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Fine furniture manufacturers and retailers, interior designers, architects, and import/export companies all share something important in common. All are ultimately in the service industry and rely on dependable receiving, warehousing, and delivery to meet their clients’ needs, uphold their reputation, and secure their ongoing success.

2 College Brothers is the best white glove service in Tampa, and we are here to provide you with top-notch white glove delivery services at an affordable price. At 2 College Brothers, we understand the importance of special handling and on-time delivery of your shipments, as well as the need for superb customer service for you and your clients. 

We are the Tampa white glove delivery company you can trust to handle the logistics side of your business. Our white glove delivery service serves all of Tampa, the Tampa Bay area, and the entire Tampa Metropolitan area.

White Glove & Designer Delivery Services in Tampa

Your clients turn to you to make their vision a reality, but they likely never give any thought to the hidden logistics of making it happen. This is where a white glove delivery service comes in. Manufacturers and showrooms may have the warehousing covered but need a dependable logistics company to ensure their products reach their customers in perfect condition. Importers, designers, and architects, meanwhile, must rely on a white glove delivery service to bridge the gap between their suppliers and their clients.

Our white glove service is designed to meet your needs and overcome the specific challenges you face:
2 College Brothers is prepared to support your business logistics with our white glove services, allowing you to continue delivering the high-quality services and products on which you have built your reputation. These are the services our white glove shipping and delivery service can offer you.

Receiving Services

Warehouse receiving doesn’t just reduce the logistics costs and improve inventory management; it may be an absolute necessity. Some vendors only ship to warehouses! 2 College Brothers has 14,000 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space in Tampa and Gainesville. Our trained white glove delivery staff will accept your shipments, inspect and consolidate multiple shipments, and store them until they are ready to be sent to the delivery destination.

Pickup Services

Depending on the vendor and shipment, warehouse receiving is not always the best solution. 2 College Brothers also offers a pickup service to support seamless last-mile delivery. We can pick up shipments from manufacturers, showrooms, and other vendors to facilitate delivery. We will keep everything safe in our temperature controlled vehicles.

Quality Control

When customers receive damaged products, it can result in customer dissatisfaction, delays, returns, unexpected losses, and damage to your reputation. Every shipment we receive at our white glove shipping warehouse undergoes a careful quality control process to inspect for damage or defects in the product and packaging. You are made aware of any issues with your shipments as they are received to facilitate timely deliveries of replacements or repairs.

Warehousing & Inventory Management

As your items are received, they will be inspected, inventoried, and stored in our climate-controlled warehouse. Shipments are consolidated prior to arrangement delivery with the customer. 2 College Brothers can assist with short-term warehouse receiving and delivery as well as long-term storage for inventory management.


The last mile is the most important stage of delivery. Our Tampa white glove movers will take extra care in prepping shipments for standard delivery, using the right equipment and techniques to avoid damage to your delicate items in transit and ensure on-time delivery based on your customer’s expectations. Our padded vans are fully-equipped with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and other protective materials to ensure your items are safe and sound.


Upon arrival at the scheduled delivery time, our white glove delivery service will ensure your customers have a positive experience. Uniformed movers will assemble or place the shipment according to your specifications or the customer’s request. Care will be taken to protect your customer’s home and display the utmost professionalism.

Debris Removal

Every white glove shipping and delivery service ends with the removal of packaging and other rubbish. Your customer will be left with a great impression and able to immediately appreciate your product as it was intended.

Industries Served With White Glove Delivery Services

2 College Brothers is prepared to seamlessly handle the logistics aspect of your business so you can focus on delivering the best products and services possible to your clients. We deliver dependable white glove delivery services in Tampa for a range and industries. These are just a few of the industries that our white glove services are proud to cater to.

Furniture Showrooms & Manufacturers

At 2 College Brothers, we understand the high expectations your customers have for your products. The larger and more expensive the item, the higher the expectations for not only the quality of the product itself but also the delivery process. We provide threshold delivery, and your precious items can be delivered to the front door of your business. Our Tampa designer delivery services ensure your customers receive their furnishings in perfect condition.

Our white glove services use the special care needed when transporting high-end furniture, custom furnishings, and fragile items to prevent costly returns, customer dissatisfaction, and delays. We provide warehouse receiving and pickup services to support your business.

Interior Designers

Interior design firms are one of the biggest clients for Tampa white glove delivery services. Your interior design business involves a significant amount of coordination and logistics behind the scenes. After all, bringing your design to fruition ultimately relies on the quality and dependability of the shipping and delivery of the furnishings and accessories you have selected.

From pickup and receiving from suppliers and showrooms to careful quality control and coordinated white glove delivery on schedule, 2 College Brothers will provide the reliable designer delivery you need. We are prepared to give all types of shipments the special care they need, from high-end furniture to fragile items and artwork.

Engineering & Architect Firms

2 College Brothers serves builders, contractors, engineering firms, and architects with tailored white glove delivery. When building or designing custom spaces, you count on our white glove delivery team for special handling and delivery of materials, furnishings, and items like stone countertops and custom mantles. We provide the logistics you need, from pickup and receiving to shipment consolidation and full-service delivery.


Your import business is centered around shipping, but your business model may not involve receiving and warehousing the goods you import. 2 College Brothers supports the needs of your business with customized white glove delivery and storage. We help you reduce costly returns and damage while reducing lead times and ensuring goods reach your customers in perfect condition.

Why Choose 2 College Brothers for Your White Glove Delivery Service?

At 2 College Brothers, we understand the importance of choosing a dependable white glove shipping and delivery company. With customer satisfaction, product flow, project timelines, and your reputation on the line, you need a logistics partner you can count on. Our team will ensure that your delivery experience is a great one, treating all of your items with the utmost care.

2 College Brothers has more than 11 years of experience providing quality designer delivery services in Tampa and Gainesville, Florida. We support your business with the receiving, quality control, warehousing, and last mile delivery solutions you need. We will ensure that everything will be delivered on time and will stay safe throughout the entire transit process with our secure packaging process. 

Our clean-cut white glove movers have earned hundreds of positive reviews on Google and Facebook from our customers based on more than 10,000 moves. No matter where your final destination is, our crew has you covered. Our team serves all of Tampa, the Tampa Bay area, and the entire Tampa Metropolitan area.

Contact 2 College Brothers for the best white glove delivery services around. Give us a call today at (813) 922-1528 to discuss your needs and how we can support your business with tailored designer delivery.

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