Tampa movers handling your Tampa interstate move will relieve stress, save time, protect your belongings and yourselves, and provide plenty of expertise and experience.

Here’s a list of other services a proper moving company will offer you:

  • Coordination of the entire moving process by a personal Move Coordinator
  • Obtainment of boxes and proper packing materials
  • Packing all belongings in a safe and secure manner
  • Disassembly of furniture, beds
  • Relocating all furniture, boxes from the house
  • Loading of all furniture and boxes onto the truck or van
  • Driving your items to your destination
  • Unloading all furniture and boxes
  • Carrying all furniture and boxes into the new place
  • Assembling furniture in new home
  • Unpacking all boxes and arranging belongings where they need to be
  • Placing furniture where the client requires
  • Moving appliances (disconnecting/connecting is not included)
  • … And more!

Don’t settle for second best – let 2 College Brothers make your long distance moving service simple and smooth!

How Much Do Tampa Interstate Movers Cost?

According to the moving cost calculator Thumbtack, the average long distance move costs an average of $4,300 on a national scale. 2 College Brothers always charges reasonable, affordable rates, but this does not change the fact that any interstate or intrastate move’s price will be variable.

An example of a few factors that might alter the final cost of your move:

  • Distance required to travel
  • Time of year, how busy it is
  • Quantity and weight of items to be relocated
  • Whether storage is required at the destination
  • Additional service packages, like uninstallation and reinstallation of appliances

Many factors will not be in your control, while some (like additional services) are. Ultimately, the only way to get a reliable estimate of what cost you will be paying for a Tampa cross-country move will be to reach out to your full-service moving company of choice. 2 College Brothers’ quotes can be requested over phone or on our website, and are totally cost-free!

Choosing the Best Tampa State to State Movers

Interstate and other forms of long distance moves are difficult affairs that require lots of expertise and experience on the part of the mover to be handled properly. It is then absolutely necessary that the moving company you choose for the job is properly qualified. Be certain to check Google and Yelp reviews, see how long they’ve been in business, what their licensing and insurance is like, whether they have the proper equipment for the job, and what their customer service is like.

If you’ve done all those steps and ended up here, you’ll be glad to know that 2 College Brothers is the best long distance moving company in the Tampa area! With over a decade of successful relocations over all kinds of distances, we wow customers with our excellent service and fantastic and affordable rates. Our excellent Google reviews speak to our dedication to making you, the customer, happy!

2 College Brothers also offers a large suite of services that will aid in making your long distance relocation a simple and easy process:

  • Dedicated moving coordinator
  • Dedicated trucks
  • Labor-only services
  • Flat rate for long distances moves
  • Car transportation for long distance moves
  • Long term and short term storage in 10,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled, 24 hour-monitored warehouse
  • Full packing service with material acquired by company
  • Relocation of offices, schools, FF&E, warehouses, etc.
  • White glove furniture moving
  • Senior-friendly and apartment moves
  • Piano and gun safe moves
  • … And more!

2 College Brothers serves Tampa, the Tampa Bay area, and the entire Tampa Metropolitan area. We also provide service to Gainesville and Orlando.

Long distance moving can be a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be! The right Tampa state to state moving company helping you every step of the way will significantly smooth out the process, and nobody is better suited to that in the Tampa area than 2 College Brothers! Call now at 813-922-1528 or fill out our online form for a completely cost-free quote.

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