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Moving a Piano in Tampa, Courtesy of 2 College Brothers

Invented in the year 1700, pianos are some of the most beautiful and complex musical instruments that are currently used. While a rarer and rarer sight in American homes, they were and still are a sign of class and sophistication, especially when the family in question actually knows how to play it!

2 College Brothers serves all of Tampa, the Tampa Bay area, and the entire Tampa metropolitan area!

Pianos are expensive and valuable, both in terms of money and sentimental value. While all will be cherished possessions in their homes, not all pianos are built equal. Pianos, as you might expect of an instrument with a storied history like it, come in many forms and sizes. In the moving industry, we primarily deal with four types. Grand pianos are the largest, and are what people typically think of when they think of pianos. Baby grand pianos are grand pianos, with the full 88 key set, but smaller. Upright pianos, so named for their different hammer mechanism, are generally cheaper than grands, and are among the more common pianos found in homes. Electronic pianos are more and more popular, and are generally the most lightweight and easy to move.

As you might expect, relocating pianos to new homes is a delicate process, and best handled by only the most professional and well-trained movers. In this article, you’ll learn all about the process of moving pianos, and how to choose the right team for the job!

Hiring Professional Tampa Piano Movers - Best Reasons

While you’re almost certainly here because you have a piano that needs moving, there’s plenty of other benefits a professional Tampa piano mover can give you, beyond making sure your valued instrument makes it through a move safely.

Among the primary reasons people choose to hire a piano moving company in Tampa is peace of mind. Nothing quite lifts stress off the mind than a group of trained professionals at your back, no matter what task it is you’re tackling. Teams worth their salt will take every measure to make sure your possessions, including your precious piano, are properly wrapped, and that every inch of the home is covered in padding so as to ensure there are no scratches or damage to your property or belongings.

When it comes to pianos, there is even more reason to make sure you hire a proper piano moving crew for the job. Pianos especially are incredibly fragile, and, being showpieces of the property in most cases, it is especially important it remains undamaged. Even the vibrations of a rough drive can damage these valuable instruments! They’re also unwieldy and heavy, meaning teamwork and care is required to properly move them.

Skimping out and not signing on a Tampa piano mover is sure to cause headaches in the future for these very reasons!

Tampa Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

As you may expect, moving something like a piano with a bit of legwork and gloves probably isn’t going to turn out very well – those who plan to relocate their pianos elsewhere will need training and highly-specialized equipment, precisely like that which can be found at 2 College Brothers!

Depending on the piano you have, all types of unique equipment might be employed. For instance, there are specific piano dollies, designed for either the grand, baby grand, or upright pianos, which are kept for special, tough situations. There’s also furniture dollies – essentially four-wheeled carts with carpeting on top to minimize the chances of scratching – which suits some types of piano. Additional equipment includes moving blankets, shrinkwrap, tie-down straps, and things like lift ramps and proper securing points within the truck to ensure the piano is not damaged during the drive itself.

Naturally, all this requires lots of training. Crews must be trained in the art of moving, securing, loading, and unloading these complex beauties. Most moving companies in the Tampa area just aren’t equipped or trained to handle something like this – but 2 College Brothers certainly is!

2 College Brothers - South Tampa Movers / Palma Ceia Movers

Tampa Cost to Hire a Piano Mover

Just as with any other kind of move, the bill you’ll be paying for a piano move is an unknown variable, until you get an estimate via a quote. Many of the factors that play into piano moving costs will sound familiar to anyone who’s done a move of any kind before.

For an affordable Tampa piano move, the factors that can influence the price include, but are certainly not limited to, number of men required to complete the move, what type of piano is being moved and what size it is, how far the instrument is being moved, what access to your domicile is like, how much special preparation will be required, and so on.

At 2 College Brothers, our guarantee is that, no matter the situation, your bill will be affordable, and you’ll get lots of bang for your buck!

Choosing the Best Tampa Piano Mover

A proper professional Tampa piano relocator can do a lot to ease stress, but that’s only if you’re not dealing with amateurs or deadbeats who don’t care about customer service! To make sure you choose right, follow these steps:

First, check reviews of your prospective piano moving company on platforms like Google or Yelp. See how long they’ve been in business, how many moves they’ve done, what their claim rate is like, and so on. Make sure that all their licensing and insurance is in order, and check out what their customer service is like.

Considering that you’re on this page, we’re sure you know that 2 College Brothers has excellent reviews on Google, well-trained crews and well-maintained equipment, and over a decade of service under our belt. If you need a piano mover in the Tampa area, don’t bother calling anybody else!

2 College Brothers serves an immense area, including all of Tampa, the Tampa Bay area, and the entire Tampa metropolitan area.

When it comes to specialized moving services, there are few that require as much care, training, and experience as piano moving. One wrong move, and potentially tens of thousands of dollars worth of complex musical machinery can be damaged or destroyed. Don’t settle for anything besides the best Tampa area piano mover – choose 2 College Brothers! Call us at 813-922-1528 or fill out our quote form on our website for a totally-cost free quote for your next relocation! With 2 College Brothers, you’ll leave your move satisfied and relieved, and that’s our guarantee!

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